Submission Guidelines

File Formats:
You can submit your Wees as GIFs or PNGs. No other file formats will be accepted.

I ask that you save each WeeGuy individually as a 64px by 64px transparent GIF or PNG, centered vertically (actually 1 pixel left of center) and standing on the same "ground". Examine the images below if you have any questions.

This consistency is needed from a layout standpoint: a consistent "ground" keeps them from "jumping" up and down horizontally, while keeping them centered vertically assures consistent spacing. I'll accept icons that aren't positioned correctly, but they will take longer for me to make "live", as I'll need to edit them. If I do need to edit your icons for any reason, I will be very considerate of your color choices, etc. The edits will be purely about positioning the icon in the 64 x 64 space.

Other Stuff:
Please create your characters from the base doll. Don't edit other artists' work and submit it as your own.

All skill levels are welcome, but I do ask that people put an honest effort into creating their characters. This isn't a competition to create the most WeeGuys, it's just supposed to be some fun pixelling practice. Think quality, not quantity, and just have fun with it.

All "styles" are welcome, and encouraged. It's only a base. Feel free to modify it. Outlines are not necessary. Be creative.

Anyone can submit cover images, which will serve as "splash" or "entry" pages for the site. The maximum size for a cover image is 384x384 pixels.

When you're ready to submit your work:
Just head on over to Pixel Joint, login (or register) and submit your Wee!

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