Neocrone @ 8/30/2011 11:10 commented on Magic Skulls' Hunter

i count 5 and a half skulls (half for the second bra skull). i like it :D

Neocrone @ 8/27/2011 08:12 commented on Hill

as said: to many colors but it looks awesome!

Neocrone @ 8/26/2011 11:26 commented on Beach Tileset

looks like a stormy day....

i like the tiles.....couldn't see that there were tiles used until i've read the title so thats very good!

Neocrone @ 8/26/2011 11:20 commented on Black Magic

looks like a piece of a harry potter chess the chess figures that really fight and kill each other after a turn....

evil wizard-chess knight ;D


well done :D

Neocrone @ 8/26/2011 10:41 commented on 8BitBeard Avatar

reminds me of a children tv series named "danny phantom" (title of it in germany, not sure hgow the name is in other countrys). the teacher in this tv series looks like this....

my conclusion: horrible tv series, well done pixelart!

Neocrone @ 8/26/2011 10:34 commented on Pipe Dream Mockup

easy but genius......and so many covers of this game! i never was good at it tho.....


well done!!!1!

Neocrone @ 8/26/2011 01:10 commented on Space-age!

very inspirering work (hope i've written inspirering right xD). i really like it! colors are great....and again i'm confused about the color palette of my WIP....thnx for that xD

Neocrone @ 8/21/2011 17:12 commented on Aftermath

 really beautiful.....the picture reminds me of an origmi diagramm somehow xD....who know if these flying castles aren't a beautiful folded praying mantis?

Neocrone @ 8/21/2011 10:20 commented on Enchantress

it's not viewable on youtube anymore, any way to see it?

Neocrone @ 8/21/2011 09:03 commented on My first avatar

i like it very much. smooth and fluently walking little guy  ^_^

Neocrone @ 8/21/2011 09:01 commented on Spin

every turn it seems that the lightsource moves from the right  to the middle of the face and then it flips shouldn't move if you ask me.... the rest is pretty cool

Neocrone @ 8/20/2011 04:00 commented on multilevel house

i think the reason why this isn't approved is submitting rule 8:

"Redundancies can really clog the gallery. Rather than submitting many similar pieces separately, submit one piece that showcases them all"

you got so many of these pieces in the public queue.....why not post them in one artwork? also you should make the black background transparent ( does this very easily). the work seems for me like out of rollercoaster tycoon 2 (hoppe you know this game....i'm german so maybe not :/ ). the cobblestone floor on second floor looks kinda wrong. also, why a flat roof? why not some details like pillars/ flowers /trees next to it? look around a little bit and you will realise what you can do better. but i think this artwork has potential!

Neocrone @ 8/20/2011 03:49 commented on The Atomic Claw

definetly claw!

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:35 commented on Wasp

if this pic would contain a bee and a hornet too it would contain all my fears. thnx for scaring me with that realism :S

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:29 commented on Grassy World

pretty nice....*rubbs eyes* am i the only one seeing boobs on the platforms (right over the start of the pillars)?!

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:22 commented on The Atomic Claw

i like this tiny little sprite.....but i don't see any claws in it :(

for me, he has normal hands ans a sharktail on his head......sharkboy maybe a better title :/

still the sprite is great!

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:20 commented on Atomic Claw

woaaaaah! another epic artwork o_o

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:11 commented on DB's 16 Color Palette V1.0 Mockups

srsly? i wanna know how you created that palette (*clicks forum article link*) ! great work, great colors!

your pallette work is rocket science to me...... ummm no.....i understand more of rocket science then how you did that pallette

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 16:03 commented on Isometric Accident

pls tell me what you think about the pallette, i'm thinking of using it in my current WIP. the background circle is just there because this skull needed a darker grey as the pixeljoint-grey as background.the dark grey of the circle wasn't perfectly made for the pallette. what do you think of the effect? am i the only one seeing a skull? i realised the skull in my WIP because my marking tool (hope thats the right english translation) looked like teeth. so i basically drew the marking tool window as teeth, no isometric teeth. i write this as a comment because everytime i have written this into my description, my internet don't wanted to upload the, pls leave a comment ;D

Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 14:21 commented on If you can't beat them...

thx for some inspiration! your full body concept gave me an idea for a part in a picture of mine where i had problems! , cool pun and good animation in your work ;D


Neocrone @ 8/19/2011 03:53 commented on Zombie on road

i don't like the fact that you copy-pasted all the gave one a hat....why not to the others? there could be a scientist-zombie, a soldier-zombie, female zombies and so on....give it a half hour of work and you could make it better ;D

still good work!

Neocrone @ 8/18/2011 14:26 commented on The Atomic Calamity

maybe he's standing on a staple of wooden planks xD

i like it ;D

Neocrone @ 1/3/2011 06:00 commented on Mein kleines Holzhüttchen

EDIT: background is away now

by the way....sometimes when i'm in pixeljoint the some pixels in artpieces aren't well displayed, they are shown as rectaangles what destroys the mood of the pictures. now (at this time i'm viewing) some pixels on this piece of art aren't displayed well too.

the problems could be:

  1.  PJ bug (don't think so)
  2. a Problem with my Internet Explorer (7 i think, seems for me the cause of the problem)
  3. the website that turns my png files without transparent BG to gif files with transparent BG ( , seems not the cause of the problem because the problem isn't only at my pixelart things)

Neocrone @ 1/3/2011 05:41 commented on the wolf vs little red hood

woah really awesome.....i have to fav that

Neocrone @ 1/3/2011 05:36 commented on Mein kleines Holzhüttchen

@slippy: yeah i'll remove it.....your totally right

about jan1995's post: i only speak german (main language), english (had 7 years of english lessons in school) and a little bit of french (4 years in school, nearly everything forgotten :3) so can anyone translate it? i tried to get it from the context (english and french help mostly with posts in other languages) but i even don't now if it is spanish, portuguise (hope i spelled right) or italien (spelled probably wrong, i mean the language of italy xD)