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  FAQ#1 - How do I download an icon for use with my operating system?
You can find quite a few desktop icon collections (zip archives) in the downloads section (stuff downloads). At this time we only offer Windows (.ico) format icons.

So why are there only a few dozen downloadable icons? The pixel art found on this site is typically 48x48 or larger and is perfect for buddy icons, forum avatars, etc... what they are not specifically designed for is desktop icons. Since the typical size for icons in the Windows world is exactly 32x32, a large portion of the pixel art icons do not fit properly.

  FAQ#2 - Will you make me an icon/avatar/pixel art piece?
It's hard to say. Some artists are happy to create work for nothing. Some might charge. The best way to find out is to register and send a private message to an artist requesting their services.

If you are looking for a freebie don't be upset if the pixel artist is not responsive.

  FAQ#3 - Why should I register?
Why not? It's free and it takes two seconds ya lazy bum. Registering gives you access to a few "tools":
  • Save pixel art to your Favorites Gallery
  • Submit pixel art
  • Submit news
  • Share your profile with others
  • Rate pixel art
  • Add other members to your Buddy List
  • Send other members Private Messages
  • Comments will be associated to you

  FAQ#4 - Where can I learn how to make pixel art?
You can go through a few Pixel Joint featured tutorials in the tutorials section (features tutorials). There's also a tutorials section for getting started with pixel art in the links section (features links). You can also find a ton of pixel artists listed if you would like to see the best stuff out there.

  FAQ#5 - How can I support this fine site?
The eventual goal of this site is to provide yet another outlet for the thriving pixel art community. Since this is a non-profit (or negative-profit depending on how you look at it) web site, the preferred way you can keep this little operation cooking is to link back to us or tell a friend about us.

Banners can be found in our banners section.

Thanks for your support!

  FAQ#6 - Why are some icons missing 'AIM Buddy Icon' links?
AOL Instant Messenger buddy icons must fit in a 48x48 space. If the PixelJoint icon does not fit perfectly the icon will not have an "AIM Buddy Icon" link.

  FAQ#7 - How do I make a suggestion?

It's actually quite easy to make a suggestion. Simply fill out the contact form and write your ideas in the comments box.

Note: The contact form is the main point of contact for anything to do with the site so use it for suggestions, bug reports, complaints, praise, etc.

  FAQ#8 - How do I make my GIF transparent?
You can find a free application to do it here...

Check the Pixel Joint Forum thread on applications for pixel art for the latest and greatest on what other pixel artists are using.

An online free utility is  NOW WITH ANIMATION CAPABILITIES

NOTE: Internet Explorer 6 and below does not have transparency support for PNG-24. Since the vast majority of internet users are using Internet Explorer we suggest you use PNG-8 or GIF if you want to use transparency.

  FAQ#9 - How do I change my avatar?
Click here for an extended answer.

  FAQ#10 - How do I change my rank theme?
Please see Leveling Up FAQ for more information.

  FAQ#11 - How do I level up? What does leveling up do?
Please see Leveling Up FAQ for more information.

  FAQ#12 - An image in the gallery shows a red X! What do I do?
It is most likely due to Internet Explorer having limited support for the PNG graphics format.  If you want to see all graphics including PNG-24 on the site you might want to switch to another browser that fully supports PNG like Firefox.

  FAQ#13 - How do I hire a pixel artist for a project/job?
The best way to find the perfect match is to actually contact the pixel artist directly using the member directory. If you do not know of a specific pixel artist and you'd like to post your job description you can post in the forum. Please make sure to specify whether the pixel art project/job is PAID or UNPAID in the title of the post.

If you still can't find what you are looking for try digging around the gallery and finding a pixel artist that suits you. Good luck!

If you have any further questions feel free to ask a question.

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Want to give some dough back to all those amazing pixel artists? Donations provide prize money for contests, help cover hosting costs and support new initiatives.

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Want to give some dough back to all those amazing pixel artists? Donations provide prize money for contests, help cover hosting costs and support new initiatives.