TioLuko @ 4/27/2017 19:48 commented on Koji

Thats some high level dithering... wow

TioLuko @ 4/27/2017 18:22 commented on flowers blooming in a blaze of amish color

wow, cool stuff... O:  I liked the flowers and the water reflection the most in there

TioLuko @ 12/17/2014 08:02 commented on Techsy Lady

The only issue is that you animated it, and this weekly challenge is a "no animation" one.

Maybe you should edit it, idk

Anyways, it's a funny piece xD

TioLuko @ 6/14/2013 12:33 commented on Machi

Obrigado sr^^ 

TioLuko @ 5/26/2013 07:38 commented on Shizuku

I began to do Maki yesterday... well, I think I'll end making all those thieves >.>   (I'm screwed xD) 


TioLuko @ 5/26/2013 07:36 commented on Shizuku

Hehe, thats true...  but I never did pixel glasses in my entire life  xD,  I'll try to fix that, thanks^^

TioLuko @ 5/6/2013 13:39 commented on Shut up Alyne

 Hm, thanks...

Should I post them separated then? xD (i'll try to improve the modern one anyways)

TioLuko @ 5/6/2013 13:36 commented on Shut up Alyne

no problem... done ^^

I posted on 2x because for some reason the zoom thing looked weird on another pc 

TioLuko @ 5/5/2013 11:50 commented on Moonlight in the world chain


And you're right (cmon, I aways had problems with hands xD)

It's really over-dithered, I really need to stop doing that >.> 

And thanks for the other tips, principally on the water, I'll try to change that (and also add some misdirection to the water, since theres probably some wind here)

TioLuko @ 1/14/2013 14:09 commented on Anna Oakley

Duuuude, thats a badass animation ç.ç  I really need to improve my crappy animations xD

TioLuko @ 8/9/2012 21:40 commented on Green dress

Ae, gostei cara : )

Bem, acho q o pessoal ai ja deve ter falado isso, mas notei q a mão ta mto pequena e os olhos estão com as laterais meio largas, parecendo q ela é levemente vesga >.<

mas bem...fora esses "details" gostei bastante do desenho, continue assim cara ^^

TioLuko @ 4/23/2012 16:41 commented on Random boss

Not my fault if some ppl liked. But I dont know whats the point of your comment :/

The fact that the piece and its animation is poor and simple I already know, since I am not any pro, and like many ppl here, Im still practicing.

If the fact that this piece stayed on weekly showcase for a very short ammount of time annoyed you, ok, I am sorry :/

TioLuko @ 4/19/2012 15:24 commented on Random boss

hehe, thx, anyways, now I am curious to see that  : p

TioLuko @ 4/19/2012 09:42 commented on Random boss

Why castlevania? o.o theres something similar there? xD


TioLuko @ 12/13/2011 19:07 commented on Mysterious place....

The animation was really a problem to me, but ill try to improve, thanks everyone,.

And ty for the video Super17, it will help^^

TioLuko @ 12/12/2011 10:29 commented on Extraordinary Friends

Heh, i liked it, very ff-ish ^^

The preview reminded me of ultros somewhat >.<

TioLuko @ 12/10/2011 06:12 commented on One big koopa family 2.0

Omg Awesome *-*

TioLuko @ 12/10/2011 06:11 commented on Jumpluff

I liek it xD

An cute one with an scary face omg

TioLuko @ 9/27/2011 15:06 commented on Ashley?

luizfelipespr, Crazy_Leen

Thanks guys^^



realmente tentei manter o estilo na cabeça, mas o que voce disse é verdade, realmente a cabeça e o corpo não se encaixam lá muito bem xD



TioLuko @ 7/14/2011 15:23 commented on Why the chicken did it?

haha, thanks^^

TioLuko @ 12/24/2010 13:14 commented on Room for one last project


TioLuko @ 12/6/2010 13:17 commented on Mawicha's Day


I really could do different on the legs, I may remove the excessive purple to see how it will look.

TioLuko @ 12/6/2010 13:15 commented on Mawicha's Day

Obrigado, bem, acho que na Reino tem a versão antiga, mas em breve postarei^^

(tenho que parar de abusar do dither)

TioLuko @ 12/6/2010 13:13 commented on Mawicha's Day

Thanks very much^^

I really may try to change somethings there

TioLuko @ 12/1/2010 08:32 commented on No Name Fakemon

if it look to much different it will be a Kangaskhan xD