Raytheon @ 9/1/2011 22:08 commented on Big Bird

woops that was my old account. hello :)

Raytheon @ 11/4/2010 22:20 commented on Big Bird

 guys! i just finished my final exams *parties*

now to pixel for the first time like all year S:

Raytheon @ 8/7/2009 18:42 commented on Patience is a virtue :P

hey everyone i can use the fill tool for 720 frames!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Raytheon @ 8/2/2009 23:29 commented on Big Bird

I just fall out of doing pixel art altogether and as a result i don't visit PJ. During the school year my life gets very busy so...

Raytheon @ 8/2/2009 03:06 commented on Sunlight on the Moon

A very solid contender for first place ;)

Raytheon @ 8/2/2009 03:05 commented on Big Bird

i only *leave* when i forget to check the place, and stop spriting for a time.



which is alot.

Raytheon @ 8/1/2009 05:09 commented on Big Bird

what metaru, shit on your feet?

Raytheon @ 8/1/2009 04:11 commented on Big Bird

 hey guys im back


and i pixeled something

Raytheon @ 6/22/2009 05:17 commented on Big Bird

is it just me or are the entries in this weeks challenge kind of lacking. like theres no 'holy fuck awesome' pieces

Raytheon @ 5/30/2009 23:28 commented on Big Bird

sean is too busy being a delicious loli to post

Raytheon @ 5/25/2009 01:47 commented on Big Bird

thats cause its australia. we are the best.

Raytheon @ 5/10/2009 06:13 commented on Elk's Doodle Interpretation Worm-Thingy

awesome i name my files wipwipwipwipwipwip too

Raytheon @ 5/4/2009 02:34 commented on Big Bird


Raytheon @ 5/4/2009 02:27 commented on Atlantis

just a circle is pretty boring. using a spherical perspective, however, might be more challenging.

Raytheon @ 4/30/2009 23:58 commented on FFTA2 Characters (first 4)

these are shit what the shit 1up how could you shit out so much shit

Raytheon @ 4/30/2009 04:22 commented on Big Bird

dont you?

Raytheon @ 4/30/2009 03:31 commented on Big Bird

so i need to start getting back into spriting. im too lazy to figure out what to do. i dont want to make a mockup.




Raytheon @ 4/22/2009 04:33 commented on Viera

oh hey devicho  

think i saw this one a while back, is p. good, and some good improvements (if im remembering correctly)

Raytheon @ 3/20/2009 17:00 commented on Peregrine Falcon

aa'ing on it iis amazing

Raytheon @ 3/20/2009 16:55 commented on Big Bird

rise against next week woo

Raytheon @ 3/20/2009 16:39 commented on pink is the new black if you are a CGA palette cyclops

ok then !!!!!

Raytheon @ 3/15/2009 01:22 commented on pink is the new black if you are a CGA palette cyclops

fuck you i suck at pixeling atm :( give me time to get back to my old self. (i cant even pixel a goddamn 10x10 pixel head fuck)

Raytheon @ 3/12/2009 00:29 commented on pink is the new black if you are a CGA palette cyclops

update #1 complete


edit: and i cant pixel anything for shit lately because i dont pixel anymore ever because i am a) lazy and b) have 2 jobs

Raytheon @ 3/12/2009 00:27 commented on Cutie Sexy Sammy

no i dont need anything to fap to cause i own

Raytheon @ 3/10/2009 22:42 commented on Cutie Sexy Sammy

itt jarjar faps to zss