TomF @ 10/8/2016 05:23 commented on Ziggy Screens

Thanks, I started around 2002 I think. :)

TomF @ 2/8/2012 07:06 commented on Cozmo Ending Screen

I know exactly what you mean Ellian. I carelessly textured the planets without considering the surface angle of the spheres. I'll fix this later along with the crit by Faceless. :)

TomF @ 12/5/2011 07:46 commented on Three Heads Are Better Than Two

Just loving your pixels. Always clean technique and attractive colour choices.

TomF @ 7/6/2011 09:51 commented on Electro

Thanks for the positive words guys. Unfortunately I don't think the game will ever be released on Android as it's made with Torque 2D, which does not export to Android. There's high chance of Windows and Mac desktop versions though. :)

TomF @ 6/10/2011 00:46 commented on Tile practice

second that comment below. detailed and interesting mockup.

TomF @ 6/9/2011 06:18 commented on Castle

Great work. agreed with Delicious and Eyecraft, two easy crits to fix which will make a big impact visually.

TomF @ 6/9/2011 06:07 commented on Cavorite

Thanks everyone. 

@ Jim: Funny thing is I don't even have an iPhone. Well, not yet anyway.

@ jal: Will do 

@ Kaiseto: Unfortunately I don't think so. But I will let you know if that changes.

@ Delicious: I have a few more pieces I really want to put up but can't yet due to the devs requesting I hold back till release. Also the feeling is mutual. :)

TomF @ 6/8/2011 09:20 commented on Greenery

 I miss your work dude. hopefully we'll be seeing more soon.

TomF @ 2/11/2011 07:24 commented on Gun-tasy

You have such a clean and smooth rendering style. It's very aesthetically pleasing. Darn you.

TomF @ 10/17/2010 13:58 commented on Animal Antics screens

Thanks, that is very motivating to hear :)

I look back on this and see so many places to improve. I'm going to revisit it at some point.

TomF @ 9/27/2010 00:54 commented on Ninja Dash

I agree, I reckon this would be so much more readable and charming if you reduced the colours.

TomF @ 9/9/2010 00:06 commented on Animal Antics screens

Thanks! For now it's just a mockup, but I'm sure the characters and some similar tilesets will appear in a game at some point in the future. ;)

TomF @ 9/3/2010 00:33 commented on Warhammer 40,000 Chaos Marines

only the coolest kids on the block played warhammer, that's why I spent most of my earnings as a boy on the stuff. good times. expensive times.

agreed on ditching the dithering. I'd use another shade or two coupled with some bright specular highlights for a more silky smooth metal effect.

TomF @ 8/7/2010 04:51 commented on A Lost Friend

good stuff, seems you've improved a lot with this piece. i love the way the vines/roots hang over the platforms.

TomF @ 6/21/2010 13:48 commented on Cute 'em up

thank ye kindly good peoples. the sun was meant to be part of the background in game, but for aesthetic purposes of this mock up i made it a little more vibrant. :)

TomF @ 5/18/2010 00:11 commented on Reinvented Pixel Garbage

yeah agreed on the trees, they aren't as nice as everything else. but apart from that...lovely stuff!

TomF @ 4/12/2010 02:19 commented on Level 3 - Minefield

good stuff as usual, the rocks are nice. i would totally ditch the red in the background mines though.

TomF @ 4/9/2010 03:26 commented on Just the Tip

this picture brought a massive smile to my face. the guys expression is awesome.

TomF @ 3/11/2010 04:02 commented on Helm 2 3 5 8

It's interesting how the quad with the most colours used has the least amount of visual detail. Was that intentional? Would the piece work better if flipped horizontally?

TomF @ 2/28/2010 03:42 commented on KTP overworld

quite a lovely little scene, but go a little step further with the rendering/texturing.

TomF @ 2/28/2010 03:39 commented on Self Portrait

You made some great progress with this, good job.

TomF @ 2/21/2010 05:10 commented on 248 : TYRANITAR

Tyranitar is a bad ass pokemon, one of my favs.

TomF @ 2/21/2010 04:58 commented on desert mockup

This is some delicious pixelling. now please make a full mockup.

TomF @ 2/21/2010 04:55 commented on Pigbit

quite the adorable little creature you have here. but I feel the pure black outlines are hurting it, I'd go for a really dark brown instead.

TomF @ 2/21/2010 04:38 commented on battle scene

great work henk....oh wait.

This along with Indigo's were my personal favs.

really beautiful scene vierbit, but like you, i'm not a fan of the main characters (the way they are pixeled as well, tells me you didn't care for them as much as everything else ;)