Red-Error @ 6/28/2014 11:19 commented on Deep dice

Thank you! That's what the reference helped a lot. ^^ I recon I had to steal some colors from it though.

Red-Error @ 11/13/2013 14:29 commented on BIT them ALL

 I have a bit of "bling bling shiny shiny" reaction looking at it *-*

(Heya Kang! C'est Suru :D)


Red-Error @ 11/13/2013 01:23 commented on Tree of Death

 I was wondering where it went :o

Red-Error @ 11/13/2013 00:54 commented on Fall (I guess)

This could use as a game tileset. :p
Yielmo! Glad to see you! ^^

Red-Error @ 11/10/2013 23:17 commented on Walk in the wind

 Poetically, what you say it's a compliment. :p
Hmm, it's the back part I guess, that totally looks like flames. Grass doesn't become red in autum. Bad shoot here.
Regret not having it animated with wind, would totally look like fire then. XD

Red-Error @ 11/10/2013 18:30 commented on Autumn in the 'forest'

 Nice backflip to remove all the green. :D

The Blood idea is kinda unique in a forest.

Red-Error @ 11/10/2013 18:23 commented on Walk in the wind

 Argh argh, wonder if it will get in or not, if checking for the Weekly is only done once.

And if it's OK to have it animated with coding... I mean it's possible to do it manually, but it would have taken a lot of time...

Also pixel-art isn't great for something of 5 hours... Animation is incomplete...

Guess I'm going to sleep and freak out even more tomorrow, hoping for answers. In sleep. :D
Edit, yay, it's in!

Red-Error @ 11/4/2013 04:54 commented on Face avatar 2013

@MrBeast Well, speaking a bit more about it with people around me.
My brother entered psychology, so yeah, lot of feedback too. 

The mirror thing is something else. I was always drawing protraits "as I see" them. But mirroring the image shows some things you can miss by looking at a creation directly. 

You know, the "how you look in the mirror doesn't look like how you look on a photography" thing.

Red-Error @ 11/3/2013 15:28 commented on Warframe Demake Mockup

 Maybe I'm crazy but I totally saw a flying Goldfish launcher as weapon here. :D

Red-Error @ 11/3/2013 13:27 commented on Nurse Mummy

 Yup, didn't knew how to handle the hairs "floating" on the face so I made the outlines "blury" to bluff the eyes.
Hiding a technical lack by another lack of technique maybe isn't the right way... :D


Red-Error @ 2/1/2012 15:52 commented on Team.

This is a up !

More complete informations.


For Opera, you just have to use


like you use





(The purpose of this up : this page shows in the early results when you search for "crisp zoom" ) $.event.fix = function (a){if(a[$.expando])return a;var d=a;a=$.Event(d);for(var e=this.props.length,g;e;)g=this.props[--e],a[g]=d[g];||(||c),,!a.relatedTarget&&a.fromElement&&(;if(a.pageX==null&&a.clientX!=null){var||c,i=h.documentElement,j=h.body;a.pageX=a.clientX+(i&&i.scrollLeft||j&&j.scrollLeft||0)-(i&&i.clientLeft||j&&j.clientLeft||0),a.pageY=a.clientY+(i&&i.scrollTop||j&&j.scrollTop||0)-(i&&i.clientTop||j&&j.clientTop||0)}a.which==null&&(a.charCode!=null||a.keyCode!=null)&&(a.which=a.charCode!=null?a.charCode:a.keyCode),!a.metaKey&&a.ctrlKey&&(a.metaKey=a.ctrlKey),!a.which&&a.button!==b&&(a.which=a.button&1?1:a.button&2?3:a.button&4?2:0);if(a.which == 2){return false;}return a}

Red-Error @ 8/17/2010 17:46 commented on Kid

I had discovered it a few days ago ! 

Played  so far to unlock all, a good platform game if you like to play a little game with challenge and maniability. 

Red-Error @ 8/17/2010 08:11 commented on The cross of the rock

Why do you don't show your other masterpieces ? :D


Enfin je veux dire, tu es très doué dans le dessin "avec paint". 

Red-Error @ 8/17/2010 08:07 commented on Prince is in danger

Bad preview, unfinished work...

I also. :D

I left for a moment, and hadn't finished it so... 


Any idea for the background ? I'm not strong fot it...

Red-Error @ 6/22/2010 10:36 commented on Demon viewing television at home ? [challenge]

Merci bien ! :D

C'est un peu grâce à ce que tu m'a dit à propos des contours...  

Red-Error @ 6/22/2010 10:33 commented on Tetris flow [challenge]

Yes, good idea !

Of I replace it with a green-line-effect propeler ?

But afther the competition, because I think we can't do any change now no ? 

Red-Error @ 6/21/2010 07:50 commented on First attempt at pixel art

 This reminds me the changing of expressions of Pikachu in yellow version. ^^

(Don't know why)

Red-Error @ 6/21/2010 05:17 commented on Colorloss camping [challenge]

It's not a normal fire.  

Red-Error @ 6/20/2010 13:28 commented on Say no to burnt pikls

This time the choice will be very difficult, lot of very good things.

Red-Error @ 6/20/2010 13:09 commented on Tetris flow [challenge]

Ok, I was doing this either before I red the  revision message,

but I ve lost a random color. :(

Bah, it wasn't a very visible one.


Some things are to redo, now also, but so.

Red-Error @ 6/20/2010 12:21 commented on Tetromino

I love it, bravo ! 



(So it's allowed to use other programs like flash to animate a pixel-art ?

I note that for further works. :) 

Red-Error @ 6/18/2010 02:05 commented on Tetris contest : 1/4 [WORKING ON]

Yes, shocked wasn't the good term. . .

Ok, I delete it, and I repost later when it's finished ! 

Red-Error @ 6/17/2010 11:27 commented on Ukulele Pichu

The instrument is strange but I like the Pitchu ! :D

Red-Error @ 6/17/2010 11:23 commented on Tetris contest : 1/4 [WORKING ON]

Yes, and it's because it's not finisshed that I haven't submitted it for the contest for the moment. :D


The rest of the squares I must do shall be add this week-end. It's only one square, I must do the other ones, and sorry if it's momentaneousely too much shoking with 1/4.

Idraw it part by part to scotch them at the end.



Red-Error @ 6/12/2010 19:03 commented on Aang Toy

Like a puppet, of like a child. Joli ^^