Kumiko @ 12/20/2013 10:31 commented on Faun

 Thanks for comments! I didn't notice Putin before you told me =D

raynoa, все совпадения случайны! ВВП изначально не подразумевался) 



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Thanks a lot!!! ^^

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 Thank you! =)

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 Thanks for kind words! ^^

Kumiko @ 8/13/2010 06:40 commented on flight of the magpie

so beautiful colors!

Kumiko @ 8/13/2010 06:30 commented on Picture about morning clouds

Such space! Very good aerial perspective, i love it <3

Drawing pixel art on the nature... what a great idea! I'll try right now xD


Kumiko @ 8/4/2010 07:24 commented on The Imp

onek, I will argue that propotions of Tyrion is not so bad.  yrizoud already said he is not the "fantasy" dwarf, but an invalid, sick man. And I've tried to do proportions like proportions of real dwarfs - Peter Dinklage, for example. But if the problem of anatomy still is, maybe after few days I'll see it.

Shrub, it's like at the subconscious level, couse I'm a great fan of Jackson's LotR. =)

Many many thanks for the critique and nice comments!

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Thanks a lot for the critic and good comments! =) The only thing I don't understand is "banding". My English and pixel terminology is not perfect, so can you explain me what is it, please?

rigozeta, yes, this is Iron Throne which made of swords.

Redshrike, what a coincidence! =D but I didn't watch Fate/Stay Night, and my only inspiration were books and Michael Komarck's illustrations.