X Gamer 66 @ 12/15/2007 17:56 commented on Toadsworth
Wait, exactly on what grounds are people assuming I didn't make this?

Yes, I did use that pic posted by lil-lee as a reference, but if you'll look more closely it's not a color reduction or whatever you all think it is. The head-to-body proportions of this don't match the pic precisely, the right arm is not bent as dramatically, the cane is straight, the top area of the cane is off-angle compared to that pic, the eyes are missing their highlights, the brown circles on the sides of the mushroom cap are much more visible than that pic. Not to mention general disproportionalities in the body region, namely on the coat.


X Gamer 66 @ 8/14/2007 16:20 commented on my avatar
Not bad! It looks pretty cool. One thing I noticed, the bright outline on the blue hair makes the style clash with everything else, try darkening/dulling the blue(s).

X Gamer 66 @ 8/14/2007 05:59 commented on Metroid: Second Mission
Hehe, no, I don't plan on remaking it myself, I have no programing/coding skills. This was just a little dedication thing.

And I think I see what you mean about the foreground tiles, the darkest color looks too bright against the dark background thanks to the yellow hue, right? And any tips on what hue/color scheme I could give the background? I've tried a blue tint, a brown tint, and a black tint, and the Queen blends into all of them. Perhaps something reddish? And thanks for you're comments, they're helping me a lot!

X Gamer 66 @ 8/10/2007 09:33 commented on Green Brain Guard
I think a bit of soft shading on the inner outlines would look good. I like it overall though ,especially the brain area itself, the colors on it blend well. : D

X Gamer 66 @ 8/9/2007 08:50 commented on Mockup
Looks awesome, though I think it would look a lot better without so much dithering. The leaves and tiles, for instance, look kinda fuzzy, when they should looks smooth. Other than the over-dithering I love it.

X Gamer 66 @ 8/8/2007 17:24 commented on Always watching
I like it, nice and simple. You could probably get rid of a few unnecessary colors.

X Gamer 66 @ 8/6/2007 17:52 commented on Paper Mario Smithy
Regarding the white/gray, PM's white is very dark for some reason, there's no 'white,' only the light gray I used. It's the same 'white' from Mario's gloves and Bowser's claws.

And thanks for the comments! :]

X Gamer 66 @ 6/25/2007 09:06 commented on One bit by a dragon
I think overall it would look better without the dragon and flames being outlined. It just seems to come out too strong and bold.

I dig he moon, the clouds, and the wings the most, and the scales look really nice.

X Gamer 66 @ 12/19/2006 17:41 commented on Chibi Portrait
Nice, love the colors.  The shadow on the desk seems... off. Dunno why. Wub it anyway.

X Gamer 66 @ 12/19/2006 12:56 commented on another one..
Seems kind of over dithered.  Fire place looks nice though.

X Gamer 66 @ 12/16/2006 15:46 commented on Little orc with spear
I love it! Nice color choices.

X Gamer 66 @ 12/13/2006 16:48 commented on El Hypnotizer self-portrait.
I like it, very smooth, and I love the colors.

X Gamer 66 @ 12/6/2006 14:27 commented on Dinosaur
Lovely! =D

The back seems kinda flat but overall quite nice. : )

X Gamer 66 @ 11/21/2006 12:53 commented on Drunkie the Dog
Looks really neat! You could probably cut some of the colors though, especially with the grey.

X Gamer 66 @ 11/14/2006 18:05 commented on Caffeine
Very awesome.

X Gamer 66 @ 11/14/2006 15:46 commented on Lillarum
Dang that's a lot of colors.

But the style of it all is awesome and looks excellent. I LOVE the wood texture on the TV.

X Gamer 66 @ 11/12/2006 08:48 commented on Dr. Cortex

Since when are fictional characters orthodox?

X Gamer 66 @ 10/27/2006 18:49 commented on NES goodies
Very nice detail for such color limitations. I love the grass especially!