dusty-uk @ 5/24/2007 09:56 commented on New Project Screens
oo i like this. the blocky style on things make everything stand out nicely ^^

dusty-uk @ 5/24/2007 09:46 commented on Sarah Brightman portrait
amazing. the hair is especialy Uber XD

dusty-uk @ 5/10/2007 11:32 commented on Character Avatar
ooo i love this. i like the detials on the armor and axe. very nice work!

dusty-uk @ 5/10/2007 10:40 commented on Ray - Standing Anim
very nice!

i like the movement in the hair and how it matches everythign else =]

dusty-uk @ 5/9/2007 14:01 commented on RPG Platformer Mockup
maybe bring the grass infront of the house?

other than that its nice. =]

dusty-uk @ 5/8/2007 15:02 commented on ToS Celsius
very nice =]

love it!

dusty-uk @ 5/7/2007 13:32 commented on ilkke in the woods
i love the rays of light going across the page. did they take long?

dusty-uk @ 5/7/2007 13:30 commented on My forest scene

dusty-uk @ 5/7/2007 13:28 commented on Valkyrie
amazing work.

the style of armor reminds me of something. not sure what though XD

dusty-uk @ 5/7/2007 12:53 commented on Guild Wars sprite
w00t Guild Wars.

i like the ahir, the colours make it look earthy and not too ott.

and pxerin she is warrior. either 15k warrior armor .or. the woman from the box art

dusty-uk @ 5/7/2007 04:48 commented on Legend of Iya DS "mockup" screenshot
wow. this, and the first mockup are brilliant.  i made an account just to fav them :D

how long have you been working on this? (whole project)

ive never had a ds or anything like that (allways being a playstation guy) but would seriously consider getting one just from seeing this!

hope to see more soon