nikanaut @ 5/6/2017 03:20 commented on Fudge

I assumed the same  I've got like 12 now... I'm just gonna go crazy with the shading 

nikanaut @ 5/4/2017 08:00 commented on Big Bird

Ah, I didn't realise this - I assumed it was an unwritten rule since I hardly ever see prezoomed works in the gallery 

nikanaut @ 5/4/2017 06:33 commented on Dragon Head(s)

I definitely see an improvement, the dragon on the right is smoother and overall more aesthetically pleasing 

nikanaut @ 5/4/2017 06:28 commented on Big Bird

Are moderators able to modify the submission guidelines?



It would be a good idea to add in that the main file shouldn't be prezoomed (most likely new members aren't aware that PJ has a zoom function in the gallery). There are always several pieces in the public queue that are lovely but prezoomed - you then have to wait for someone to point this out (I always forget), for the artist to change the main file, and it sits there for ages. 



Might speed things up a bit :)





@EdJr I know I'm probably really simple, but so far my favourite thing about Fixel is being able to use all these fancy emoji  Thanks for bringing attention to this!

nikanaut @ 5/4/2017 05:15 commented on House for cats

So so adorable - the cat looks very happy there! :)

nikanaut @ 5/4/2017 05:14 commented on Links House BotW

The amount of detail in this is amazing, gorgeous piece! Also what is Link cooking :) :)

nikanaut @ 5/1/2017 23:59 commented on LEE HI-BREATHE

This is such a beautiful animation :) I can't stop staring at it, love the nostalgic atmosphere of the piece.

nikanaut @ 5/1/2017 01:05 commented on Sprocket Girls

No no, just their facial expressions make them look like they're scared of something (I'm just being silly :D).

nikanaut @ 4/29/2017 22:51 commented on Sprocket Girls

These are really cute! I love tiny detailed sprites like this :) But why are they so terrified? :P

nikanaut @ 4/29/2017 22:46 commented on Road

Lovely palette, very nostalgic :)

nikanaut @ 4/26/2017 15:12 commented on Insane Intestines

That cat is like a cute little hypnotoad, I've been staring at it for a few minutes now, so soothing (why is it so happy!?) Amazing take on the style :)

nikanaut @ 4/26/2017 14:59 commented on Night Street

This is adorable :)

nikanaut @ 4/19/2017 20:41 commented on Noble Ghost Girl

Really cool design!  I used to love messing around with random character generators, what app did you use? :)

nikanaut @ 4/19/2017 20:39 commented on MoonElf

Cute sprite!

nikanaut @ 4/19/2017 20:31 commented on Paganini

Hahaa he makes a terrifying opponent :D Cool style! 

nikanaut @ 4/19/2017 02:29 commented on tOtoro, TotOro!

I automatically started singing the title :D Wonderful piece!

nikanaut @ 4/18/2017 18:27 commented on amniotic sac

Oh no! Poor bibi :'( 

nikanaut @ 4/18/2017 18:23 commented on Happy Monsters

These are lovely! Thanks for sharing the palette too :)

nikanaut @ 4/18/2017 18:02 commented on Metaru Large Portrait - The Fighters Resource

I absolutely love this shading style *_* Would love to be able to try something like this one day!

nikanaut @ 4/18/2017 18:00 commented on Comfy Charlotte

So cozy! I especially like the palette you used and the smooth and simple shading :)

nikanaut @ 4/18/2017 17:52 commented on Hobbit House

No worries!

Yep uploading pixel art to dA is a nightmare, I'm especially annoyed by the blurry preview images :D

nikanaut @ 4/5/2017 06:34 commented on Girl

I like this design! The shading is hard to make out though, I'd increase the contrast, and shade the hair more 

nikanaut @ 4/5/2017 06:29 commented on Hidden Cathedral

This is amazing, I'd love to be able to do detailed stuff like this in the future 

nikanaut @ 4/5/2017 06:19 commented on I need help for a person based on a chameleon

Is this the character for the game? I like it's expression, and the animation's cute :)

I'd possibly make it's skin more interesting by adding more texture/colour/patterns and shade more around the eye to make it more "bulgy". It might help to make  the outline darker to increase contrast too 

nikanaut @ 4/5/2017 06:08 commented on D'artagnan

Oo I was hoping to join in on this; glad it's been resurrected :)