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Title: Ad - Pxile IV futuristic!
Pixel Artist: philippejugnet  (Level 6 Hitman :: 15531 points)
Posted: 5/13/2012 13:32
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 Whooah can't believe I finished this one ^^

Weekly Challenge: Ad To The FutureWeekly Challenge: Ad To The Future


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Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 5/20/2012 08:58

Ah, thanks for clarifying that. It just came across as kinda discouraging to me, but I agree with pretty much everything you say here, so yeah :)

philippejugnet (Level 6 Hitman) @ 5/17/2012 08:05

 I have to thanks you btw Christoballs =). I really have to be more rigorous with myself.

Christoballs (Level 7 Neanderthal) @ 5/17/2012 06:14

If you think I'm judging Philippe on one entry, then you're mistaken: I have suggested on previous occasions that he work at a smaller resolution, to have better pixel control. I was speaking on a general note regarding his work.

I'm not denying his potential, because I'm asking him to be more rigorous with himself, and to not be content with what he has for now, if he wants to improve his pixel technique. He reminds me of Dex ( in many ways.

If I suggested he try another medium, it was so that he could do some rough work without taking in count the size/importance of the pixel. In that medium, he can translate his ability to colour/create atmospheres with no afterthoughts. It can be a way for him to feel less restrained by pixel art.

I may seem harsh, but I actually want to help this guy get better, because he can do far better if he worked harder. I don't think I'm discouraging Philippe as much as I am irritating him.

Opacus (Level 7 Ichikyu) @ 5/17/2012 04:59

I think that's going a bit far, stating that pixel art isn't the right medium for Philippe judging from just one entry. He has plenty of other pieces where he shows some fine pixel art skills and quite some potential. Even if this entry is a little rough, it's hardly reason to resort to another medium. And what this lacks in pixel art techniques it makes up for in atmosphere and colour usage. No need to discourage this guy.

Terrify (Level 3 Chief) @ 5/16/2012 20:28

 I disagree with most of the others, I feel it's a great piece, and indeed pixel art still as it's on the same level. Other than that, I really enjoy the colors and feel of the poster. Great Ad! 

baah (Level 2 Flatfoot) @ 5/14/2012 13:09

Gotta love the look of it...

Erico (Level 4 Deputy) @ 5/14/2012 13:07

 It almost looks like an ANOTHER WORLD background set to me, I like it.

Faceless (Level 3 Hatchet Man) @ 5/14/2012 11:51

I hate to say it, but this looks like it's come straight off the drawing board, and was the first draft no less. The art itself is unrefined (it's a stretch to even call it pixel art) and your ad from a design perspective is really uninspired. It literally looks like all you did was double the canvas height and then used the text tool to string some words together in order to satisfy the requirements of the challenge...

reis (Level 6 Serial Killer) @ 5/14/2012 10:10

I love your style. But, in this piece, that you have not impressed me, as in his other works. A more appropriate refinement, would be much better!

Shanx (Level 1 Depressed) @ 5/14/2012 08:16


Partack (Level 3 Private Eye) @ 5/14/2012 03:12


Why all the negitivity in here?  I like this piece.  and i get it, it's an ad for a videogame (probably an adventure rpg) in the future >.>  what's not to get? ..

This piece is as valid a piece of pixel art as any..

Perhaps a little refining to the lines, a few jaggies/hard edges here or there, but nothing drastic, a little AA, a little bit of love to the central ball holding podium perhaps....the game seems to be about some mystical thing in an ancient temple or something. doesn't really need any more than that..

The style makes me reminiscent of the vector graphics from the awesome adventure game 'Another world'. (quick google example: ) except a little more shaded and polished.

 Sure PhilippeJugnet's talents could probably be better suited to another medium (perhaps digital painting) (less time spent to make delicious eye candy) but that's no reason to knock this piece with words like 'sloppy'      This piece is great.

Not to mention this guy is more than capable of sprite work. have you seen his li'l rpg dudes and/or game mock ups? pixel backgrounds are HARD, man..

Just had to throw that out there.

jellybeanfish (Level 4 Button Man) @ 5/14/2012 03:10

This is going to be a big ol' two-part critique. Read this post first, please!

 I feel like the problem is a flaw in the presentation of the piece. To be blunt, it isn't immediately interesting. There's a lot of obvious effort put into the piece, but at the same time this room is very simple, a lot of the same architectural features repeated, like steps and the segmented walls. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it feels distinctly unfinished because it lacks something important - detail. There are no finer details like cracks in the floor or dust - crumbling rock, a window, a skylight, cobwebs. Not a one. This leads to it being visually dull, without a lot to focus on, and somewhat uncanny. Life has a lot of insignificant details like textures, cracks, wear, decay. Remove that, and it feels wrong. Like a sterile 3D render. Everything has imperfections.

