yrizoud @ 9/2/2022 13:29 commented on O-Soto-Gari

I really like the small detail of the portrait, it's easy to recognize Jigoro Kano (Places where Judo is practiced often have a portrait of the founder)

When I see such sprites, I realize nobody makes "sportive martial arts" games anymore...

yrizoud @ 3/24/2022 14:20 commented on Diablo 2 Assassin

She looks a lot like Brianna Hildebrand's character in Deadpool :) But the design fits very well for the assassin too.

yrizoud @ 7/16/2021 10:30 commented on Theatre

It really cracks me up that you include a picture of an interior, to act as a reflection (visible in "black mirror" areas). For arcade games usage you need to include a preset of a 80's arcade, complete with the reflection of the player's face and lurkers watching over shoulder :)

yrizoud @ 6/3/2021 07:25 commented on Akira

The composition and pixel work are excellent, although I think the high level of detail for the city grabs a bit too much of attention, compared to the simpler bike in the foreground. I'm not a big fan of the color scheme as well, but maybe it's because I'm too used to the classic "firetruck red" of Kaneda's bike.

yrizoud @ 5/28/2021 15:24 commented on Julie port

It looks like the image was intended for "wide pixels", but you saved the PNG from Grafx2 directly, without doubling the width first. (I recognize the Grafx2 signature in the file format :) I'm glad the program is still useful for non-square pixel work)

yrizoud @ 4/15/2021 10:33 commented on Horsemobil

Funny, I don't know this reference but this looks like the opposite of the 1899 "horsey horseless" : a car concept that would look like a horse-drawn carriage, while actually rolling on four wheels.

yrizoud @ 3/25/2021 02:44 commented on Safari Zone - Forest

Usually I would find this color way too vibrant, but here it works perfectly.

And I really like your tile work for the ground, it's a lot of variety and wild/unkept, while still very readable as a walking area in a game.

yrizoud @ 3/9/2021 08:18 commented on Knight Rider

It's stunning, there is only the text on the 10 tiny buttons that looks a bit too sharp to me. The black on yellow/green has super high contrast, doesn't fit well with the soft lighting of the rest of the interior.

Also, did you purposefully omit the driver in the front view?

yrizoud @ 1/21/2021 09:33 commented on Basking Shark

Super-smooth shading for so few pixel, congrats


yrizoud @ 1/7/2021 04:38 commented on Experimentmas 2020

It's ridiculous how many different styles you can make yours. I'm glad you're showing something to aspire to :)

All these are fantastic, but I say I have a soft spot for the Frazetta-like bikini girl. There was a time when every medieval-fantasy universe would be inspired by Frazetta / Vallejo, but it seems very rarely used nowadays.

yrizoud @ 1/6/2021 06:01 commented on Skull

The famous square-head ancestor of mankind, Homo Sapiens Pixellis 

yrizoud @ 12/17/2020 07:56 commented on The Break-Up

This really shows how, no matter the canvas size, well-thought composition and planning of the lighting will pay off in the end.

yrizoud @ 11/16/2020 08:37 commented on Alien

caption:  "Felt cute. Might delete later" 

yrizoud @ 9/9/2020 03:02 commented on Holy Fucking Shit

Perfect title for this hilarous drawing

yrizoud @ 7/10/2020 11:14 commented on cat commission

It's lovely but the smaller version suffered from the size reduction.

yrizoud @ 5/5/2020 06:52 commented on Emptiness and healing

Pure black as a background is underrepresented nowadays, it used to be much more prevalent in Pixel art. This scene is a good example of how the black helps the scenery  and character pop out.

yrizoud @ 4/28/2020 06:33 commented on Supply Room resprite
You should really provide the reference so that people can see by themselves what you did and what you didn't.
Personnally I think you did your best to redefine every single tile/pixel, but at this resolution it's always borderline, and even if you DO force yourself to change everything, there will be some cases where you know your version is worse than the original, so what's the point  :-/
A partial change is a fine exercize though, it's just not what the PJ gallery is for.
And in any case, never forget to credit the original explicitely! Cave Story is not as universally recognizable as, let's say, a Zelda III or GBA Pokemon screen (and even then, people don't usually recognize sceneries)
(edit : For what it's worth, and considering you had the extra challenge of making everything different including this tiny robot, I think you did very well. I see no weak spot, everything fits together, and if someone was given both your image and the original graphic to compare, they probably wouldn't be able to tell which one was made by the original artist and which one by the fan)

yrizoud @ 2/7/2020 01:49 commented on Johto Memories

Your gallery must be shown to everyone who thinks "Less colors should be easier" and "After one grass tile is done, I've completed 20% of my work"

yrizoud @ 1/29/2020 10:38 commented on Chaos Code - Kagari

The closest ref that I can find is this :

I like that you softened the design (less 'sharp' legs). I think it does make the character more human, and thus easier to read quickly. I don't know recent fighting games, but it seems you applied a drawing style that is closer to King of Fighters (at least the KOF games when characters where at this resolution / level of detail)

yrizoud @ 11/8/2019 06:49 commented on Taiga Forest

I miss games that let me play in such luxurious vegetation (without being cutesy)

yrizoud @ 11/6/2019 09:55 commented on too old...

You managed a good lighting that makes it immediately readable. Out of curiosity, did you try draw vanishing points and two-point perspective lines in the image itself to guide you ? From my experience, in low-resolution the 1-pixel lines is already quite "fat", and will make a big mess where they are close together. This is the kind of issue that makes me think I'd like a painting program that allows mixed-resolution layers (Real low resolution for the pixel-drawing area, high resolution / vector layer for construction lines, silhouettes, tracing images etc.)

yrizoud @ 10/24/2019 04:22 commented on Dragon Jungle Transition

This is fantastic work, so enjoyable to look at. I particularly appreciate the warm glow of the torch. The bottom part really gives a "Toki" feeling (the original game)

yrizoud @ 9/19/2019 04:05 commented on Stachka

This is lovely! I really like your choice of colors, it is proper for a game background, and still explores many different colors in the same scene.

yrizoud @ 8/30/2019 04:12 commented on Flying Vehicle 10

It's really cool how you applied the oldschool "several-pixel-wide antialising" for the bubble, it makes it instantly recognizable as a volume. However the spheric cockpit seems to mismatch the bottom half of the ship : I think the steel part should include an overall shading conveying how it's a half-sphere as well (even though some different shapes are protruding from it)

Also, I feel you missed an opportunity with the lasers, you could use much ligher colors and several-pixel-wide smoothing in order to convey that they are light sources.

yrizoud @ 7/11/2019 08:46 commented on Backgrounds for Vengeful Heart

The second one is really out of this world. Your choice of texturing/dithering is "just right" (always a challenge with few colors), and perfectly conveys surfaces that are mostly solid color, but dirtied by city life. You made subtle changes when an item is repeated, which reinforces the impression of watching a real place. The general scene instantly reminded me of the highly detailed landscapes from Appleseed. Even with photographic reference, I imagine that you have spent lots of time experimenting, in order to end up with a result where both the general view (what is dark, what is light,) and the details (pipes, valves, slits in AC units) fit together. I can assure you that this time was well spent, the result is there.