DJD @ 12/13/2011 10:48 commented on ROBOTS! FIGHT!

Awesome, reminds me of Konjak's style for Iconoclasts

DJD @ 10/26/2010 11:17 commented on Big Bird

Thank you very much greenraven

DJD @ 10/26/2010 09:56 commented on Big Bird

Haven't been to that part of pixel joint in a long while; does anyone know why the search opens up a google search? It's making it difficult to find pixelart based on certain cues like the old search did. Not sure if this is one of the features that's still getting updated with the whole pixeljoint 2.0 thing going on. Thanks all

DJD @ 5/28/2010 10:38 commented on Minish Cap Style Buildings

such great rendering, seeing these is infectious; I know what I'm going to go pixel now...

fave parts are the swirl on the bottom left roof and the wooden crates. Cure(?) did this in his recent 8bit pirate piece, but there is something truly wonderful when a grid-based game's perspective gets broken by off angled objects. Sure, it's just boxes, but it gives it a lot more character.

DJD @ 4/23/2010 00:24 commented on Big Bird

The thing that amazes me is how complicated the arguments get when it can be so mind-numbingly simple. 1. Open paint. 2. Click pixels. 3. Make Pixel Art.

I think a lot of people get the role of pixel art confused. Pixel art is to cubism as computer graphic design is to paint and canvas. You -can- push graphic design to create new mediums (how things like impressionism, pointillism, etc. were born) and that's what a lot of people who get bored with pixel art try to do. But just because an impressionist painter starts doing splatter images doesn't mean the splatter images are now included in the definition of impressionism; it's the artist experimenting with a new style. Why people feel that they should try and justify it into an already established style is beyond me.

EDIT: oh wow that komodo dude is blatantly advertising all over his account, anyone who believed he actually joined to show off his art and not sell his books is pretty naive. C'mon, he's selling a graphic design book. You're telling me joining a website full of graphic designers and then using your bio and every one of your posts to draw attention to your new book -isn't- a little bit fishy? It's a painfully blatant marketing scheme, it really should be a non-issue.

DJD @ 4/5/2010 01:44 commented on Medici
this is insane, your effort is so inspiring

DJD @ 3/31/2010 09:16 commented on Cave Tileset

wonderful tiles, looks straight from a gba game.

DJD @ 3/25/2010 12:22 commented on Ninjizza!

so wait....what does he serve?

DJD @ 3/13/2010 22:17 commented on Walk The Plank

colors are great, but I really like how you made most of the characters off NSWE directions, gives a lot more personality to it in my opinion.

DJD @ 3/8/2010 12:56 commented on Lotsa Fibonacci

you have hidden the restrictions brilliantly, I had no idea it was for the challenge the last couple times I looked at it.

DJD @ 3/8/2010 01:19 commented on Spike Girl

you are a stud bab. Keep on trucking

DJD @ 3/6/2010 13:33 commented on Big Bird
so many cool animated mario sprites on the new pixel page

DJD @ 3/3/2010 14:21 commented on Face of Death

damn, this was exactly what I was hoping to see from the challenge. Nicely done!

DJD @ 2/9/2010 21:47 commented on 1px font

wow, put my face close to the monitor and was able to read it quickly and easily. That's incredible!

DJD @ 2/7/2010 21:56 commented on Nestor

that isn't grey, it's transparency which is showing up as grey since I'm assuming you're using a theme which has grey as trasparent. I'll be honest it's a clever idea a lot of people have used for this challenge...

anyway great pixel, the work you put into this shows and you pulled off the animation well!

DJD @ 2/1/2010 22:03 commented on Sidescroller shmup background 1

You have done with water at this view what I have tried so many times and failed. Thanks, this piece is worthy of a study folder just for that great effect. Thanks a lot for the inspiration!

DJD @ 12/13/2009 12:17 commented on Explosion

I like the *EDIT:(he)art shape it sorta makes, nice colors too

DJD @ 11/18/2009 21:26 commented on 14 Alien Creatures

interesting style, would go well for a creative game.

DJD @ 11/4/2009 23:43 commented on better late than never!

shit, you still got it. just like riding a bike huh? great work man, love the angle, really tight stuff.

DJD @ 10/26/2009 16:13 commented on Pug Bar - Outside

I think you've reached a point in your pixel art career that you've happened upon a style really wonderful. very creative stuff, I'm intrigued to see a full mockup

DJD @ 10/2/2009 19:07 commented on western characters

"we're totally going to work on this in college I swear!" ahem. I like the scorpion, never saw him finished. great pixeling as always, the bird is still my fave

DJD @ 9/9/2009 08:34 commented on With a Staff, I Guess?

I have long stood by the fact that flying jellfish are the world's number most most dangerous nightmare and I continue to stand by said claim.

in other news, this is a great little pixel, especially for something unplanned. I'm a real big fan of those tiles, nicely done

DJD @ 9/8/2009 16:22 commented on Boktai inspired guy

this is great, makes me want to start pixeling like most of your work. also hai long time afk am i rite?

still not in school, remember this, go to a college with a quarter system and you leave a month after your friends and get back a month after your friends...

...which leaves a whole month with no excuse not to pixel! :O

DJD @ 9/3/2009 20:42 commented on Mecho Tales

huh, that's really interesting, making another in the series with a different gameplay scheme. I'm assuming it will be in sync with the mecho wars universe, beyond just the name and art style? great art as always bab

DJD @ 9/2/2009 12:55 commented on Alex Kidd in Remake World

wow, that's incredible. If anyone needed proof that more colors doesn't necessarily mean better images, they need look no farther than this. you really took the originals and spiced em up, great work!