toxotes @ 10/17/2015 02:06 commented on Mustache Man

A vertical head to complement the vertical canvas, that leads the eye down into a fairly-horizontal flat shape that is the torso, which bleeds into the outline that leads the eye around the perimeter of the image. The eye then searches for a focal point again, which is naturally the head/face, and the visual flow cycles through again.

I really like everything about this. :D

toxotes @ 10/17/2015 00:45 commented on Dead Tree

Really unique and bold clusters. I'm liking how your recycled that grey (blue? purple?) for a secondary light on the tree, subtle but effective!

toxotes @ 9/11/2015 00:20 commented on Village animated pond

I'm also going to jump in here and say that you shouldn't be so worried about art theft that you have to put nine copyright notices on one image. I would  go so far as to say that you don't even need one present in the image itself: simply posting work under your handle here (and signing the corner of the work if you want) shows that you hold ownership. Alternately, stating ownership and that these are not fair/free use in the piece's description would be sufficient.

Also, seriosuly consider removing or changing that white background -- the PJ community generally frowns upon white backgrounds because they are hard on the eyes and usually do not complement the work in any way. We strongly push for transparent bg's or carefully-chosen bg colors, possibly with borders of some sort.

All that being said, your work is solid and you are definitely talented. I'm really liking that waterfall and how you handled that grass.

toxotes @ 9/8/2015 01:55 commented on The angry man

Definitely love the patterned dithering. It really adds to the piece and gives it some liveliness. :) Would love to see it used throughout without restraint. Not a critique or correction or anything, just out of curiosity, haha.

toxotes @ 9/4/2015 02:56 commented on Rosette

I like the framing and asymmetrical composition here, along with the restricitons you chose and how you worked creatively within them.

So few physical details, but so much implied visual information! 

toxotes @ 1/25/2015 23:57 commented on Sinners All

The way the foliage, limb, and apple blend into their surroundings are phenomenal! This is some of the best stylized cluster dithering I've ever seen, it adds a very misty quality to the piece.

toxotes @ 2/17/2014 18:54 commented on untitled

Thank you. :)

toxotes @ 1/9/2014 13:39 commented on Swim in lava

I love how you handle pixel clusters, you maximize visual clarity while still keeping plenty of detail. Very well done :)

toxotes @ 8/3/2013 01:06 commented on Out of the Cave

 Up the contrast and, like others said, throw in a few more darks, and you have a solid image.

toxotes @ 7/30/2013 01:18 commented on Wingzero

 Again, how does his work breach our standards? You do not know, because you make assumptions about his processes. Hyotheticals lead to endless debates, so yeah...

toxotes @ 7/29/2013 02:02 commented on Wingzero

 @RAV: pixel art is definied by its attention to pixel-level detail, whereas each pixel is placed purposely and with complete control by the artist. If this is what Hal Lasko is doing, then it is his style and aestehetic that is being criticized, not his methods, and that can be debated as a fault on members here for not recognizing another, much  different style. This is hypothetical though, as none of this has been expounded upon by Hal himself.

toxotes @ 7/28/2013 20:16 commented on Wingzero

 A lot of assumptions are made here on what tools and processes he uses to make his work -- tell me, because I might have missed it in the videos, but is it actually shown (or stated) anywhere that he uses the spray can? Is it possible that the noise present in most of his works is in fact intentional noise, and is his solution to blending color with pixels? There's always been this stigma on this site about noisy pixel art, which I can totally understand because most of the time pixel noise is the result of sloppy work and/or beginner techniques, but what about clusters of pixels, each placed intentionally, used to produce a different form of pixel blending? If this is the case, it feels as though technique is not whats being criticized here, because the intention of working at a pixel level MAY be present (again, nobody has asked the man about his process so this is still up in the air), but instead style that is being criticized.

I dont know, this is (and probably will remain) a hypothetical situation of him submitting to this site, so why even argue over it?  (in other words, whatamiIevendoing?)


toxotes @ 7/25/2013 21:10 commented on Wingzero

 Heh, submitted this last night -- I'm guessing someone beat me to it? 

A friend sent me this on facebook and I've been contemplating messaging this guy not particularly about submitting here, even though I think he might find it interesting to, but to show him that there is an artform out there that deals specifically with  pixels and that he's not alone in his obsession. I think that would blow his mind, in a good way.

toxotes @ 12/9/2012 15:50 commented on Rudy

 I like the the way it leads the eye in a curve -- very unique for the subject chosen.

toxotes @ 10/25/2012 12:26 commented on Methuselah

 I'm in love with the strobe effect of the preview -- the pixel clusters do not change, but still appear to grow and shrink with the changing of the balance between the colors [due to each color's unique hsv properties].

toxotes @ 10/25/2012 12:22 commented on Bloodmelon

 Such great color choices and a perfect unifying texture to boot!


toxotes @ 10/22/2012 14:29 commented on Take a stand against bullying

 Oh wow, great improvement! :)

toxotes @ 10/22/2012 14:25 commented on Blondie

 I think the preview image [without the black outline] looks a lot better that the detail image. That think black line is doing nothing but flattening and taking attention away from the face.

toxotes @ 10/21/2012 01:12 commented on Moritzburg castle

 I like how you were confident enough with your palette to pull off that wonderful water reflection with the exact colors of the building. Great choices throughout this piece, and the vibrancy is perfect.

toxotes @ 10/20/2012 22:50 commented on Dracula loves man

 A style worth pursuing. Seeing as you are drawing attention individual colors via large clusters, it's extra important to really meditate on what colors you choose: are they interesting/pleasing on their own, do they work in harmony, are they well-separated or do they blend into each other unexpectedly, ect...


Keep going with this style and maybe try another piece with it. 

toxotes @ 10/20/2012 22:31 commented on Drain Sphere, the Human ''Baterizer''

 You're starting to refine and unify your style. I really like how this one turned out.

toxotes @ 10/20/2012 22:19 commented on Take a stand against bullying

 Good handling of value, but I think a little hue-shifting and dynamic light will take this work so much further. Try getting rid of all that greyscale [greys tend to make an image look static] and substitute them for some desaturated blues [shadows] and saturated yellows [highlights]. Also maybe shift those shades in the purple towards blue.


Looks great, there's a lot of technical detail here to be appreciated!

toxotes @ 10/20/2012 22:05 commented on Intergalactic Criminals

 The colors add so much solidity to the figures :o Great work!

toxotes @ 6/12/2012 18:58 commented on motif

 Sorry for the late reply:


I like to abstract the curves and volumes of the human figure in ways that emphasize poses and certain features. By multiplying and rearranging different features [such as hands and feet], I feel that I can improve and make the composition much more interesting, and add a variety of emotions into a piece [hands, for instance, carry a lot of body language by themselves, and using multiple hands, each with its own language, to represent an otherwise single hand allows me to breathe more life into a picture than using realism alone]. As with cubism, I feel I can bypass the 'single point in time from a single viewpoint' effect by capturing a subject at multiple moments, from multiple angles, and then working them together to create one unified piece.


I like representing mass to the strongest, most believable degree possible -- shapes and volumes should 'pop' out from the piece, and form a hierarchical layering between themselves.

toxotes @ 6/11/2012 20:51 commented on My Sprite

 Good,clean work, but maybe try lengthening the arms a tad?