Nevhkah @ 2/6/2008 09:44 commented on Bug buttons
That stag beetle is beyond gorgeous. :o

Nevhkah @ 4/26/2007 08:52 commented on PixelKiwi - Avatar
Adorable. :D What's it holding?

Nevhkah @ 3/3/2007 15:07 commented on Tarantula Spatula
It looks so natural.

Nevhkah @ 2/7/2007 11:53 commented on aDDD
Loving all that blue. Nice work. :D

Nevhkah @ 1/30/2007 17:44 commented on Same dragon. Again=)
...I WANT YOUR SPICY BRAINS. Wow. Just uber-amazing.

Nevhkah @ 1/19/2007 13:31 commented on to much beer!
I have to be honest, that iliac vein (artery?) is kind of freaking me out.
Nice colors, though.

Nevhkah @ 11/5/2006 08:39 commented on Mercury angel naga
I like it, but the lines could use some cleaning up-- try to keep them one pixel thick and use a darker shade of the base color instead of black. :]

Nevhkah @ 10/24/2006 12:50 commented on Vash The Stampede
Is there any more reliable news source? When I google it, I get a bunch of blogs.

Anyway, I went digging through the FDA's website; I found nothing about Australia, but I did find some UK products that either a) didn't file their paperwork properly; b) didn't register with something or other on time;  c)  had a product containing a color additive that didn't jive with regulation #8435WTF7293arghDAMNITghgry24w, etc.
All about paperwork and such, it seems.

I've never tried vegemite, but I've tried marmite. Didn't like it or dislike it, though my sister likes to eat it right out of the jar, lol.

Nevhkah @ 10/10/2006 11:47 commented on Extract of Nature
So autumn-y! Nicely animated, too-- I love the butterfly. :D

Nevhkah @ 9/29/2006 09:10 commented on The hideaway II
The hammock seems a little large, but this is very relaxing to look at. I like it. :]

Nevhkah @ 9/12/2006 09:50 commented on Wolf avatar
I really like your wolves. Nice. :D

Nevhkah @ 9/10/2006 15:28 commented on Pencil Man [Singing]
I can't stop staring at it. XD

Nevhkah @ 9/4/2006 06:28 commented on Cyborg Ninja
One of the world's greatest conservationists. I'll miss him.

Nevhkah @ 8/2/2006 10:43 commented on SailorPicard
LOL! You should do the rest of the TNG cast. XD (Now receiving horrifying mental images of Worf in a skirt.)

Nevhkah @ 6/4/2006 20:14 commented on Bloody Laugh
Haha, I like it. This has actually happened to me on several occasions. X)

Nevhkah @ 5/25/2006 22:00 commented on KO (2nd Version)
Really nice job on the musculature. Wow. :D
On the other hand, aside from the tail, she only vaguely resembles a kangaroo. I guess that's part of Fabio's original design, though. ...Unless she's a treekangaroo-rabbit-redkangaroo-toaster hybrid. X)

Nevhkah @ 4/12/2006 09:08 commented on House
The swans on the water are hypnotic. Heck, the water is hypnotic too. Wow. 8D
I mistook the lower floor for a reflection until I read your description (though I did wonder about those three windows)-- maybe you should consider altering their size or shape so that they look unlike the windows on the upper floors. It might also help if you were to emphasize the shadow beneath the... grey.. platform, er, thing. Haha. I apologize, the proper word has escaped me. ;/
Anyway, very nice. I love the atmosphere.

Nevhkah @ 4/11/2006 14:46 commented on Fada-baleia!
Very cute. I like it. :D

Nevhkah @ 4/7/2006 14:51 commented on Elipets - Owl
Very beautiful. I love owls. :}

Nevhkah @ 4/4/2006 12:08 commented on tasty burger
Wow. That is one impressive pixel-burger. :9

Nevhkah @ 3/25/2006 15:14 commented on Meredy and Quickie
(I loooove the Tales games. Makes me want to play ToE again.)

Beautiful work-- the shoes and the frills are great. The facial perspective looks a smidge off, but you've captured Meredy's personality so well that it still deserves a 5. :D

Nevhkah @ 3/12/2006 14:29 commented on Wishful
Ignore mutantenemy. He leaves a lot of "omg thats dumb (no critique inserted here)" type comments. ;}

I like the detail you put into the face, but I find the eyes and linework distracting-- too much black. (Maybe black just rubs me the wrong way. I dunno. ;D ) I think it would look great if you softened up your lines a bit with some anti-aliasing or some different colors.

Nevhkah @ 2/24/2006 17:09 commented on Emoticon: Angry player
This is just like me when I play too much Ecco the Dolphin. :D

Very nice lighting, though the color transition on the upper left looks a bit sharp (unless the addition of a second lightsource was intentional). You've done a great job otherwise. Two thumbs up for game-induced violence. *cough*

Nevhkah @ 2/23/2006 10:52 commented on Rawk Dat Funky Music
It's a Maki. XD
Despite the equalizer, I still really like this. Prettypretty texturing on the fur.

Nevhkah @ 2/23/2006 10:47 commented on Little Kitty
Looks like my cat too-- lazy pose and all. Haha.
Nice dithering on the belly. :}