SirRevi @ 9/13/2012 22:58 commented on Table (named Sekretaer) edit by Avery

It looks good but there are way too many colours used in this.

Try using fewer colours next time :)

SirRevi @ 9/13/2012 22:57 commented on Xshathra Vairya

This is awesome.

I was kind of hoping you wouldn't enter the competition. YOU ARE TOO GOOD DANGIT

SirRevi @ 9/13/2012 22:55 commented on The Reckoning

It's pretty good. However, if this is being used for the competition then it is meant to have the blue colour in it. The red was for those choosing to make an image of an angel.

SirRevi @ 9/11/2012 19:12 commented on Simple Skeleton

Those pesky tweens never go as fast as you want them. I may need to cut the animation down from 20 to 10 frames. That will make it speedy.

SirRevi @ 9/11/2012 06:43 commented on They Live We Game

Haha I love it!

SirRevi @ 9/10/2012 09:00 commented on New Avatar

Yeah I made an error when I saved it (I forgot to set the framerate) so it looks weird when it's going this slow. It is meant to go much faster and looks much better when it's speedy. I updated the file but Pixeljoint hasn't refreshed it yet.

SirRevi @ 9/10/2012 05:59 commented on The Towering Space Demon

Thanks. I was sort of channeling some aztec / hr giger stuff with this. I didnt want to just put out a pixel devil or something, because someone else would do a much better job at that sort of thing. I'm not quite at that skill leve yet to put out realistic looking stuff.

SirRevi @ 9/10/2012 05:31 commented on LOI Golem enemy

I love it! I love the palette and the animation is very nice. I understand your direction with this, going back to the old genesis and snes sort of sprite work, with scaling sprite pieces. Really great work!

SirRevi @ 9/7/2012 04:55 commented on Simple Skeleton

I changed the fall to more of a loony toon-ish realisation fall. I changed the detail file but I have no idea when it will update.

SirRevi @ 9/7/2012 04:35 commented on Simple Skeleton

Yeah I noticed it just before. I will polish it up later.

SirRevi @ 9/6/2012 22:48 commented on marshmallow

This is beautiful!

SirRevi @ 9/6/2012 19:59 commented on Super Ninja Fighter - Revised

Yeah man, I admire your small sprite work. Make more minimal colour small sprite stuff!

SirRevi @ 9/6/2012 19:43 commented on Super Ninja Fighter - Revised

Wow thanks Losm! That means alot to me coming from a great artist like you! Or perhaps you only say this because we basically have the same first name... HMMMM...

I would love to go back and fix this up because I have noticed some errors and some dead frames but it will have to wait until I get my operation for my shoulder.

But thanks again Losm! :D :D :D

SirRevi @ 9/5/2012 06:43 commented on Derse (as seen in Homestuck!)

My god that colour! It hurts!

The detail on this is great although the floor pattern is a bit distracting and stands out a bit too much.

It's good but the palette hurts my feelings

SirRevi @ 9/4/2012 06:28 commented on Dino Rider

His face is priceless!

SirRevi @ 9/3/2012 06:56 commented on Ninja Man Guy Person. Yus

Really nice detail for such a small pixel count! I like it.

A rising sun background would be awesome with this.

SirRevi @ 9/2/2012 20:07 commented on Treasure!

These colours are great! The alpaca looks like it's about to throw up haha.

The little bouncing mushrooms are a nice touch.

SirRevi @ 9/2/2012 00:31 commented on KeyBurro KeyBoard

Looks great. The subtle dithering on the keys is a nice touch.

SirRevi @ 9/1/2012 18:21 commented on Ninja

Haha this is great. Would work well in a fast paced platformer!

SirRevi @ 9/1/2012 17:32 commented on Hog Dash Tiles

This is beautiful! The stone floor in the lava stage looks brilliant!