vitaminx @ 2/13/2013 22:30 commented on mouse

 thanks :)

vitaminx @ 2/12/2013 09:51 commented on Sitting Bird

 hihi, thanks :)

vitaminx @ 2/6/2013 20:12 commented on Game Background

 thanks! fixed the tree bark, think it looks better now.

vitaminx @ 1/3/2013 22:21 commented on humans are puppies logo

rescaled to 64x64 to have perfect avatar size.

was 100x100 before which looked a bit jaggy:

vitaminx @ 1/3/2013 19:20 commented on villa

SturmgewehrKreuz: I wanted to do the house totally flat with no perspective at all because it will be an orthogonal game. True, there is some perspective behind the grill doors which shouldn't be there. I'm gonna remove them.

k_e_t_t_e_l: it will not be centered in the background but only partially shown. I'll upload the full background as soon as it's ready to show what I mean :)

Nottartsydoc: point taken about the shadows, I'm going to correct this too.