Innomin @ 8/21/2014 15:24 commented on Big Bird

@Daruda: If you're not afraid to do a bit of coding, FlashDevelop and Flixel make a good freeware combo for 2d pixel art games. Also check out Flixel Power Tools for more engine power and a bunch of code samples for platformers, etc, TweenMax for animating objects / menus easily, and Phaser if you prefer HTML5 coding (I've never tried Phaser, but it's supposed to be like Flixel for HTML5).

If you'd rather use a click-and-drag engine, I don't really know of any _good_ ones, but I've heard Stencyl is okay for prototyping. If you're brand new to game design I would start there. =)

Innomin @ 8/14/2014 23:14 commented on Little Han

There was a sycra video recently (discussion starts at 26m in) where some experienced artists said you should give people three rates for commissions: one for a quick sketch, one for simple (but complete) work, and one for the best work you can do. Make the best work quote like 5x what you actually want to get paid, because then when things go wrong you have some leeway (especially if you get paid half up front). And if they aren't happy with the lower tier quotes, they understand that it costs more money to improve it.

I don't think either person in this exchange did the right thing. The commissioner nitpicking and insulting the changes he requested appears to have been looking for a sketch/audition for a job, but pretended it was a paid gig to get more people interested. The artist was too flexible in making changes, and should have stopped at the point they were done with the audition, until they received the contract/half up front system that most contractors use (at least for coding, anyway!).

I think it's definitely about trust. If either person can't trust the other then the best you can do is 50/50. If they are a trusted company like WayForward you probably won't have as much negotiating power, but the job is worth it anyway because they are a big name and pay their bills (and vice versa for great artists with a large portfolio of contract work).

Anyway, I'm no expert on this, but I found all that info useful when I first heard it. Hope it helps, and trust me, you got off pretty easy with only 6 wasted hours of work! XD

Innomin @ 7/30/2014 23:48 commented on Weilder

The Perturbator video was posted in PixelPourri 6-13-14 too, but it's worth a rewatch. Such 80s, many drama.

Innomin @ 7/12/2014 11:41 commented on Cid + Spear

here's a direct link to FrankieSmileShow's youtube page, for the lazy.

these collections are really great! I always enjoy looking through them. =)

Innomin @ 3/16/2014 16:37 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

No problem, man. =) And I should also say that the writing is quite good so far - Sam is an interesting character.

About sudden stopping, a better way might be to add drag. I'd shoot for 0.2 seconds to full stop, but that's personal preference again. Something like this:

if(no_keys_pressed && velocity.x != 0) { if(abs(velocity.x) <= 10) velocity.x = 0; else velocity.x *= 0.9; }

Play with the numbers (0.9 drag and the 10px/second minimum) to get it feeling right, but that's a quick and dirty way to stop less suddenly. Also, this will mask that input delay you were talking about, so two birds with one stone. =)

Innomin @ 3/14/2014 14:18 commented on Baby Killer Robot icon

I played on Kongregate, and it's pretty good for a demo. Couple things I want to mention:

- There are a lot of delays in the text right now. I think it should be like this: press any key to finish/skip the text animation, then press another key to continue. Scoring should also start counting while Sam is speaking (again to shave off a few seconds), and should probably use the same press a key to skip method. Most importantly, though, you should add a restart key in the results screen, that works as soon as you get there. The delays are my biggest issue with the game right now, which is probably a good thing. =)

- I scored 8 or higher on my first try through all the levels because I was getting all the souls and tokens, even though my times were usually quite slow. It seems that gameplay-wise, you want to get hit by a few fists, so you aren't going too fast to collect things. If you want to emphasize speed, you might want to make 50-80% of the score come from your time, so it's more important to players.

- I really didn't like the boss room controls, because I wanted the player to stop moving when I wasn't pressing a direction key. It might be personal preference, but that continued movement is something I really don't like in jump mechanics.

- The main menu music doesn't repeat. Noticed that while typing this out. XD

Anyway, all just suggestions, but I thought I would share. Also, here's a link on porting to android. If you are making this in Flash Develop with Flixel, that's a good resource. =)

Innomin @ 1/26/2014 15:48 commented on Gee, It Sure Is Cold In Here!

I actually think it's better without the shirt, because it emphasizes the coldness. From looking at a reference, I would curve the shoulders, lower the armpit, and add some shading to the bottom part of the shoulder blade.

But yeah, I'm probably a week too late for that feedback... Sorry about that. =)

Innomin @ 1/21/2014 09:07 commented on Gee, It Sure Is Cold In Here!

I liked this enough to check out the rest of your gallery. You've got some serious spriting and animation chops, I'm interested to see where this new direction goes. =)

About the piece: I like the angular shapes in the face and chin, it seems stylized but very expressive. The shoulders down feel a little rough, though, because I'm not sure if she's facing forward or backwards. Anyway, there's something about the character design that is really cool. more than one way. XD

Innomin @ 1/20/2014 10:06 commented on Mimi Tachikawa

Thanks guys! Sorry if this is a repost, but I've been here since 2011 and I don't remember it ever being news. Those fonts people made in the past look really cool, though. =)

I just wanted to mention that the font I made was heavily inspired by cure's I Am Legion font, with minor tweaks. I made this posting about 3 weeks ago, and I forgot to credit him when I wrote it... sorry about that!

