tocky @ 2/9/2015 05:59 commented on dwarf fortress tiles

he didnt really appreciate what i was doing and e beat me to market with my own pixel. i am mad about this

tocky @ 2/8/2015 16:13 commented on dwarf fortress tiles

i tell you mike maday stole my work from me, he did it in a nice way

tocky @ 2/7/2015 08:02 commented on brown-tiles

first of all, all colors are real. you can pick them at random and that will work, and if that doesnt work you can change it.

second of all, dont limit yourself to naturalistic color schemes (grey rocks green grass blue sky brown earth) bc you lose a lot of the quality of the light. all games with naturalistic color schemes look the same, and all ggames that use teh same palette look the same.

i ask you: is the C-64 palette naturalistic? or is it kind of weird and grey and purple? is that better or worse? i tell you: both.

we should have a wealth of different color palettes. each game should define its own palette. why is DAIKATANA yellow? why is TITANFALL blue and orange? why is THE MATRIX green?

ask yourself what is the symbolic meaning of the colors you are choosing. should the sky be yellow and bilious or green and vile?

certainly, you could make it blue. but even our own sky is not always blue, and it is more beautiful when it is not - because it can surprise us.

if your palette is TOO YELLOW. that is a feature and not a bug. it will make your work stand out among other works that are all the same.;

there are not many people here who truly understand color. ARNE is one, HELM and PTOING.... the old gods, right? but we need new gods if we are not to become complicit in our own destruction.

but AI understands color. however, AI will tell you that you do not understand color, and to some extent he is right. but he is wrong also.

AI understands the most arcane color spaces. and he will try to explain them to you. but noone uses these spaces because they are difficult to understand.

but AI muddies the waters. he makes it harder for us to understand the simplest color schemes, because we can see that they are not as good as the ONE TRUE COLOR SCHEME, the LAB space.

i tell you this: all colors are true.

tocky @ 1/20/2015 19:09 commented on Connection?

kryptonite dont use white so much literally any other color would be better

tocky @ 1/20/2015 19:07 commented on blockworldredux

i just want to comment on how fuckign terrible kryptonite is at pixel art and commenting on other people's pixel art

tocky @ 1/20/2015 19:07 commented on brown-tiles

again, i just want to comment on how fuckign terrible kryptonite is at pixel art and commenting on other people's pixel art

tocky @ 2/11/2012 06:48 commented on Yulia

i mean, it's doubly incredible that you do this kind of work in c64 multicolor, but that's not the specific thing about it that is shocking for me.

tocky @ 2/11/2012 06:34 commented on Yulia

oh, i understand the restrictions for c64 art, i think.

but what's confusing for me, is the way you mix information over the top of itself. so at any point in an image, or any block of space between two points on an image, there can be
- abstract detail (like a pattern fill)
-blocks of color to show the shape of forms (like 3d lighting information)
-specific detail (like the lines that form an eye or something)
-texture information (how smooth is a surface)
-(when using limited palletes) patterned color mixing to create new colors
-and multiple instances of any of this stuff

and looking through your stuff i like that you always have multiple things going on, whereever I look in the image, and each level is carefully defined. this level of discipline is rare in my experience.

tocky @ 2/11/2012 04:37 commented on Yulia

man i wish i could say i understand how you do this sort of crosshatching. all your work shows a pretty incredible level of control over color and tone, at multiple scales/levels of abstraction. good work son.

tocky @ 1/16/2011 00:05 commented on Wolf family

that slight lean is beautiful, creates a wonderful sense of depth

tocky @ 1/15/2011 21:48 commented on Final Forest

when I saw this, I could've sworn it was by big brother, that is a compliment. It is really nice.

tocky @ 1/5/2011 20:09 commented on assembleemock14

@jim these two games, most prominently:

pgils' game, 'Mr Kitty's Quest'

fifth's game, 'birdyworld'


tocky @ 1/5/2011 10:12 commented on blockworldredux

Kryptonite, to be clear, what is the whole idea of tiled work?

tocky @ 1/2/2011 21:35 commented on assembleemock1

These tiles were used in pgil's game Mr Kitty's Quest ( a super charming zelda-style topdown shooter) and in Fifth's birdyworld (which is also-zelda style but had a realy novel way of generating maps - all of the maps were made by players in a built-in level editor, and the game updated in real time, and sprawled outward, ultimately forming a massive playermade dreamscape). I think you can still play them both, but Birdyworld was more fun when there were a lot of people playing it.

tocky @ 5/8/2010 20:03 commented on sacrosanct industria

yeah. I made it for the shatterhand activity on pixelation, although I'm not sure it properly looks like shatterhand. Should be nes restrictions, but i think maybe I broke the 'one pallete per 16*16 block' rule in a couple places.

tocky @ 5/8/2010 08:50 commented on sacrosanct industria

ah, but if i put a guy in someone will say "okay now animate the guy a bit" - and then before I know it i'm adding sound effects and tweaking enemy patterns and I'll have made a whole game, which is just what you guys want me to do. I'm not falling for that old trick.

tocky @ 5/8/2010 06:06 commented on verdant corridors

awesome. make the player character also be the same tile.

tocky @ 1/1/2010 01:30 commented on invasion characters

yeah, I think I agree with you.

tocky @ 8/15/2009 19:17 commented on Head-bang

this is a thing of beauty

tocky @ 6/13/2009 10:33 commented on adventure of dragon

Jinn: spectrum limitations is pretty simple but a little hard to explain. You get 8 colours (red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow, black and white) - and can use two colours per block - but  blocks can be either bright or dark, so it's effectively 15 colours - the black on both light and dark palettes is the same. I hope that makes sense.

tocky @ 2/18/2009 06:19 commented on tiny self portrait
best I had was this:

But it's not right, really - doesn't look like me. Self portraits is hard because I have to reconcile the way I look with the way I think I look. Seems like a lot of people have the same trouble.

tocky @ 2/18/2009 06:01 commented on tiny self portrait
It was in 4 colours, but I dropped the light grey, I wasn't using it well... I can drop the dark grey down to midgrey, or drag the white up to a light grey,  but it looks funny, either way. Everything else I tried is the same.

Ideally, what I should do is pull the midgrey and reshade it so it looks right, but I'm loathe to do that because it's rare I do a self portrait that actually looks like me, I'll have all kinds of trouble getting it back to as good as it is.

So in summation you are wrong, because I am lazy. I'll do it better next time I draw something like this - but I can't do it better now, because drawing myself is hard.

tocky @ 2/17/2009 12:57 commented on tiny self portrait
it's a trick of the light.

tocky @ 2/15/2009 20:54 commented on ANCIENT RITE OF DRAGONS
oh man, that's awesome zombi.

tocky @ 2/15/2009 16:12 commented on ANCIENT RITE OF DRAGONS
Just a mockup for now. I'd like to make it, but I'm not, currently. I've got other games I'm supposed to be working on.