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  Columbus Day  |  Second Monday in October (October 12th)

The 400th anniversary of the event, however, inspired the first official Columbus Day holiday in the United States. In 1892, President Benjamin Harrison issued a proclamation urging Americans to mark the day. The public responded enthusiastically, organizing school programs, plays, and community festivities across the country. Columbus and the Discovery of America, Imre Kiralfy's "grand dramatic, operatic, and ballet spectacle," is among the more elaborate tributes created for this commemoration. The World's Columbian Exposition, by far the most ambitious event planned for the celebration, opened in Chicago the summer of 1893.

Library of Congress - Today in History

In modern times the Columbus Day holiday has been the subject of much debate.

Transform Columbus Day

  Halloween  |  October 31st

The Christian Church was unable to get the people to stop celebrating this (Pagan) holiday, so they simply sprinkled a little holy water on it and gave it new names, as they did with other Paleopagan holidays and customs. This was a form of calendrical imperialism, co-opting Paleopagan sacred times, as they had Paleopagan sacred places (most if not all of the great cathedrals of Europe were built on top of earlier Paleopagan shrines and sacred groves).

Halloween History: The Real Origins

  Ramadan / Ramadhan  |  Ninth month of the Islamic calendar (Oct/Nov/Dec)

The Holy Month of Ramadhan, which begins after the crescent of the new moon is spotted, is one of the most sacred Islamic observances because it marks the month in which Allah revealed the Holy Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h), bringing with it all the glory. This is the month in which the door of heavens are kept open, doors of hell are closed and Satan is kept in chains.

Holy Ramadan - Play and Learn

  Rosh Hashanah  |  September or October

Rosh Hashanah, which literally means the head of the year, commemorates the anniversary of the creation of the world. It is celebrated on the first and second days of the seventh Hebrew month, Tishri. Depending on the solar calendar, Rosh Hashanah occurs in September or October.

Rosh Hashanah, when all living things are judged, is often referred to as the beginning of the Jewish New Year. However, the Hebrew month of Nissan, in which Passover is celebrated, is the first month of the Jewish calendar.

Everything Jewish - Rosh Hashanna

  Yom Kippur  |  Tenth day of the Hebrew month of Tishri (September or October)

The name "Yom Kippur" means "Day of Atonement," and that pretty much explains what the holiday is. It is a day set aside to "afflict the soul," to atone for the sins of the past year. In Days of Awe, I mentioned the "books" in which G-d inscribes all of our names. On Yom Kippur, the judgment entered in these books is sealed. This day is, essentially, your last appeal, your last chance to change the judgment, to demonstrate your repentance and make amends.

Judaism 101: Yom Kippur
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