DR3W @ 2/8/2006 11:28 commented on Bartman
This is best bart i seen yet, looks grate!

DR3W @ 2/6/2006 21:21 commented on Magneto
This link is not working for me!

DR3W @ 2/6/2006 21:16 commented on Bullseye
This link dont work for me!

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 22:25 commented on M4 Lineart
Ya, you should color it.
The only whay to get good is try and try.

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 22:03 commented on Argument
That is good, the world needs to think be for he leeps! lol
Nice work keep it up..

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 21:58 commented on Talking characters
This is realy good , the hole idea is smart how they all do something diffrent just about. Keep them comeing!

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 21:55 commented on Lakitu
Oh yeah, this is my good oh buddy from mario kart 64!! Looks realy good.

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 21:52 commented on My First Isometric House
Not bad, should do more to the yeard. Butt all in all good!

DR3W @ 2/5/2006 21:51 commented on Shrug
Looks realy good to me, if its male or female. It would be kool if you did a few more versons of this same one. Like one with tattoos and all ect..
Good work!