Innomin @ 1/16/2014 04:39 commented on Dark Haired Girl

Here's the link to my example font. Sorry about that...

Innomin @ 1/6/2014 15:16 commented on Sync and Ampe Revisited

Hey man, long time no see! =)

Innomin @ 1/6/2014 15:14 commented on Idle Archer

No problem, glad I could help. =)

Innomin @ 1/6/2014 04:05 commented on Bearded Guy's Expressions

Ah, okay, you might be in limbo then because people voted no when you had the snow effect. Feel free to ignore my comment. =)

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 23:40 commented on Celeste Lyon

If you are learning how to use colors, try using DB's 16 color palette in something you make. I think you could reduce this piece to 7 or 8 colors if you learned some of his techniques. =)

I like the design for this character, and the blue + white themes in her clothes. Personally, I think the flat shading matches the younger design, so I'm totally okay with that style choice.

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 23:11 commented on Idle Archer

I'm not sure if it's strictly against the rules, but some people here don't like the use of zoomed pixels in non-zoomed animation. It's a voting process, so I think a lot of it depends on the piece.

If you want to fast track approval, it helps to list the color count and remove any extra transparent area. I also found out (from complaints in my early pieces XD) that 1x-2x zoom is preferred to 3x because of the built-in zoom buttons, so keep that in mind for future pieces.

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 16:10 commented on Sync and Ampe Revisited

Ah, I see. Yeah, I think I had some balance issues. Sync's crossed arms pose was an attempt to fix that, but I'll try to update the other poses to match. Thanks for pointing that out!

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 13:56 commented on Sync and Ampe Revisited

Thanks! I used potential in-game sprites for the preview, and really the whole piece is just to show off the different expressions / art. I'm still learning when it comes to larger pieces, can you clarify what you don't like about his stance?

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 13:47 commented on wayang indonesia

Yeah, you need to say the palette is 4 colors if you keep the logo in, unfortunately. This line work is really well done, though!

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 13:42 commented on Idle Archer

Is there a stray pixel near his elbow in the forward-most frame? I'm not sure if this will get approved because you are moving the top section out of the pixel grid, but it's clear you drew it at the pixel level. I actually really like those green accents on the bow, so I'm voting yes. =)

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 13:36 commented on Bearded Guy's Expressions

Is it possible to make the 4 different animations play next to each other? Also, the plain white border is probably the reason you haven't been approved, you should make it transparent or pick a nicer color.

I like the expressions, and I think those teeth and the eye roll are super creepy! If you get rid of the black flashes and fix the background, you'll probably get approved.

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 13:22 commented on Dragon fist lee sin

This probably won't get accepted unless you remove the black border. I looked at your other pieces and I understand you are using Paint, but you should use another free program like GraphicsGale that supports transparency to remove that border!

Here's how to do it in GraphicsGale, step by step:
1) Create a new 64x64 pixel, 24 bit (full color) piece.
2) Copy-Paste the sprite from Paint to GraphicsGale. Right click to deselect.
3) In the top menu, click Image -> Add Alpha Channel.
4) Select the background color with the wand tool, and press Delete on your keyboard.
4a) To make sure you have deleted all the background, change the editor-only Background Color in File -> Properties.
5) File -> Save As... (save as a lossless PNG file, and enable the option "With alpha channel").

The other thing that might be stopping this getting accepted is the 42 colors. Some people here like pixel art that uses as few colors as possible, but I did check the piece and it seems to be 42 legitimate colors, not a lossy compression error. Try looking at resources like DB's 16 color palette, which will help a lot in understanding limited color usage. =)

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 11:44 commented on Big Bird

@ADrawingMan: Hah, you read my mind! I tried to make #2 25 frames, like the first one, but it was 25 KB. If I upload that version, it won't appear on the front page in that top section, but I'll probably update the icon to that in 8 days. =)

It seems people agree on the larger ones being better. I think I'll use #3 so the fast "preview" flash isn't distracting, which is all I seem to be able to get out of 10KB. Thanks, guys!

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 03:57 commented on Aris 360

I don't know if this will help you, but my avatar has some WIPs in the description that show how I did a spin effect. If you start by animating the shoes and hands in a circular loop, then adding the arms, legs, and torso, it helps keep it looking 3-dimensional.

I like your design and the head animation looks really good, but the scarf and torso flip more than rotate. Good luck with the next one, spin loops are some of the hardest animations to do. =)

Innomin @ 1/5/2014 03:33 commented on Big Bird

Hey folks! I'm submitting something I made a while back, but I'm having trouble with the preview icon. I'm torn between these options: one, two, and three. I like the layout of the first one, but I think it might be unreadable at 1x zoom. In the third one, I'm worried that the split word doesn't make much sense.

If you guys have any opinions or ideas, it would really help me out. I had to stay in the 100x100px 10KB limit, though, so I don't think there are any other options. 9_9 I've been staring at this too long, I think I just need a fresh perspective...

@lucas: I prefer to pixel sprites, but mostly because I'm horrible at scenes. I like to obsess over single pixels, so scenes take me much longer.

Innomin @ 1/3/2014 19:29 commented on welcome atp!

Hey, you finished it! I really like these big sprites you've been doing lately, and the website is totally style-consistent with this design. It's probably my favorite piece that you've put on PJ so far. =)