Pixel Art Challenge: The Lava Level


Design a single-screen mock-up of a new, original video game showing a level that includes lava.

Canvas size - Unrestricted.
Colours - Max 12. Must only include colours from the palette below:

Animation - Optional.
Transparency - No.

The challenge thread will have all the challenge updates. The thread is also a great place to post your WIPs.

Posted by skamocore @ 6/27/2011 00:02  |    23


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|||| (Level 8 Venus fly trap) @ 7/6/2011 14:05

This was an incredible challenge. One of the best yet. What a palette!

Too bad I've been too busy to enter

.:APPLE:. (Level 1 Depressed) @ 7/2/2011 03:38

Why my work the third day who hasn't checked up? 

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 6/30/2011 22:37

 Okay then, slideshow-style stills of the same level it is! :)


PoisonousJoy (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 6/30/2011 15:53

Cure, i think this weird fella doesn't know how to upload an entry for the contest. And he's asking how to.

Argyle (Level 6 Manager) @ 6/30/2011 14:58

@Mrmo - Being that it says yes to animation, that should be fine to either scroll it or have still fames of different parts of the level. So long as it is just one level.

cure (Level 11 Bonsai) @ 6/30/2011 10:56

that sentence doesn't communicate anything in english.

.:APPLE:. (Level 1 Depressed) @ 6/30/2011 05:27

Whether it is possible to send some works on competition that??? 

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 6/30/2011 02:17

 Okay, here's a question- can I make the 'single screen' scroll?

I'd like NOT to show it all at once, as I think it looks better when constrained to a smaller frame (say, GBC-sized), but there's no way I could fit everything I made into those dimensions without, well, scrolling.

(I assume a slideshow-thingy such as this is out of the question)

Argyle (Level 6 Manager) @ 6/28/2011 01:20

If I did one this week, my level would be hard to tell there was lava there except if you were a 4 year old, as well as a survivor of the climbing championship game known as "The Floor is Lava!"

Stratto (Level 5 Killer Klown) @ 6/27/2011 20:15

I have a great idea. Let's hope no one else does it

PixelSnader (Level 2 Peon) @ 6/27/2011 19:54

I have an idea - and you'll never see it coming. (well, proverbially speaking that is, it will be submitted ofcourse) 

PoisonousJoy (Level 4 Mercenary) @ 6/27/2011 11:01

Might get something up, i have a few ideas :3

fawful (Level 6 Yonkyu) @ 6/27/2011 09:55

my bad


Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 6/27/2011 09:18

 It does say a 'new, original game' which should exclude any such stuff ;/

Clovvach (Level 3 Enforcer) @ 6/27/2011 07:56

 Maybe people who participated in the underwater level challenge should make a screen from the same mockup game.

ekobor (Level 4 Murderer) @ 6/27/2011 07:52
 Fawful, do you have a really light background? The white one might not show. It's one image, so  Right click/copy on one you can see and paste it into your prog with a mid grey background. They should all be there. (assuming you haven't already, not trying to be condescending here)

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 6/27/2011 06:00

 Erm, I see 12 colours there :)

fawful (Level 6 Yonkyu) @ 6/27/2011 05:17

maximum twelve colours

must be one of these

only eleven colours there

r1k (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/27/2011 01:10

okay, I probably would have been too lazy too do more than a single screen anyways, but Ive started working on mine.

skamocore (Level 11 Dolphin) @ 6/27/2011 00:30

@r1k - Let's just stick to a single screen. After all, we're only talking about one level within a larger hypothetical game (which may include other types of levels, not just a lava level). There's no need for something like a title screen, since the title screen probably wouldn't be a part of the level that includes lava.

Anyway, I've edited the article to reflect this.

Mrmo Tarius (Level 10 Master Sniper) @ 6/27/2011 00:22

 This can be done with a tileset. I'm into tilesets right now. Yes.

r1k (Level 1 Rookie) @ 6/27/2011 00:14

cool, I might do this one.

can our submission include multiple screens, like a gameplay screen and title page, or just one screen?

pixel_rob (Level 3 Enforcer) @ 6/27/2011 00:03

Sweet, this is going to be fun!

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