Thorgi @ 2/17/2020 10:37 commented on Thorgi Expressions

Thank you :D It means a lot

Thorgi @ 10/14/2019 06:46 commented on Crystaleyezed

The clustering around the solid black is my favorite aspect of this, it works really well with the double-width pixels

Thorgi @ 10/14/2019 06:45 commented on Tomba!

I played this on a whim for PSX, as a kid, and absolutely loved it, so this was a pure nostalgia trigger for me. Great work!

Thorgi @ 8/25/2019 14:34 commented on Shibuya Train Station

Mm again love the linework. It's an aesthetic I've tried incorporating into my style, and you do it very well! Do you know any games with it? Other than the LISA: The Painful/Joyful, I don't know any.

Thorgi @ 8/25/2019 14:23 commented on Bus Terminal

I absolutely LOVE this double-thick line 'Toon' aesethetic, great work

Thorgi @ 8/15/2019 10:25 commented on Forest Clearing

Just found this piece after glancing your profile. You've grown immensely as a pixel artist in such a short period :D I would love to see more of your works on here! I'll shoot you a follow though

Thorgi @ 6/6/2019 17:46 commented on Thorgi Expressions

Thank you so much!! ^^

Thorgi @ 6/4/2019 14:19 commented on Kich

Sexy beast. 13 colors? Seriously? Well done, sir! 

Thorgi @ 6/4/2019 14:17 commented on Dratini

Aseprite is indeed magical. That there's my favorite Pokemon as a kid, and you did her justice <3

Thorgi @ 6/4/2019 14:16 commented on Beach Scene

Agreed with tecnologgamer, it actually does look really good, specially for a first piece, but the site handles scaling for once :D 

Just know you did the right thing if you were uploading elsewhere, for the most part. 

Thorgi @ 6/4/2019 14:13 commented on Double trouble


I've told you this haha I'm glad you drew some more.

Thorgi @ 5/17/2019 20:22 commented on 100x100 characters

Mmm an overload of sprites to reference and study from one of my favorite artists, and 4 days after my birthday.

Awesome coincidence haha

Thorgi @ 4/29/2019 15:04 commented on Root St

You've grown immensely as an artist since you submitted 'Sidewalk stuff'. Obviously in pixel art technique and proper application of them, but even in your ability to convey a perspective. Awesome stuff, one of my favorite reference pieces. 

Thorgi @ 4/29/2019 15:00 commented on THORco Interceptor RF8

Best company name tbh. 

Love the subdued shading, ramp transitions, excellent use of highlights, linework angles, and even the outline style. It's definitely professional imo

Oh and I would totally use that font.

Thorgi @ 4/29/2019 07:25 commented on earthbound plants redesign

It is? Since when?

Love the references though 

Thorgi @ 4/18/2019 12:36 commented on SSBU: Joker

Huge fan of the Smash works, really looking forward to Joker. Clean and polished work as always, and that hair is amazeballs

Thorgi @ 4/2/2019 06:22 commented on Sheryl

You should draw more humanoids, your style leads to sometjhing truly unique with them. 

Thorgi @ 1/3/2019 15:57 commented on Old Shell

Jesus H. Christ that's fucking gross. 

But god damn is it some good art, though lmao 

I know I'm late to the party but great work as always DieMango, it's a pleasure following your works

Thorgi @ 12/16/2018 08:30 commented on First Level

Don't see that angle often and it reminds me of Earthbound. Nice work, keep up the practice! It might be worthwhile to look up the art in Earthbound (SNES) and Mother 3 (Gameboy Advanced). Study their shading techniques a bit, how the artists conveyed details, textures, objects using clusters of pixels.

Thorgi @ 12/14/2018 12:15 commented on Mech Hangar

I.. Is that a giant fist? As a mecha weapon? 

Thorgi @ 12/2/2018 07:55 commented on simple Forest environment

Great clustering for the impressions of grass. I love the depth as well, that's impressive uses of shades and palette. Gonna open this up in Aseprite and study it haha

EDIT: 32 colors? I'm impressed haha

Thorgi @ 9/30/2018 08:55 commented on Map, Grass field

Really solid pixeling, I actually love the trees, and lack the knowledge/skill to critique the lighting on them.

The only thing that really sticks out to me is the stone/rock wall tiles, specifically the transition from the middle to the top edge bordering the grass. On the tiles that transition from the wall to the grass, you have vertical rock formations with hard vertical lines, which are pixeled well, but the transition to the middle rock tiles throws me a bit. I feel this is due to the flow of the middle and bottom rock tiles being more of a horizontal rock shape. Don't get me wrong, both aspects are pixeled expertly and look great, it's just the transition from vertical shaped rocks to horizontal shaped rocks that throws me. But it would be hard to transition the borders to a more horizontal shape due to the other border tiles around the cliff.  

Thorgi @ 9/2/2018 06:45 commented on Stoned Dude

You may feel you worked on the beast too much but having followed your posted art over the past few weeks/months, it's probably one of the most detailed pieces of pixel art you've posted. It looks awesome, you should isolate and post just the beast as well, imo

Thorgi @ 8/21/2018 12:25 commented on Yes

Man I have a weakness for 45 degree lines in pixel art. Few artists pull it off well but it makes them stand out. Great work

Thorgi @ 6/8/2018 09:57 commented on Guns The next Generation

"Quite simple, but effective" feels like a great summary for his style in general, considering his level of consistency with it, and it works really damn well imo! :D

I recognized the style right off the bat, before opening the link for a better look

Great work as always, Mango