Pixel Art Challenge: It's Evolving


Make an original Pokemon with 2 evolutions

Use this canvas for your Pokemon and its 2 evolutions

No color restrictions, well 256 max :p
No animations

Example provided by Ensellitis for those not familiar with Pokemon:


The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.

Some Pokemon samples ONE - TWO - THREE

Posted by sedgemonkey @ 6/11/2007 00:12  |    72


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castiboy (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 6/17/2007 12:54
still a couple of hours left... i think i'll try something.

only thing i don't like are size limits, this generation pokemon sprites have 80x80 max size limits you know...

dragonrc (Level 4 Deputy) @ 6/17/2007 06:30
I don't entirely agree with that, the eyes and the mouth aren't in pokemon style, but the techniques he used are. He used selout and he has much contrast between the simple shadings. Unlike most of the other entries, others use fancy dithering, use many colors pokemons would never have, they AA their 'pokemons' and they hardly use selout.

inkspot (Level 4 Button Man) @ 6/17/2007 04:19
Wwell, face it, ensellitis's example isn't very pokemonish too...

grave (Level 9 Federal Agent) @ 6/16/2007 23:41

My entry didnt keep the styl. But that kinda was the point :p

I got a feeling that i will get the least votes of any entry :P

Anlina S. (Level 6 Manager) @ 6/16/2007 23:10
Mmm, to be honest it's kind of disappointing to see how few people actually made an effort to be really consistent with the Pokemon style. There's some great artwork being submitted - I'd be able to appreciate it even more if the style was consistent.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/16/2007 14:56
Sometimes the rules may be intentionally vague as to separate the men from the boys (and gals). While depeptively simple this challenge calls for the study of how Pokemon are made and specifically which pixelling techniques makes them Pokemon. There are more entries this challenge than all the others already yet only a handful actually qualify as Pokemon, imho.

dragonrc (Level 4 Deputy) @ 6/16/2007 14:26
Well, we leared one thing from it, the rules should be clearly stated in the future.

Amorphous (Level 3 Sergeant) @ 6/16/2007 13:51
I have to agree with dragonrc. I play pokemon a whole lot, and sadly the most likely entries to win aren't the style of pokemon. I understand that people have different styles, but that's all part of the challenge in my opinion.

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/16/2007 13:10
@dragonrc, you seem to be one of the few to get the challenge and what its all about. More than likely the winners will not reflect that which is kinda sad.

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 6/16/2007 04:00
Use Portone :P 

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 6/16/2007 03:36
Can someone do something about natano ? He is spamming every pokemon entry with some indistinguishable babble.

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 6/16/2007 03:05
@dragonrc: Yeah that is a valid point.

iLKke (Level 9 Nidan) @ 6/16/2007 03:03
@skeddles: you always can

horcy (Level 2 Corporal) @ 6/16/2007 00:06
I love this challenge. Lot's going in the WIP challenge thread. I should give Pokemon a try on my DS. You guys got me all enthousiastic to check this game out

skeddles (Level 11 Sphinx) @ 6/15/2007 07:47
i forget, can we make more than one?

dragonrc (Level 4 Deputy) @ 6/15/2007 07:12

I agree with 1st. More then half of the entries aren't in the pokemon style. I think it's ok to add a bit of your own style to it but making it in a completely different style is going a bit too far IMO.
It's just like using different colors in a challenge with a given palette. I know that the rules don't clearly say that you have to make it in pokemon style but I think it is obvious that you should.

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 6/15/2007 06:49
Go for it dude! (would of prefered the latter myself though..) But yeah..what's important is that you make it interesting for yourself no matter what you do pokemon style or not.

iLKke (Level 9 Nidan) @ 6/15/2007 06:39
Well, I'm gonna make it more interesting for myself and make it pokemon style. I can draw my own style any other time ;D

Stickman (Level 7 Sheriff) @ 6/15/2007 06:11
I personally prefer not to see Pokemon style but ones own (I find that far more entertaining and interesting rather than just making a clone), but maybe that's just me.....

1sT (Level 1 Thug) @ 6/15/2007 04:47
This challenge sucks.. no one have maked pokemon style... maybe someone

drZool (Level 6 Serial Killer) @ 6/15/2007 02:01
This challenge already got 31 entries, and it's 3 days left! It's gonna be hard to vote I say.

tuti (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/14/2007 20:06
hey metaru, my fakes are 100% originals :P


Okay, so here's the pic I've been talking about. This guy made 150 non-existent pokemon, and he calls them (logically) fakemon:"

Neorice is my friend xD his fakemons is in my page xD

I am going to see if I participate in this conquest

Metaru: te decia que los sprites de los fakes son 100% mios, emm... lo de los recolores, quimeras, y demas, son edits de sprites de nintendo, talvez no sea lo correcto editar sprites de nintendo, pero en las comunidades esas son categorias, si puedes traducir esto te lo agradesco :P

ZeroFive1 (Level 5 Rokkyu) @ 6/14/2007 19:16
Oh man. If only I wasn't on vacation... D:

Larwick (Level 8 Regional Boss) @ 6/14/2007 10:57
Throw teh pokeman grenades at tha animals.

inkspot (Level 4 Button Man) @ 6/13/2007 16:10
poke someone and you got it

isiahcrr (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/13/2007 15:25
how do you get a pokemon

iLKke (Level 9 Nidan) @ 6/12/2007 11:24
@neoricekicksass: yeah, you think you can do better than that? bring'em on!

