[Maestro] @ 10/4/2011 12:06 commented on The Lost Vikings III - Vikings in arms

 Impressive :)

[Maestro] @ 4/16/2011 17:17 commented on Golem

Just want to say that I'm extremely impressed by all of those who have taken it upon themselves to start spriting pokemon. Maybe all of you should get together and make a game? Wonderful styling.

[Maestro] @ 3/28/2011 00:31 commented on Golem

Wonderful, however golem still seems to be a little body soft around the edges. I know it's a two cent adjustment but overall a damn near replicate of any official reference you may find. :)

[Maestro] @ 7/8/2010 04:33 commented on Block with eye icon

I like your choice in palette contrast although it strangely still seems to come across as flat. I apologise if that was indeed your intention but given the light source it looks like you were going for an embossed block?

[Maestro] @ 7/4/2010 01:48 commented on Kirin chan

Your art style reminds me of a guy I once knew. He had a superb talent for cell shading and animation. Would very much like to see what else you may have in store in the future.

[Maestro] @ 7/3/2010 22:44 commented on Dino

I apologise for not posting a critique earlier, simply ran out of time and had to get ready for work.

The entire piece is of questionable consistency including your chosen palette. It looks as if you seem to have the same problem as I do as far as using contrast appropriate palettes when spriting. Unfortunately I'm pretty colorblind so it literally takes me an extremely long time to come up with anything I feel is something that I can be proud of. Perspective wise, the dinosaur is unproportionate and very much reminds me of a horse at first and second glance. What dinosaur is it supposed to be? (just curious)

  • The back legs are extremely awkward (look at your knee joints). The Femur (thigh bone) is proportionately longer than the Tibia & Fibula (shin bones) in pretty much the majority of animals that inhabit and have inhabited this planet, including the dinos. Double check the leg thickness on a dinosaur, there isn't anyway they could walk on stilts.
  • The tail doesn't give the impression that it is in the right perspective, even less the correct proportional size in contrast to the size of the dinosaur.
  • [clicky] The neck and head [clicky]

But I even think from a cartoonish type theme that it'd still win the Mr. Ed award. I'd advise that you revamp the dino a bit, maybe colour it? It'd look much more interesting.



[Maestro] @ 7/3/2010 09:55 commented on Who ordered a scary ass clown?

Shading has always been my downfall in every piece I attempt. From what I see here with the palette and dithering, I'm afraid I still have so much to learn.

P.S. You scared the #@*! out of my wife. She hates clowns.

[Maestro] @ 7/3/2010 09:51 commented on F. Nietzsche gazes into you

Intense. The animation adds a Poe type of element to the portrait (at least from my view).

[Maestro] @ 7/3/2010 09:43 commented on Dino

I believe any type of critique is considered to be more than welcome when an artist submits any work to this website. If you are one of those only looking for glory, then don't submit...plain and simple.

[Maestro] @ 6/30/2010 22:58 commented on Demon Tree

I like where you were trying to go with this one. It has that tribal tiki / Legend of the Hidden Temple Vibe. There's really nothing negative to say about it. Good job.

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 22:14 commented on Metroid - Brutus
High contrast sprites really didn't seem to fit in well with the 'post apocolyptic' phase I'm going through right now. However, my general style consists up of low colour/high contrast sprites (similiar to SNES style graphics), so do expect to see those types here in the near future. Just wanted to try something different for a change.

Thank you for the comment.

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 19:13 commented on Naruto avatar
Good job on this one. The only real problem I can point out, is that the perspective of the bandana in comparison to the tilt of his head is a fraction off. Considering he is looking directly towards you, the ends of the bandana should be wrapping around his head, parallel to the center/top outline of the bandana. Here is a link to a reference picture just in case you are interested in fixing it :

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 18:37 commented on 1bit Moon - Revised
Given the canvas size (40x40), I'm pretty sure it is safe to say that it would of been in your best interest to work on a larger scale so that a proper dithering method could have been implemented. As it currently stands, all I see is skewed white pixels on a black background that barely holds shape to scenery. Proper dithering becomes more of a necessity when you use minimal colours, as does the size of the canvas sprited on. You just need to learn how to use the basic background colour to your advantage when meshing the primary detail colour in two toned sprites.

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 16:18 commented on Shoesnail idle animation
I know I'm being a little nit-picky here (as this piece is pretty snazzy in itself) but, if you look at the edges of the the shell, you can see a portion of ridge move inconsistently with the rest of the shell. (almost like a reversed rippled effect). Considering the shell itself is supposed to be rigid and hard, the entire bit should move in unison. However, that is probably due to the error of pushing and drawing it in animation.

Another visible error that I was surprised nobody caught (but of course, let's all drown this sprite with compliments rather than actually try to help with the errors), is towards the underside of the forward arm, you are able to see the flashing of light coloured texture pixels that shouldn't be there. The transition of colour from light to dark remains constant  as the body moves into the shell (btw, this error appears on the fourth frame, if you are interesting in fixing it). Good job otherwise.

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 15:59 commented on Baby and Alien
To further elabourate on what Stitchy said, when starting off on a pixel piece, you should never use a black (dark grey) outline unless the piece actually warrants it. Let's use the alien as an example. You have used four primary colours to make up that hideous thing, two in which are superb choices, as the other two are highly questionable. Your first primary highlight colour is a desaturated, light purple, the secondary colour is a more saturated, darker purple, the third colour is an ugly looking greyish/brown colour and the fifth is black (dark grey). The third and fourth colours should give a proper transition from the first and second. So...instead of using those choices, the third primary should be a darker shade of purple in comparison to the secondary colour, and the fourth colour (main outline) should be an even darker purple to compliment the third primary.

*NOTE* Each individual portion of a sprite should warrant its own unique colour pattern (to include the general outline). For instance, you wouldn't use the same purple outline on the baby as you did the alien. This is because the baby is in its own seperate element. The outline of the baby should be a darker, flesh toned colour (preferrably brown).

Moving on now. The mouth of the alien gives absolutely no perception of depth as it is just one single colour. This is the reason why we like to dither from lighter shades to the darker shades, it gives to impression of depth.

[Maestro] @ 12/28/2006 15:30 commented on unfinished portrait of someone...
Hmmm...there seems to be some inconsistencies within the piece both in normal and zoomed view. For instance, I am able to see quite a few misplaced/questionable pixels in the face and hair. It really isn't giving a "smooth transition" impression throughout the piece. There is also some anatomical innacuracies (i.e. the far eye, nose, and overall perspective of the face in comparison to the rest of the body). You should also take into consideration that facial hair grows out through the roots and the focal point should be seeded. Look at some reference pictures of men with fuzzy faces and you should see what I mean.

On another note (and correct me if I'm wrong here), but is this supposed to be some type of a painting? Theoretically, shouldn't there be some texture to the canvas rather than one solid colour? The transition of the unfinished portion of the portrait should blend in with the canvas, rather than move to a high density colour (like white).