miau @ 6/27/2011 22:38 commented on Lord Flamewhiskers

Wish my cat was this cheerful when I put his hat on fire.

miau @ 3/19/2010 03:32 commented on I am a person of mixed resolution

I agree, this should have been in the top 3.

I got bored after the third or so entry with the light source being on the bottom right, trying to hide the color restrictions. Bottom left square looks like a color-reduced photo. Me likes.

miau @ 5/1/2009 10:48 commented on Big Bird

I prefer FF5. :3

As for browsers... I use FF2 on my desktop and FF3 on my notebook which I usually don't use to visit PJ. My theme suggestion: Whitehart - simple and neat.

miau @ 4/16/2009 06:00 commented on Winter Chip IV


No need to tell you that I love it, looking forward to next year's cover.

miau @ 4/5/2009 09:22 commented on Mr. Spastic (album cover)

First time I was linked to that site I forgot to download the music because the cover kept me fascinated for too long.

Nice one :D

miau @ 11/27/2008 17:55 commented on lol
me likes \:D/
keep up the good work mr ui

miau @ 6/17/2008 08:35 commented on pulsating dog
omg, wut the hell are you doing here?
MORE! please. :>

miau @ 5/7/2007 23:54 commented on Da' Skullz
neat =D
but you could as well use all this time and energy to work on your ep you know!!

miau @ 8/25/2006 22:31 commented on PC Design
Damn, that's gorgeous!
All the animated parts and general detail.. wow =D
the liquid in the front tube looks a bit off perspective though.. could be just me.

miau @ 7/31/2006 01:33 commented on Prinny
You captured him quite well :3

miau @ 7/13/2006 13:22 commented on Big Bird
Yay for chiptune music!

miau @ 7/11/2006 12:44 commented on Tetris
Nice XD

How about some kind of shmup?
Or.. Mega Man!!1
Or If you prefer some classics/arcade:
Pac Man, Breakout/Arkanoid, Space Invaders, Joust (<3)

miau @ 7/8/2006 14:10 commented on out
See? We did it!
A cheerful version of that piece would be more adequate now :)

miau @ 7/8/2006 00:17 commented on out
Cheer up, we'll beat Portugal today.. for sure.. I hope \o/

miau @ 7/3/2006 05:40 commented on Boredom.
Thanks for all your comments. Didn't expect that much feedback
Already got an idea for another (better) one... teheehe

miau @ 7/2/2006 13:28 commented on cats
The  basket cat is totally awesome :D
Nice iso!

miau @ 6/14/2006 07:46 commented on Megaman Powered Up!
Yay, the blue bomber!

miau @ 6/3/2006 15:49 commented on Pinapple stares into the sun
reminds me of those GBA palettes

miau @ 5/11/2006 03:24 commented on Wario Raider - Charge!
Really nice!
His right arm looks a bit awkward though. You could try bending it a little and show wario's biceps. Right now he looks a bit handicapped which makes the animation somewhat funny though.

miau @ 5/5/2006 12:00 commented on The Penguinigun
yay, animated version!

miau @ 4/9/2006 04:46 commented on Stitch KoS 2006 Sprite
That sprite's really nice imo and deserves more comments and favs
so... 5 and fav'd for me :O

miau @ 4/6/2006 04:45 commented on Big mouth.. The Cat
My! How cute xD

miau @ 4/6/2006 04:41 commented on Sepia Room
wow, really nice!
it might easily get my favorite room of yours... even if it was just for the great concept

miau @ 3/30/2006 14:29 commented on One-legged zombie
Actually made me laugh when I first saw it. Really well done =)

miau @ 3/20/2006 13:14 commented on ExDeath
Hah! Kefka definitely is the most crooked villain ever!
I also had fun defeating Exdeath... he hasn't got that much character though.. I'd rather choose Gilgamesh as my second best baddie <3