Kinnison @ 5/4/2010 08:34 commented on Weekly Challenge: Angel

Wow, nice work especially with only 5 colors.

Kinnison @ 5/4/2010 05:23 commented on Drr MM&B CD

Hmm nice chalenge, I wanted to participate since I pretty much have lots of random ideas but assignments are bundling up so maybe I won't be able to make it. (Not that I really good at pixels anyway, but accepting random challenge will temporary shut the other competitive side of mine, lol)

Anyway I'll try to do it in next couple days.

Kinnison @ 5/2/2010 03:20 commented on 3 headed something

The entire thing kind of missed alot of outlines, you can just use black for the entire sprite's outline or a darker color from the pallette rather than leaving it empty. Maybe applying some dither would work too. Anyway, it's good.

Kinnison @ 5/2/2010 03:16 commented on shotgun

This makes me lol.

Kinnison @ 4/29/2010 09:01 commented on Indigestion

Pretty awesome, I always like your style. Wish I can do that too lol.

Kinnison @ 4/28/2010 03:20 commented on A Wild EXCAVYDRA Appeared!

So, is this supposed to be a Duck-Trio??

Anyway, awesome work lol.

Kinnison @ 4/28/2010 01:23 commented on Weapons

So, which side is winning now? Will the winning side gets infinite cookie or something?

Kinnison @ 4/27/2010 08:55 commented on Hundred Animals

Simple yet cute. Love it.

Kinnison @ 4/27/2010 08:53 commented on CHARIZARD, Use Flamethrower!

I agree with Satsume about the movement too. The lone dither at the stomach is kinda odd as I don't see that you apply it elsewhere. Nonetheless, this is good work.

Kinnison @ 4/25/2010 16:57 commented on Knight Emoticon

I know what you mean, I fixed it.

Kinnison @ 4/25/2010 08:43 commented on Knight Emoticon

It was suppose to cover half of his body/face/head though.

Anyway, I'll try to fix it accordingly.

Kinnison @ 4/16/2010 23:08 commented on When It Rains It Pours

I'm surprised how this can be made with only 2 colors. I like it. :)

Kinnison @ 4/16/2010 22:57 commented on Mekanika Mk II

Pretty cool. I have to agree with the others that the legs have very odd movement, but anyway still a good work.

Kinnison @ 4/16/2010 22:53 commented on 3D Dot game Heroes Snake In A Box

It's kinda too small for a sprite but it's sorta okay at least.

Kinnison @ 4/13/2010 03:44 commented on Dragon Knight

This is awesome, I really like how you make those sprites. :)

Kinnison @ 4/11/2010 08:38 commented on The super fish in a glass game

Haha, this is too epic for the theme "underwater"

Kinnison @ 4/9/2010 04:59 commented on Coin

Pretty cool, especially with only 7 colors.

Kinnison @ 4/6/2010 01:31 commented on Caterpillarbot

Lol, haha I didn't notice that. Thanks for pointing out though but it's kinda too late to fix it now that the voting phase has started. Think of it as the faulty steam pump since it's a bot. :D

Kinnison @ 4/5/2010 01:25 commented on Medici

This is too awesome, would love to see this in an actual game made using RPG Maker :p

Kinnison @ 4/2/2010 21:38 commented on Caterpillarbot

Fixed it a little.

Can't say it's a good fix, but at least better than the previous one I guess.

Kinnison @ 3/31/2010 11:49 commented on Caterpillarbot

The one frame stop was on purpose I guess, I thought caterpillars usually stopped for awhile each time they moved.

Regardless, I'll try to fix those up.

Kinnison @ 3/31/2010 09:50 commented on Caterpillarbot

It expands from the center because I simply just reverse its animation, maybe I'll try to fix that later. xD

Kinnison @ 3/22/2010 23:12 commented on Motivational Poster

I'm actually aware of the jaggy face on the cube, I did actually AA it but it sorta looks odd when I first did it. Anyway, I'll try fixing it later. Thanks for the comment.

Kinnison @ 3/20/2010 23:40 commented on multitouch controller

Is this for the Weekly Challenge? Because I don't see it on the list at that page.

Anyway awesome design I have to say. Much waaaaaay better than what I did.

Kinnison @ 3/20/2010 20:19 commented on What's in The Closet?

Simple, yet interesting. Will the next piece be called "Skeleton in the closet"? lol