Wayuki @ 10/11/2014 19:00 commented on Happy Halloween

Very cute! I like her face especially. I didn't realize you were on here, as well! :)

Wayuki @ 10/8/2014 04:53 commented on Mini Jr.Cactus

Ridiculously cute! XD

Wayuki @ 10/8/2014 04:44 commented on Four seasons

Thanks guys! Good to be back. :)

Wayuki @ 3/4/2008 02:30 commented on Warrior of Light
The background didn't take that long compared to the whole picture... about a day or so. Most of the time was spent on the wings.

Wayuki @ 6/12/2007 06:33 commented on Thumbs up!
Funny and stylish, but it also creeps me out in a way... not in the last place because my nephew lost the last digit of his finger just a few weeks ago. XD

Wayuki @ 6/8/2007 00:09 commented on Warrior of Light
Even the preview icon is too big for an avatar, though. ^_^'

Wayuki @ 5/29/2007 11:02 commented on Odell

It's a pencil skirt with a seam down the middle. Tight skirts usually have a slit or a hidden pleat at the back for walking. ^_~

That, in the odd world of fashion, comfortable clothes are for wimps. Bwahaha. :P

Wayuki @ 5/29/2007 09:03 commented on Odell
I agree, the skin tones are slightly weird. That's because the Palace palette is kind of limited though, as you can see here:

Wayuki @ 5/27/2007 03:47 commented on Rider
Totally awesome stuff! Lovely colors, lovely style, and I really like all the quirky little details like the tiny skulls and the danglies on his hat.

Wayuki @ 4/10/2007 07:13 commented on Warrior of Light
@ Jooble: If you feel that excessive use of a mirror counts as referenced, then yes.  :P

Wayuki @ 4/7/2007 14:41 commented on Dragon Tamer

It's really against my principles to rework a piece after I deem it finished, but since everyone was complaining about the knees, I raised them.

@ apanserdig: I actually used a mirror for reference, so the resemblance to Catherine Zeta Jonesis purily coincidental. Don't get too excited, I don't look anything like her. :P

I disagree with the boob comment, because when you raise your arm, the breast on that side gets pulled up quite a bit. Also, I can put my leg and foot in that pose. I can twist my foot even further if I stretch my ankle. Maybe I'm a freak. XD

Wayuki @ 3/31/2007 12:27 commented on Dragon Tamer

@ Stitchy: Neck straps wouldn't be enough at all to make the nipple plates realistic, they would need a strap inbetween them and around the back as well. Which would just ruin it, IMHO.

I personally don't mind the impossibleness of the outfit, it's a fantasy piece afterall. It's held up by magic. Or maybe just very strong glue. :P

Wayuki @ 3/26/2007 12:23 commented on Dragon Tamer
@ Necky: It will look a lot smoother on the actual background color I will be using on my site. ^_~

Wayuki @ 3/5/2007 09:24 commented on EGA doll

Thanks for the comments, guys! Glad you like my little color experiment. ^_^

Extreme dolling, LOL :D

Wayuki @ 3/3/2007 12:46 commented on Avatar
Awww, he's just so adorable! I love your animations, they're so full of life! ^_^

Wayuki @ 2/25/2007 17:11 commented on Lapeur
Really hilarious expression! I just love your bunnies. ^_^

Wayuki @ 9/7/2006 03:42 commented on Imitation - Simon the Sorcerer

Whoa, déjà vu! I just finished playing Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2 last week using Dosbox. :D

You did a great job capturing the style of the background. I immediately catched the reference to Monkey Island as well, which is especially funny, because they tried to mimic the LucasArts games in style and gameplay with Simon.

I like your character better than Simon... he seems more detailed. I think it could do with a more intricate HUD design, though. Right now it's a big empty block compared to the background. Also, I liked it when the nailed on piece of wood was a different color in the animation. If the piece of wood has any signifigance in the game, I would have kept that color.

Wayuki @ 7/27/2006 00:53 commented on Polar Animals
*Squeals* They're so cute! And nicely pixeled as well. ^_^

Sorry I don't have anything more intelligent to add. :P

Wayuki @ 7/16/2006 00:18 commented on Tasteless Nudity
Gorgeous skin tones, but I'd like to see you finish the foot and hair. I assume those weren't in the photograph? :P

I agree with NobleClock on the shadow beneath her arm. That near-black from her hair doesn't blend with the darkest skin tone enough.

Wayuki @ 5/31/2006 03:35 commented on Cutie Fairy
If you used a base, you should post it with proper credit, though.

Wayuki @ 5/29/2006 13:59 commented on GBA mockup of a destroyed space station
I agree with the others on the background, but I really love the funky style on the hero and the worm looks cool as well. I'd love to play a game with characters like that! ^_^

Wayuki @ 5/29/2006 13:23 commented on Mockup of Bunny Game

Haha! It looks cute and cool at the same time. ^_^

I love how it's kinda poking fun at the "oversized weapon" style by having the sword look... well... über-oversized! Though I'm not sure if that's actually practical ingame, in terms of animation and/or gameplay. :P

Wayuki @ 5/29/2006 07:54 commented on Alien Baby
I meant to say  "It looks" instead of  "I looks". o_O

Wayuki @ 5/29/2006 07:53 commented on Alien Baby
I looks cute in a way... yet at the same time I feel a faint urge to shake the jar. :P

Wayuki @ 5/29/2006 07:48 commented on Gunfighter=))
I think the character looks awesome! It's really impressive for 8 colors only.

I'm not sure what the blue thingies on the ground are, though. Ammo pick-ups? It looks strange because he seems to be trampling them. o_O