SovanJedi @ 9/16/2020 07:48 commented on Pet 09 - Dogs


SovanJedi @ 9/8/2020 12:47 commented on Elk's Forest Of Desolation

How can I give this more than 1 Favourite? It needs at least 3 to fully express my love of this. It's pixel art perfection.

SovanJedi @ 7/27/2020 08:31 commented on Papadosio Album Art

Thank you!

The colour breakdown per section is: Cordyceps = 26, Reishi = 32, Lion's Mane = 27, Agarikon = 35

I feel they'd be much lower without the band's logo being overlayed in each scene.

SovanJedi @ 6/11/2020 17:14 commented on Ducktales Reanimated

Ahhhh it's so good!!

SovanJedi @ 3/14/2020 08:10 commented on Mario Diorama

This is all 100% drawn from scratch, no 3D model tracing or reference image for it at all. 

SovanJedi @ 3/15/2019 18:01 commented on Diorama

Just attempted it for a fourth time - again, the Preview in small, the full in Detailed - the preview stays and the larger one just disappears. I don't think I can submit my art, something keeps breaking on it.

SovanJedi @ 3/15/2019 17:54 commented on Diorama

I didn't though, I edited it three times now to add the larger version into "Detailed" and the smaller into "Preview". The Preview submits, the Detailed just disappears.

SovanJedi @ 3/15/2019 14:39 commented on Diorama

For some reason it won't let me attach the full version - perhaps it breaks something? It's 500x1000 pixels in size altogether :T

SovanJedi @ 2/20/2019 01:31 commented on Autumnal Dragon

Thank you for your kind words everyone! 

SovanJedi @ 5/15/2018 03:15 commented on Bhumi

Hi thanks for the comment!

The main thing I was trying to achieve was a sense of scale - if you look at the huge waterfalls (like Angel Falls in Venezuela - you barely see any movement from a far enough distance, even though they are likely moving at a ridiculous speed. After a certain point the water becomes slow-falling mist, before it pools at hard surfaces again. If the animation is too fast then it looks like a regular waterfall from a regular distance.

SovanJedi @ 12/22/2017 11:50 commented on Me

Ahh thank you to everyone! I'm very honoured to be on this list somewhere. :D

SovanJedi @ 11/23/2017 16:53 commented on Borealopelta

Wow, thank youfor the kind words. And yes, it is an incredibly exciting fossil to find - the photos of the fossil look sublime.

(Also I fixed the thumbnail to be <10kb now)

SovanJedi @ 11/22/2017 04:12 commented on Borealopelta

Thank you! Well I adjusted the colours slightly for the style of the piece - the real animal had more copper red rather than pink - but yes, they are the colours found in the fossil (scientists have found fossilised remnants of chemicals used to determine the pigment of the animal's skin)

SovanJedi @ 11/21/2017 13:15 commented on Borealopelta

Whoops! Good catch. It's fixed now.

SovanJedi @ 4/10/2017 01:10 commented on IY Redo

Hi SnowOwl, this is the original: 

SovanJedi @ 4/10/2017 01:09 commented on IY Redo

Hi Shon, this was originally from an RPG Maker 2000 game I made called Idunn Ymiraldor. Amazed someone remembers that!

SovanJedi @ 1/5/2017 02:15 commented on Elk's Deathwing

This is unquestionably the best pixel art I have ever seen. You are an absolute master. The patience involved must have been mountainous. 

SovanJedi @ 11/17/2016 09:20 commented on Glavenus

Hi KatyushaLe! I used GraphicsGale for this.

SovanJedi @ 11/20/2015 14:56 commented on Loop de LoL

It's... so... smooth!! It's hypnotic to watch, especially the mouths. Amazing work!

SovanJedi @ 11/15/2015 08:03 commented on Stegosaurus sprite

Thank you for the kind words! I didn't expect to meet such an enthusiastic dinosaur expert here. :D

When I have the time I will make those alterations you suggest. I had based it on fossils I found online, but sadly a lot of them are still outdated tail-dragging heffalumps. Well, that's my escuse anyway.

SovanJedi @ 10/26/2015 17:38 commented on Spark of time

This... Is friggin' amazing. It's so smooth and beautiful. All the shapes too!

SovanJedi @ 10/24/2015 06:22 commented on Learning to fly

This animation is like it was carved out of butter on a hot summer's day. IT'S SO SMOOOOTH!

SovanJedi @ 10/23/2015 13:57 commented on YOUR BEST FRIEND

Yep! And thank you. :D

SovanJedi @ 10/21/2015 17:06 commented on YOUR BEST FRIEND

Ooh I didn't realise that would affect it. :o Can I change this one and give it more of a chance to appear or is it too late?

SovanJedi @ 9/22/2015 12:22 commented on Glavenus

Thanks! To be honest I had set the background colour as transparentr, but for some reason it wouldn't save. Oh well.