oCo @ 6/4/2013 04:39 commented on Tree

sorry ... double post

oCo @ 6/4/2013 04:37 commented on Tree

and what a lovely tree it is!

Minor critic: looks a bit like the branches are on the same 2d plane. I don't know how you could make it more '3d' ... maybe exagerating the scale for the branches which come forward to the viewer, add branches which are oriented towards the back ... or maybe it's just me who can't see it in '3d'.

oCo @ 12/8/2011 06:44 commented on Battleships - Space Theme

Lovely spaceships set.

The big one reminds me of the Sulaco from Aliens

oCo @ 5/21/2010 12:04 commented on The other Batmobile

hehe smashing

oCo @ 5/8/2010 02:27 commented on ive come for your soul

That is a bit on the awesome side of things, that is.

I especialy like how his legs come out of the background. Some might not like the lack of AA, but I don't really care.

oCo @ 5/2/2010 23:21 commented on Indigestion

Nice edit.

oCo @ 4/29/2010 23:20 commented on Indigestion

Kaiseto, I thought so after looking at the preview which doesn't have a background.

Personal opinion is that the moon is distracting and not readable. It can also be seen as a sort of orb floating near the creature.

Again, very nice picture nonetheless, I wish I could put out someting half as good as that.

oCo @ 4/29/2010 23:10 commented on Red cemetery parallax test

@Manupix: Thanks for the critics, much appreciated.

About the far layer, I agree with you, it should move less.

About the animation : I had a problem : since I wanted it to loop, I had to make it go left to right and then right to left, and I needed to cushion the movement at both ends. This cushionning resulted in half pixels moves that I couldn't handle simply. The easy way to do it was to speed up the anim and magnify the layers moves. In fact that's the only way I saw. I would be glad if someone could point me to a better technical solution to this issue.

Might forward this to the forums for that discussion, but I'm a bit scared. Newbee me.

About the light and atmosphere: I tried to put projected shadows, but couldn't reach a result that satisfied me. And I kind of like the fact that without these shadows, one can not immediately locate the light source, it gave the picture it a strange feeling that suited me.

oCo @ 4/29/2010 03:06 commented on Indigestion

Very nice character design, and sticking to 12 colours with all this ... good job!

Only thing I don't understand is the lightning: High contrast between the creature and the rest of the picture makes little sense to me except only hilighting the creature itself against the background. And the quarter circle (sun/moon ?) on the top left corner is a mistery to me.

oCo @ 4/28/2010 13:48 commented on Gonz the Super Monkey

ha ha brilliant!

oCo @ 4/28/2010 13:21 commented on Rio de Janeiro after people

Stumble into that one through other people's favorites.

This is excellent work!

oCo @ 4/28/2010 13:04 commented on La bottega del vasaio

hehe, the quick edit allowed me to see the little mouse in the wall. Haven't noticed it before looking at the picture at X8 zoom while editing the roof. Nice attention to details :)

oCo @ 4/28/2010 12:58 commented on La bottega del vasaio

I've made a quick and crude edit of the first two top rows to explain what I meant : HERE

Hope this clarifies it

oCo @ 4/28/2010 12:25 commented on La bottega del vasaio

Another full of life and details scene from you. Lovely.

Minor issue : the tiles on the roof do not seem to fit the perspective here, it was already the case in your previous rural scene, though it was not so flagrant to my eyes back then.

oCo @ 4/27/2010 23:04 commented on Don't look back

Excellent mood.

I especially love the sky.


oCo @ 4/27/2010 04:35 commented on Empire of the sun

Sun and foreground are in themselves excellent. The two combined, as Manupix put it, do look a bit weird considering the ligthning.

Impressive work anyways.

oCo @ 4/27/2010 04:21 commented on Village

Lots of nice details in a such small picture, very pleasing.

oCo @ 4/26/2010 22:39 commented on mr. t

he he he, nice one

oCo @ 4/14/2010 23:02 commented on alan

Very nice set of animations

oCo @ 4/14/2010 22:55 commented on Something is wrong!

hehe surprise picture. Didn't expected that from the preview. marvelous.

oCo @ 4/14/2010 22:52 commented on Zombie Attack


oCo @ 4/13/2010 22:52 commented on CthulhuTech: Down Under (tm)


I particularly like how you used  black on the right side of the picture

oCo @ 4/8/2010 22:53 commented on Red cemetery parallax test

To all, thanks for the comments and favs.

@StickyTape : You know, it's partly because of you that I ultimately did this anim:

For my previous picture, I was looking for ideas for the preview, as every crop from the picture I made was dull in 100x100. Viewing your preview pict for Wile E. Coyote's Space Exodus, I decided to do a scrolling with my picture and ended up with the simple parallax preview that finaly led to this anim ...

oCo @ 4/8/2010 22:45 commented on Just the Tip

Impressive work. Nice details here and there, top composition and depth.

This picture was an opportunity for me to stroll in your gallery, amazing work there.

oCo @ 4/7/2010 02:42 commented on First Pixel art!!

To what M. Lucanius said, I might add that the black outline on the shaded side of the robot only does not work really well.

Another improvement axis: I see you made it very clear what parts of the robot can rotate and where: The joints are very obvious, I guess they could be integrated into the armor to smooth things out a bit and to simply make the robot more robust as a warrior.

Hope this helps.