Hysteria @ 1/16/2012 00:15 commented on Corrupted Lizard God

Even if it's not finished this is winning for sure. Charlie Sheen approves this message.

Hysteria @ 1/12/2012 12:15 commented on Crabloid

Haha I love this one.

Hysteria @ 1/12/2012 01:27 commented on Kirby

@Manupix Thanks! I was clueless about that, I skipped reading the instructions when I submitted the piece...

Hysteria @ 1/12/2012 01:25 commented on Big Bird

Wow I'm such a noob. Lol, it clearly says that in the submission rules... Thanks for the help :)!

Hysteria @ 1/11/2012 23:30 commented on Big Bird

@Jeremy Thanks for replying, but that's not what I meant. I deleted that Kirby on purpose, this is what I'm talking about:


Same happened with my last 2 submissions. Sorry if I'm being annoying...


Hysteria @ 1/11/2012 22:15 commented on Big Bird

Hey guys any of you know why my submissions are not being shown in the New Pixel Art showcase of the main page?

I've submitted 3 pieces in the past days and none of them have been in there... Including my Kirby one that just got approved.

Hysteria @ 1/11/2012 22:02 commented on Kirby

@Rayovatron Ty!


Why my submissions are not being shown in the "New Pixel Art" showcase of the main page ):

(None of the last 3 submissions have been in there... and I've been checking like every 1 hour :D...)

Hysteria @ 1/11/2012 22:00 commented on Mandy

It's good but I would add some color to her eyes (like white for her eyeballs)

Hysteria @ 1/9/2012 20:14 commented on Heavy Ball

@Super17 Haha that's the idea :),  but yea I should've started this earlier so I could finish it without rushing everything.

@philippejugnet It's simple... you don't expect that person to throw such a big and heavy ball to the other guy. The challenge says: "Pixel something demonstrating an unexpected weight". There's no limits on how to show that idea. If everyone did the same it would be pretty boring (:

@Jeremy Yea you could assume that... but it's funnier to think that it's a normal sized guy throwing a gigantic ball to his friend isn't it? Cause obviously this is not realistic.

@Hawker Ty :)


Hysteria @ 1/9/2012 12:38 commented on Too fat

@philippejugnet Nope she does not. Stop giving senseless criticism to all the entries of the Weekly Challenge, it's not like that will help you win :/.

Hysteria @ 1/9/2012 12:31 commented on Heavy Ball

@philippejugnet Think out of the box bro , as ECPixel said it's an illusion, you don't expect what happens with the ball (Seems normal at the beggining, ends up being a huge ball).


Just a different way to show an "Unexpected weight". The obvious thing would be a normal ball crushing the guy lol...

Hysteria @ 1/9/2012 11:52 commented on Kirby

Why is this still waiting for approval :0

Hysteria @ 1/8/2012 22:07 commented on Up, up and away...

Reference is important. Original art piece was made by John Lund:

Hysteria @ 1/26/2010 11:29 commented on Avatar The Game Sprites

 It's nice to see nice spriters working for known game companies... There are some awful spriters doing ugly sprites for Nintendo DS games ):

Hysteria @ 1/25/2010 22:38 commented on Guru Guru

 I loved that character, very good :)

Hysteria @ 1/24/2010 17:47 commented on Fakemon Trio

 Diamond and Pearl pallete and number of colors.


Pretty good :)



Hysteria @ 1/22/2010 01:14 commented on Dark Dragon Onox

Haha I'm also sick of transparency and "too many colors" whiners.

It looks great, I can feel a bit of Mario & Luigi RPG style on it

Hysteria @ 1/21/2010 15:48 commented on Mousestronaut

 I think that it needed that amount of colors if he wanted to accomplish that plastic look :)

Hysteria @ 1/21/2010 13:39 commented on Angry Farmer

 Yea, he looks happy.

But it's awesome dude :)

Hysteria @ 1/20/2010 19:29 commented on slushie monster

 I thought it was a ketchup bottle...

Anyway, it does look nice, maybe it doesn't look like an usual final boss but I don't know what is your game about (x.

Hysteria @ 1/18/2010 07:40 commented on Totoro Land

 Totally going there lol,
Nice job :).

Hysteria @ 1/17/2010 20:49 commented on Meow-Park

 Love the idea :) (and ur gallery)

Hysteria @ 1/5/2010 20:03 commented on Fishmen can do something too!

 It seems to be a circus elements mix, but I may be wrong :).

Hysteria @ 1/4/2010 16:35 commented on Dead Mazai & rabbits

 Awesome Fool :).

Have you finished a game yet?

Hysteria @ 9/12/2009 16:05 commented on Atran

Great job.