Pixel Art Challenge: Still Life

This week you are challenged to pixel a still life with fruits.
There is no style/theme to this challenge but the fruits are the main objects.

Canvas size: 150x150
Color Palette: Must use these 14 colors (all of them)

Animation and Transparency (15th color) allowed.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.

Posted by cure @ 11/3/2008 00:03  |    33


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ShoneGold (Level 1 Rookie) @ 11/6/2008 05:49
I cannot this resist this challenge...love the subject and the palette is just stunning! :)

pain (Level 9 Nidan) @ 11/6/2008 05:28
i must find time to enter this one :D ...

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 11/5/2008 15:53
Man...there's already been some awesome pieces

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/5/2008 03:51

okay then i can understand the really obscure challenges now

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 11/4/2008 23:31
actually, we just use Mad Libs the eve of a new challenge to determine it.

Adarias (Level 11 Bonsai) @ 11/4/2008 20:21
these contests actually get set in several weeks in advance i think...

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/4/2008 08:49
This was not inspired by that piece Raytheon, just a coincidence.

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/4/2008 04:05
fuck you dex :)

i'm pretty sure i stated that i enjoyed the last challenge. and you whine a shitload more than i do!

on another note: was this inspired by the recent 'mspaint default still life fruit' image that recently graced the gallery???

Blackbeltdude (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 11/3/2008 19:50
I actually think this is a neat idea... I've always kind of dug the challenges that already give you a pallet to work with. If I find the time, I'll definitely give this one a shot.

I'm also calling it that someone is going to make some mutated monster fruit. :P

DanielHyaku (Level 4 Button Man) @ 11/3/2008 16:46
Animated Still Life.
Quite a paradox, but I think it to be very funny.

Delfos (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 11/3/2008 14:00
hehe, Yes, it is pretty ironic

RoboBOT (Level 7 Captain) @ 11/3/2008 12:20
Oh, I realize that there are many animation possibilities. I just found it ironic :D

Adarias (Level 11 Bonsai) @ 11/3/2008 12:14

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/3/2008 11:34
Jão, when I added your stilllife I thought, 'Oh man! he's gonna be bummed next week' lol

*still life on window sill with animated curtains blowing in the wind or a mouse eating the fruit are possible animations on a still life.

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 11/3/2008 11:07
lol @ comments.

Also a still life *can* be animated...the objects themselves don't have to be animated. For example, the lighting could change over the peroiod of the animation. Use your imagination people :(

AdamF (Level 11 CEO) @ 11/3/2008 10:28
I on one hand like this challenge and might give it a go. As for raytheon, all he ever does on any forum is whine and complain, so don't mind him :D

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 11/3/2008 10:16
ok guys, time to show that guy how things must be made to be attractive.

MashPotato (Level 7 Underboss) @ 11/3/2008 09:59
A still life where animation is allowed, eh?  Heehee 

EDIT: just saw this comment was already made!  Teach me to read first ;)

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 11/3/2008 09:04
ITT: unimaginative artists whine, blame lack of creativity on something other than themselves

@Stickman: that should be fine, so long as the fruit remains the focal point of the image.

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 11/3/2008 07:41

jk, i'll do it

you guys don't have to enter, that just makes it easier for other people to win

Jo (Level 9 Nidan) @ 11/3/2008 07:10

This challenge could've shown up a week earlier :(

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 11/3/2008 07:01

What about backgrounds such as a bowl, chopping boards etc? Or is it just only the fruits?

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/3/2008 06:48
Yes, it is up to you, the artist, to make the challenge interesting. :)

Claes (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 11/3/2008 06:32
boring? unfavorable? I would acully say that this is one of the most intersting challangesthat I have seen yet!

I find a challange with strict restrictions in the rules, as the mundane subjectmatter and the colour restriction this time, and then try and make it interesting is the hole charm with challanges! Whats the point if its to open or go hand in hand with work you can do without having a challange for it?
It feels like alot of pepole have a hard time thinking outside the box if they complain about a challange like this :/

If you se what you only want to se, why even participate?

RoboBOT (Level 7 Captain) @ 11/3/2008 05:48
Haha, does anyone else see the irony in animations being allowed in a still life challenge?

tomic (Level 11 Admiral) @ 11/3/2008 03:26

well.. if the guy who came up with that is not mentioned then the challenge topic seems to be an idea of the staff..

contrary to the 'pretty boring' guy (if so then your pieces would perfectly fit this challenge) i find this quite an attractice challenge.. interesting that it took like 70 challenge before someone came up with that obvious theme

not sure if i enter though (lack ob time, common excuse =)

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/3/2008 02:02
52, but between several people, given ideas from challenge winners and the ability to reuse ideas from previous years it shouldnt be too hard

pipe (Level 5 Detective) @ 11/3/2008 01:54
I agree with Opacus Its not that easy to think about 50 challenges a year.I am doing this challenge and I  hope I wont be late for the third time.

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/3/2008 01:47
I'm sure they have other challenges from winners, and if they were short, i'm sure they could ask someone else to do it.

Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 11/3/2008 01:35
Then I dare you: Make an interesting challenge each week of the year.
I don't think it's as easy as it seems.

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/3/2008 01:26
yeah ive noticed that either a) the staff are choosing all the challenges or b) they are just not telling us who made these terrible challenges

Photocopier (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/3/2008 01:22
pretty boring :(

Damian (Level 10 Operative) @ 11/3/2008 00:12
hmmm an unfavorable challenge...but ok, maybe I'll finish this one.

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