Pixel Art Challenge: HUBRIS

Challenge winner Emanu challenges you to use this picture to create an animated sprite, NOT a portrait.
Use the reference picture as the basis for the character. It may be cartoony, realistic or as used in a video game.
Based on the character as you see it (link below), then animate it somehow. Dancing, idle stance, fighting, shooting, whatever goes with your interpretation. Creativity as always, is key.

> reference image is posted in the forum <
Canvas Size: 150x150px max
Animation: required, 3 frames minimum
Colors : 16
Up to 16 colors may be used. One color is transparency.

Transparency: If you can do so then please do(this mean yes). Get Giffy from FAQ page or some online utility like www.iaza.com is also good.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.

Posted by cure @ 11/17/2008 00:30  |    32


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ui_ (Level 4 Deputy) @ 11/23/2008 09:00
jalonso and greenraven, thx.... i guess the problem is fixed. The best view, is in the Mozilla firefox. I tested the file into IE and Chrome, and both goes slow, but firefox seen like not. Maybe thats help too.

ui_ (Level 4 Deputy) @ 11/22/2008 20:59
i had a problem with my gif, it goes DAM slow :S and dont know how to fix it... plz if any of you know how, let me know... (checkout my entry to see what im talking about)

greenraven (Level 2 Hired Gun) @ 11/22/2008 14:51
Giffy or Iaza to make the gifs, unFreeze to put them together to make an animation.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/22/2008 10:50
You can use www.iaza.com for compiling frames.
You can make transparencies with Giffy from the FAQ page or iaza.com will also make transparencies.

ui_ (Level 4 Deputy) @ 11/22/2008 07:47
2 questions.... it have to be 16 colors or can be less than 16?. An the second question is... any of you know any good program to compile gif files into an animation?. thx

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/20/2008 22:10
its too hi-res to be jalonso at that age

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/19/2008 20:40
Hey >:(            

Jo (Level 9 Nidan) @ 11/19/2008 08:15
Nah, it's got colours!

tomic (Level 11 Admiral) @ 11/19/2008 06:25
wow, that must be quite an old shot of jalonso =)

The B.O.B. (Level 11 Master Assassin) @ 11/18/2008 14:12
Thanks Emanu, couldn't have said it better myself...

Emanu (Level 3 Chief) @ 11/18/2008 01:58
random white guy? sheesh... ;)

and whats with all this whining? just make up a body, fuck up the proportions, do whatever. Impossible is just a poor excuse for lazy bastards. cheers ;)

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 11/17/2008 19:12
Hey you rules/loophole finders. Who says it must even be a human?
Could be a big head with a little body. It can evolve into other forms.
It is probably better if you do break the rules in creative output no

HoofFoot (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/17/2008 18:17
When was the last time you saw a sprite with those proportions? Usually the head is 1/3 or 1/4 of the whole sprite in RPGs and platformers, though proportions may be a bit more realistic in fighting games.
Let's continue on the "Crono as an example"-line: http://www.videogamesprites.net/ChronoTrigger/Party/Crono/Crono%20-%20Walk%20(Front).gif

And then for a fighter game sprite, notice how they're still "shorter" than 150 pixels:

Notice the size of the head compared to the whole sprite. If we go with 1/4 proportions, the pixelcount for the head would be 37 in height. :P

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 11/17/2008 17:27
19 pixels for a head is plenty...

This is the overworld sprite for Crono from Chrono Trigger, which I think is pretty readable. That whole sprite is just 34 pixels high. Sprites for this challenge, however, can be about 4.5 times that height.

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 11/17/2008 17:17
150x150, and you have to animate?
Plus, most people say humans are 8 heads tall. That equals 19 pixels for a head.

Sorry to bxtch, I don't really even care, I just like to nitpick rules.

HoofFoot (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 11/17/2008 17:16
Yes. I remember seeing a lot of whining in every challenge's comments.

Seriously, if you believe YOU can't make it or YOU don't like the challenge, you don't need to take part.

Setzer (Level 8 Cannibal) @ 11/17/2008 16:19
[insert whining about the challenge]

is it like this every week? :(

B_j0k3r0 (Level 3 Sergeant) @ 11/17/2008 15:31
haha.. this is the worst challenge ever.. who the heck is that`?`?`?

DJD (Level 4 Button Man) @ 11/17/2008 15:23

Claes (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 11/17/2008 14:58
Even more freedome then Skeddles!
No, but really... with 150x150px as the maximum, as ThereIsNoCure said, it should not be that hard to make something that looks like the image... If someone cant make it with that size, then it wont matter what size it is.

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 11/17/2008 13:59
150x150 is WAY more than enough to get the likeness down.

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 11/17/2008 13:38
Ya but unless your a pro pixel artist, your sprites head isn't going to look too much like the picture, so the sprite will  look like just some random white guy.

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 11/17/2008 12:39
what Claes said.

Chace (Level 5 Captain) @ 11/17/2008 08:23
yeah I agree, as long as the head resembles the picture it's okay. I think I'm gonna join this challenge. :)

Claes (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 11/17/2008 07:21
Skeddles: If there is no body shown in the image, that does not mean you cant make up one yourself right? Its better like this as we now have more freedome of how the body of the character may look like.

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 11/17/2008 06:16
You can't make a sprite based on a face. failchallenge.

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/17/2008 02:44
i wouldn't be surprised if it was emanu himself, he is what 27 after all

xXHalfieXx (Level 4 Lieutenant) @ 11/17/2008 02:43
lol, who the heck is that guy?

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 11/17/2008 02:07
Why not just display the image? The last challenge had 3 images in the news article...

cure (Level 11 Pixellite) @ 11/17/2008 01:15
Added picture to forum.  Sorry for the delay guys.

Raytheon (Level 5 Lieutenant) @ 11/17/2008 00:47
skamo is right, and bloody hell i wanted to start already

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 11/17/2008 00:37
As per usual, the image isn't linking properly...

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