leeor_net @ 11/25/2012 08:16 commented on Resistance is Fuchsile

X-Com FTW!

leeor_net @ 1/27/2011 10:37 commented on Chipset BD Mt Kennet

I actually like that grainy look... gives it some character.


Though I will agree that the plants are over-saturated compared with the rest of the piece and it is very much dominated by green.


Otherwise, it looks good... :D

leeor_net @ 6/13/2010 01:01 commented on Bunny Field

Makes me think of MapleStory a bit. Very cool... :D

leeor_net @ 5/19/2010 23:25 commented on Metroid Dread

This, is too awesome!

I might just have to do something this ridiculous in a space combat game I'm working on... :D

leeor_net @ 2/15/2010 18:17 commented on Problem, officer?

Sly, are you really going to nitpick? It's a charicature. Deal with it. Yeesh.

Anyway, nicely done... :) I like the color selection and the linked source was a great laugh.


leeor_net @ 1/10/2010 17:17 commented on Dragon rider

You are easily the most talented pixel artist I know. Another job very well done! :D

leeor_net @ 1/10/2010 17:12 commented on Butterfly

Very nicely done! :D

leeor_net @ 1/3/2010 23:39 commented on Sketchy face


What about FF4, FF5 and FF6? All awesome games.

leeor_net @ 12/7/2009 commented on 12 inch sausage(Adult content)

I'm actually on your side over this one. I've been finding that the operators of this site have an elitist streak that is rather annoying. I had stuff that was rejected awhile back because they looked similar to Chrono Trigger sprites (wow, I used a reference). I can agree that the 'younger viewers' argument holds no water considering some of the stuff that's already here.

On the same token I can appreciate their view. It is their site after all.

leeor_net @ 11/24/2009 00:53 commented on Bluebreasted Ninny

I was gonna say, these look a lot like the stuff from DragonCave!

Looking good! :D

leeor_net @ 1/12/2009 21:32 commented on Piggeth! XD

That's the Iron Pig from MapleStory. It's not a rip from the game at all -- there are no frames of animation that look like that.

As for copying from a magazine, is a reference really that much of a problem? There are dozens of works on this site that have been approved that clearly used a reference of some sort.

leeor_net @ 2/17/2008 05:18 commented on Characters (Working Copy)

I can say that one of them is mostly based on Merle's image, yes. I was young at the time. And yes, I did look at the chrono trigger spirtes in an effort to see how I could put mine together. Template? Perhaps.

All of the sprites there were based on the one without hair at the top. If you want to remove the image, fine. It's not a crime against me I suppose. I just thought that someone might be interested in seeing how you could work with a particular style to create a variety of sprites.

leeor_net @ 2/17/2008 05:12 commented on Wiggler
Actually, that's very cool! Looks just like the ones from the DS! :)

leeor_net @ 8/14/2007 19:36 commented on Oldskool Fights Back!
Awesome! Awesome! Love it! ^_^

leeor_net @ 8/9/2007 17:37 commented on Isotiles - rediscovered in a dark corner of my HD
Fabulous! Absolutely fantastic! Very reminiscent of the games of past! Keep up the excellent work!

leeor_net @ 8/9/2007 08:25 commented on Isometric Tree Set
Absolutely fabulous! I've always appreciated pixel art and yours is just fantastic!