zlajonja @ 10/4/2009 06:08 commented on Some fantasy landscape

hehe thank you very much. :)

zlajonja @ 11/7/2008 01:27 commented on Steampunk Hedge Trimmer
yeah.. I've waited for the weekly challenge to pass... I'll update the weels pretty soon so it looks much better. :)

thanx :)

zlajonja @ 11/1/2008 01:29 commented on PJ_Village_autumn_2008
now this is what I'm talking about in the forums thread. :)

great work. :)

And a good storyline too. :)

zlajonja @ 10/28/2008 03:28 commented on WereWolf Run
I don't think the speed is the issue... You should just make him swing more while he moves.... try playing some real wolves as they run.. ;) :) or something like that.

Otherwise it does look great, but the problem is that it doesn't have life in it.... yet... :)

zlajonja @ 10/27/2008 12:32 commented on Squishy-Squiddy Alien
I love this, but yeah, I must agree, but what is missing in my humble opinion is the volume of the tentacles. I think that he lacks the gravity of the lower torso... IT looks like these tentacles aren't able to hold his body or move it.. I just think that you should just make them a bit bigger, or what jal said. :)

Hope that helps you somehow. :)

zlajonja @ 10/27/2008 06:12 commented on Steampowered steam shower (Steampunk style) V2
It's really great. :)

I love it. It's my faved for certain. two thumbs up...

I'm now eating myself for not using 2 more hours to fix the wheels.. :(

zlajonja @ 10/23/2008 10:07 commented on Zombie Attack
It is really great! :) I love it..

yeah, you most definitely should change the speed. :)

though.. this way it looks like a zombie from 28 days later ;) :)

zlajonja @ 10/1/2008 04:36 commented on NOOOOOOOOO!
it gets psychodelic when you look at it a bit longer. :D

zlajonja @ 9/29/2008 01:14 commented on Two and a Half Men
I love it. :)

I haven't watched it so I dunno bout them, but they look great to me. :)

zlajonja @ 9/28/2008 07:18 commented on For The Motherland_ PA Video
this is amazing work. How long did it take you guys to finish it?

definitely my fav...

and Pixelarg, you are going on my sh%!@$ list.  I've noticed your comments circling around.


zlajonja @ 9/27/2008 16:33 commented on IRobot
Fool, I must be bluntly honest with you. The thing that brought me here into the world of Pixel Joint was seeing one your pixels. And I just got hooked into this community.

This is one of the best pixels I've ever seen and as it is a still picture it's kinda moving. :) It really feels alive. :)

You've made my day merrier, thanx. :)

zlajonja @ 9/21/2008 03:24 commented on Fairy Tale - Weekly Challenge
I love it. It's really great! :)

two thumbs up

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 11:46 commented on Some fantasy landscape
BlackDragon: my gf likes the clouds... (and she's a fascist when it comes to rating something...:/ :D)

and when saying funky, what exactly do you mean greenraven?

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 11:39 commented on eye
I like it very much.. I'd like to see those eyes attached to the head they belong to.. ;)

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 11:37 commented on Crazy slimes!
dunno.... I don't like the white backgrounds.. but you can win the simplicity prize ;) :P

j/k.. it's interesting whatsoever :)

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 08:01 commented on viper beam
Yeah, the look of the creep somewhat confuses me, but this is totally brilliant. I can even sense them moving in this pic of yours. :D

Excellent work mate. :)

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 07:50 commented on how appropriate, you fight like a cow!
One of the best adventures ever! :) and you put it right to the point. I admire your work, it's so close to perfection. ;) :P (nothing is perfect)

"If a woodchuck could chuck wood, how much wood would a woodchuck chuck...?" :D

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 07:45 commented on pandurman in beijing
bloody brilliant, I love this. :)

zlajonja @ 12/2/2007 06:08 commented on winter gameshots
Just amazing.... It's just simply beautiful... :)

zlajonja @ 11/27/2007 05:24 commented on Simon the mouse
well my idea was that for work to be simple toonish. but if you think that is bad, please send me pm about how can i do to upgrade my work, I'm always open for new ideas.

zlajonja @ 11/26/2007 01:42 commented on Simon Says
This is my most favorite work. :)

I admire your work. :)

zlajonja @ 11/18/2007 23:48 commented on Zlaj the Wizard
hmm.. well.. I could have cut out the colors.. though I've left them in intentionally.. :D (maybe a bad idea after all...)
Hmm.. but in the forums someone stated that it would be better the WIP to be animated?? that's what i did... :/

zlajonja @ 11/18/2007 08:01 commented on Zlaj the Wizard
I'm really sorry,... is this okay now?

zlajonja @ 11/18/2007 04:43 commented on Troll
Dude.. this is one of my top favorites :D

Just brilliant! :)

zlajonja @ 6/17/2007 22:46 commented on Rainu - Clawder - Wolshock
this is as far as nicest i've seen arround. great job :)