PJB21 @ 11/17/2007 02:10 commented on El Golem a Vapor

quite nice piece, i like your use of lines.

one thing thats really bugging me, despite your steampunk style, the colour scheme/pallette really doesnt suit that, it needs to be far stronger sepia'd. the red and blue just dont work. (im a big fan of the steampunk style and as such can get rather picky, sorry XD)

good luck =)

PJB21 @ 11/13/2007 01:21 commented on Imortal

this isnt allowed in the weekly challenge, its far to big, the max dimentions for the challange is 64*64 puixels, this is far past that.

as i said earlier its a nice piece, but it cant be entered.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 04:14 commented on néant
this is an amazing piece, it looks very nice, the textures are great and the colours work very well. it must take very long to properly pixel these, and the colour countsfor them all is very high, but it works nicely.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 04:10 commented on Armour
i like the way you made the sword transparent, it looks good.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 04:07 commented on Imortal
this is a very nice piece, nice styling and details and the colours work well.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 04:01 commented on Character2
very nice AA on this piece, the lines remind me of comic book inking.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 03:59 commented on avatar
quite nice but i feel it would be better if there was more variation in the dithering to add more depth to the piece

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 03:58 commented on CherryPie
this is a really nice piece, i love the line work and the txtures on this it looks great, oh and a very nice number of colours =)

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 03:57 commented on Lava Lamp

this piece has a fairly dull perspective forcing alot of boring straight lines, experiment with different angles such as a low right hand side angle would have a large impact on this.

as people have mentioned youve used to many colours and its pillow shaded. this about the light source, surely theres some light comming off the 'lava' in the object and this would have an effect on how the object is shaded.

the number of colours youve used is very high at a glance (i dont have the software to check it now) this culd be well shaded and actialy look more realistic if you used less colours and some dithering in combination with more detail about the lighting of this piece. anothing thing that would help this piece is some AA, alot of the edges have very sharp corners and it looks like a pyramid not a cone, but some AA would help alot.

and finaly the animation of the lave is rather slow and choppy, you need more frames and to play it at a faster rate. at your current speed and nu,mber of frames its dificult to see where one piece leads off another piece. in all honesty a lava lamp wasnt that great an idea for an unexperianced animation.

dunno if thats bene of help atall or if your even going to change it, but i guess its there to help someone =)

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 03:48 commented on Cherry Spy

actualy the lower arm is about 1.2 times the length of the upper arm.

its a nice piece however there isnt that much shading, but i guess the colour constraints limit how well you can shade a piece. one technique i often use if to nhave the image in one colour, or maybe with a hue shift so your effectivly making it in B+W but its more interesting. when you utalise a hue shift in that you can have several colours, since pure green is lighter than pure blue for example, or rather apears lighter. worth baring in mind for future pieces, when i have a limited pallete i try to order the colours from lightest to darkest and pixel from there, as can be seen in my first entry for this comp.

but ads i said the dithering is too provident and as such doesnt look that great, one thing worth baring in mind (if you ignoring what i said above) is to be selective about placing colours to area, the smaller the area it covers the less colours it useds, for example the skin have 3 tones while the white suit has two despite being a larger part of the image.

its a nice piece tho, and i wish you good luck in the comp =)

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 03:28 commented on Deleomnia Intro

abandoned? that sucks

its a nice piece i really like the way youve done it and the colours youve used, its very remenisent of 'ol' skool' games, the colours and style. could also do wioth a bit more AA in places,. but it would seam your unwilling to change this since as ytou said its abandoned.

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 02:24 commented on Tree Without Rabbits
i really like the pallette on this piece, it looks very nice =)

PJB21 @ 11/12/2007 01:55 commented on hot head

i made it with a black BG and as such AA'd it so it would fit a black BG, and its more a boarder around the image. yeah his left arm is bigger, but thatsda linework error and i didnt really have time to fix it by the time i realised.

as for the carrot/chillie thing, i didnt have any references what-so-ever (like most pics i do it was all from my head) and as such its not perfect, heh

BD: yeah thats essentualy what this piece was, a practice of human torso anatomy and a practice of different lighting.

PJB21 @ 11/11/2007 15:39 commented on hot head
i just want first post XD

PJB21 @ 11/8/2007 12:48 commented on vegtable combatant

ive always thought that since transparent was a lack of anything then it didnt count as anything...

well im not changing it again, feel free to withdraw it from the comp or whatever if you feel its not complying or whatever.

PJB21 @ 11/7/2007 13:30 commented on vegtable combatant
i used the CGA pallette i found on the forums

PJB21 @ 11/7/2007 01:18 commented on Honey, I'm home
nice piece, i really didnt fully apreciate this untill i saw the WIP animation.

PJB21 @ 11/7/2007 01:15 commented on The Warriors
this is quite a cool piece, it looks nice and is ofcorse well made and well thought out. not a strict following of the rules, but awsome none the less.

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:11 commented on armyface
really nice colours on this piece

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:10 commented on Nici Sheep
quite a cute little piece, however before reading the description i thought it was a monkety or something

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:09 commented on fly-rob
nice copncept behind this piece, however it is rather small and the lkines limit the amount of detail that can be placed in

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:09 commented on Night scene
i liek the lighting on thsi piece, its great, however some of the colours are over saturated.

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:07 commented on SL500
nice piece and good lines, however you could do with more colours, even with the diothering the transition between colours is rather harsh

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:06 commented on Total Freak-out
i like the AA and the piece is quite random which is cool, but it lacks detail for a piece that size.

PJB21 @ 10/16/2007 07:05 commented on Dreamcast VMU

dream cast, back in the day.......

well made piece, looks nice =)