I do like the foreground perspective a lot, the shading on the steps as well (though it feels a little unfinished in places - I think dithering could help this piece some), and the atmosphere does remind me some of old game covers, so I'm not trying to diss the hell out of your piece or anything! But I keep asking - what is the focal point here? Logically one would say the orb(?) being clasped in the middle of the piece. But that's the thing - the light naturally draws your eyes to it, but it's so far in the background that I can't even make out what it is aside from 'an orb that might be giving off light I guess'. What is it? Why am I supposed to be interested in it? I don't know, because it's not shown to me.

I'm no expert, but I might try changing that by changing the orb itself, or altering the perspective, or moving it closer to the viewer, or adding more detail. Maybe a person sealed in midair above the orb - now we know it's inherently dangerous, suggesting an artifact of power the game revolves around retrieving or preventing baddies from retrieving. Or lilies blossoming around it and ivy crawling down the steps - that suggests it's something that can give life or attracts it, which can also suggest an object of power to be sought. Or even alter the focal point altogether - put a hero in the foreground crouching behind the wall with a bunch of monsters skulking around the orb in the background. There's a lot of ways to make it more visually interesting. As it is now, we don't know if it even has any bearing on the game or if it's just a pretty set piece.

This brings up my next point, one that comes up often in the art of storytelling with comics - "show, don't tell". It refers to the fact that what you can show in art will 9 times out of 10 be more effective than what you can show in text when it comes to visual mediums. The tagline is "New holographic suits! New monsters!" - if these are the game's hypothetical big selling points, why are we shown neither of these things in the image? They're supposed to be what's marketing the game to begin with, so if they're that interesting, why aren't they being shown instead, or incorporated into the existing piece somehow?

jellybeanfish (Level 4 Button Man) @ 5/14/2012 03:10

 Two-part critique - read the post preceding this, please 


Good covers and ads - be they for games, movies, comics, whatever - convey information. They introduce us to ideas and try to sell us on them at the same time. Think of some of your favorite games, movies, books, etcetera - look at their covers and ads. Study them as if you had never had any experience with the product, and were trying to figure out the characters and setting based solely on the cover or ad. What does it tell you? How effectively does it tell you that information? In what ways does it communicate it? What concepts are more effective than others? This is why folks are confused on your piece, I think - it doesn't communicate what it's selling very well. Aside from in the text, but again, show, don't tell!

I'm not an advertising major or anything, either - but what I've gathered is that basically, with any piece of advertising, you want to grab someone's attention first, and convey information second, but both are important elements. It doesn't have to be cluttered with detail - minimalism can be as effective as a lovingly rendered ad with the right design.

Here's the cover of a favorite game of mine to illustrate some points - maybe not the best example, but nonetheless -

Indigo Prophecy

What are we told? We're told a bit about the game's atmosphere - cold, and dark. The cover imagery tells us not to expect a game full of singing daisies or anything - it's dark, perhaps violent. But it also implies something about the game's content - it's probably not a FPS because there's not immediate action. The color temperature as well as the snow both scream 'cold'. Coincidentally, the game takes place in New York, during a period of time where it's near-constantly snowing heavily.

We're told about a murderer, someone with enough importance to be on the front cover, by the literal blood on his hands and the bloodied knife falling from them, but his face is hidden and expression obscured as a consequence. We don't know how he feels about killing someone, but the words "guilt", "fear", "paranoia" suggest maybe he isn't exactly unburdened. We have unknowingly been introduced to our protagonist and our game's setting on a somewhat subconscious level, while an eyecatching use of color temperature and contrast draw our attention and attempt to get us to buy the game. That is a lot of information conveyed in one image!

I'm not trying to knock on you - sincerely, I'm not - I'm just trying to give you as much advice as I can to help your piece, because I do like it, and I think it could be even better with more work and detail put into it. I'm just trying to explain what I think are the weaknesses in the piece in as succinct a manner as I can. But I'm still an amateur, so I may be talking out my ass. Hopefully some of this helps!


philippejugnet (Level 6 Hitman) @ 5/13/2012 16:49

okay, do not add it to the challenge then '-'

philippejugnet (Level 6 Hitman) @ 5/13/2012 16:46

everytime I start with a sketch, it looks unrefined, everytime I do little by little ( like loof forest ) the result is better... I should stop creating sketches.

philippejugnet (Level 6 Hitman) @ 5/13/2012 16:36

what do you mean?

the game is the AD.

Christoballs (Level 7 Neanderthal) @ 5/13/2012 16:30

I agree with AngelOTG. I'm really wondering if pixel art is the most suited medium for your work.

AngelOTG (Level 1 Rookie) @ 5/13/2012 15:13

 I don't understand what is being advertised, and the pixelwork looks very sloppy and unrefined in lots of places.

NarutoPixel (Level 1 Private) @ 5/13/2012 13:37

OHHHH MYY Eyessssssssssssssssssss VEryyyyyyyyyyyyyy NiCEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEXEXEXE

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