AwesomePossum @ 4/10/2007 19:31 commented on Big Bird

I think Canada should've won the World Cup last year....

AwesomePossum @ 4/10/2007 19:26 commented on Big Bird
I didnt know you guys made fun of me on IRC....Its more like IRS, both really mean

AwesomePossum @ 4/10/2007 19:24 commented on The Black Knight
Or most are crappy...Or sweet like this one.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 22:12 commented on Big Bird

Christ, I have been pixeling straight for like 4 months and I still suck!

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 22:11 commented on The Frozen Thames (1700's)

Sweet lighting and shading, It looks thincredible! Great job.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 22:01 commented on pic
Why did you put this in the weekly challenge?

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 19:52 commented on Little kitchen
Pretty nice for one of your first pieces. But youu should get atransperent background. Go to to get one.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 19:49 commented on B&W
I think this is pretty cool and all, but you should consider adding some more texture by dithering. Or maybe even adding some more colors.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 19:47 commented on Not so protective armor
Well, I thnk all women have knees. Yup, They do.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 19:44 commented on The Black Knight
I love that movie! Its frikken awesome! Great job. Took me a while to figure out who it was though.

AwesomePossum @ 4/9/2007 18:00 commented on Warrior of Light
Awesomely wicked. I love it.

AwesomePossum @ 4/8/2007 00:54 commented on Lizardman

Honestly, I don't think you should comment on other peoples work to advertise your work.

But good job on the animation. Its flawless to me!

AwesomePossum @ 4/6/2007 23:03 commented on See How Scary I Look When I Do This
This is probably one of my favourite one of your pieces yet. Great colour choices. I love the heart pin on his shirt!

AwesomePossum @ 4/3/2007 18:02 commented on Patrick
Lol. I love seeing people trying to rip. But they fail misserably. Must be a pain for admins or whoever.

AwesomePossum @ 3/31/2007 19:31 commented on lost in the dark.

Well this looks pretty good on every thing except the hat. it lacks any detail. You still have a day. Fix it up.

And in the rules : "No work in progress. We're not too strict on this one... just don't throw up junk you spent a couple of minutes on or a half finished piece."

AwesomePossum @ 3/27/2007 16:10 commented on PC Design
I love this! I wish my hard drive was like that!

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 21:57 commented on Spyed. Green power
oh wow. Jal and PB....You might as well put me in a crazy person silo now!

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 20:41 commented on Blue Monkey
I liked the one about me more.

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 20:40 commented on Marvel's Nightcrawler

Silly Crylar, all X-Men have lady hips, DUH!

PS Nice job! reminds me of beerfest!

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 20:38 commented on Big Bird
Silly monkey trix are for me!

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 20:36 commented on Spider Boy!? Let's Go!
Heh, I like this. My only crit is that there isnt enough clouds and too much grass.

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 20:19 commented on Big Bird
Hehehehe, toilet urin...hehehehe, you made a funny....

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 18:31 commented on Yup, I'm FrankieSmileShow

I know, I'm gonna make it transperant

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 16:52 commented on Yup, I'm FrankieSmileShow
Ya I think I'll spend some more time on this and make it more Frankie-ish.

AwesomePossum @ 3/26/2007 16:06 commented on Yup, I'm FrankieSmileShow
Well, When I look at it, it reminds me of frankie. I thought I did a good job.