And no, it's not that much work really. Actually it gives you enough time to do several of them, especially if you're already experienced in the field ;D

Neoriceisgood (Level 2 Quiet One) @ 6/12/2007 10:32


Only 3 stages is a challenge? that's not really that much work.


Those are pretty bad though, if I were him I'd dislike that dex so much that I'd be 3/4 done with a new version with better quality sprites.

Ensellitis (Level 11 Sensei) @ 6/12/2007 10:21
no background.  these are just sprites, not scenes.

Ensellitis (Level 11 Sensei) @ 6/12/2007 10:21

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/12/2007 09:33
@ ilkkle, From you, it's expected.

AA in Pokemon

natano (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/12/2007 07:00
you can use also pokemon which have already bestaad but no evolutions this way as pinsir it are but a question does not determine it if it can or not.

iLKke (Level 9 Nidan) @ 6/12/2007 02:19
So, we can repixel the template as necessary provided we keep the basic layout?

edit: maybe even add a faint bg to the cells?

Ensellitis (Level 11 Sensei) @ 6/11/2007 19:04
i had to redo my pokeballs cause someone cant aa worth a damn :P

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/11/2007 18:53
I don't see why not. Its a clever idea too.

ps: noveroth means changing the pokeballs in the template to element stones, duh

Noveroth (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 6/11/2007 17:34
If i was to change the Pokeball, to say a Leaf stone or Firestone would that be ok?

silent sniper (Level 1 Depressed) @ 6/11/2007 17:32
i recently got good at pokemon style

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 6/11/2007 17:06
hehe, my electric-cute type yellow rat with red dots on his face will win.

dragonrc (Level 4 Deputy) @ 6/11/2007 15:00

No way, I just came up with the idea of a fire snake.

Then I'll use my magical powers to...think of an other idea!

Amorphous (Level 3 Sergeant) @ 6/11/2007 14:04

Oh, no. The pokemon IDEAS were old. I made the images today.

*Uses Protect! Oh no, it failed!

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/11/2007 13:30
no, no, original art made this week.

*stops evolution and uses blizzard

Amorphous (Level 3 Sergeant) @ 6/11/2007 13:25

Oh, wow. I used to be a HUGE fan of Pokemon. I still play sometimes, when I'm bored.

Anyhow, I used to create entire slews of fake pokemon which I drew on paper. (I'm talking around 50). So, I just had to pick my favorite one. (Which happened to be the fire snake.)

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 6/11/2007 12:57
hey look! JALONSO is Evolving! xD

Fakemons is a well know category in the sprite-editing pokemon comunities, as they 're a 100% original sprite concept. not like Quimeras, wich are just a kind of photo-mainupulation of existing PKMN sprites.

 Do you remember that guy who posted in the WIP section?(tutiman) he just gave us a perfect example of what you SHOULD NOT do in this challenge.

alkaline (Level 6 Yonkyu) @ 6/11/2007 12:45
mhmm, neorice, his stuff is impressive

i may actually try this one for once!

iLKke (Level 9 Nidan) @ 6/11/2007 12:32
Okay, so here's the pic I've been talking about. This guy made 150 non-existent pokemon, and he calls them (logically) fakemon:


Gas 13 (Level 9 Boss) @ 6/11/2007 12:31
Heh, Gameboy could be a good pokemon btw ;)

GB -> GBA -> GBA/DS :)

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/11/2007 12:10
another sample
thx klav :D

Metaru (Level 8 Brigadier General) @ 6/11/2007 12:05
Indeed, Game Boy's palette consist in 4 colours: black, a dark gray, a ligth gray, and white. Super gameboy emulator(the one that allowed you to use your GB cartrige in a SNES, or in your N64)just swaps those colors for ones of the same kind. a palette swap. needless to say, GB color is another Story.

so, afterall, there's plenity of possibilities for this challenge. not just in the desing.

klav (Level 7 Mass Murderer) @ 6/11/2007 11:57
is this the pallet? 

(PB Edit: learn to link your linkages people!)

jalonso (Level 11 Godfather) @ 6/11/2007 11:55
I'm thinking clasic gameboy myself.

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