DeProgrammer @ 8/22/2020 19:32 commented on Subjugation

Yeah. I saw the part that stuck out at the top left and thought "that has to be a head."

I actually envisioned something more like a fox there, but I ended up drawing something more like a chimera. Notice how the tail is not scaly. :P 

DeProgrammer @ 8/22/2020 19:25 commented on Giant's Fortress tileset [Tiny Thor]

I don't think I could play this game because the tileset is too distracting. Gorgeous!

DeProgrammer @ 6/29/2019 21:14 commented on little Scenes

One of the transitions pauses on the wrong frame. I'm not sure this qualifies for the gallery as-is, either--those transitions are alpha blended, right?

DeProgrammer @ 12/6/2018 19:34 commented on Big Bird

Oh, look, it's Metaru. I'm still using the avatar he made for me after all these years. :P

DeProgrammer @ 9/30/2014 14:21 commented on Mini Yak

Links are old. Now available at and

DeProgrammer @ 9/30/2014 14:18 commented on snowman

Available at and since this link is 7 years old.

DeProgrammer @ 9/30/2014 14:15 commented on L'il Devil

Available at and also since this link is 6 years old. :P

DeProgrammer @ 2/2/2012 14:41 commented on Tiny Elvis' Beach Resort

This is how modern art got its start. :P

DeProgrammer @ 8/9/2011 08:37 commented on LOI Starting screen

Amaaaaziiiing. :)

DeProgrammer @ 4/3/2011 07:37 commented on Venusaur

I'm scared.

DeProgrammer @ 1/27/2011 11:28 commented on Captain America!

Bah. I frequently see mock-ups and whatnot pixelled beautifully and think, "Man, I want to make that game. Too bad I wouldn't."

DeProgrammer @ 12/1/2010 08:32 commented on The Crab-Tank

Reminds me of B.O.X. from Metroid Fusion.

DeProgrammer @ 11/26/2010 12:23 commented on Legend of the Hidden Temple

Gorgeous. Well done!

DeProgrammer @ 6/19/2010 23:17 commented on Sunset

Expanding on what Clovvach said, heck, you can probably use my "Full Screen Click Grabber" program to capture WIPs. (I haven't tried it with a DOSBox-based program or on newer operating systems, but it worked fine with MS Paint and Windows XP, so that's why I say 'probably'.)

I guess you can try it if you want. Virus scanners might say it's some generic trojan, but that's probably because some actual trojan took screenshots with similar code. Basically, open it, alt-tab to your paint program, and get to work. Here's the link. Source code (Visual Basic 6) included in case you don't trust it.

Edit: Oh, yeah. Probably should use Control-E first and tell it to save as .png.

DeProgrammer @ 6/19/2010 12:49 commented on Prince of tetris

Well done. It's not often I give such a high rating to a piece. Sure, the flames may be a little wanting, but the overall realism with the really smooth animation really makes this piece stand out to me.

DeProgrammer @ 6/9/2010 11:33 commented on Cute Code

It's C. You probably can't figure out what it does because there are no useful comments, this is only a small portion of the actual function's code, and half the functions it uses were written by me as well.

I didn't replace "kitties" because I wanted more variation. :P

The code is actually reading from a file, skipping over unwanted data (fluff was the length of a block of unwanted data) and cataloging the important stuff. Not really relevant to the image, except that it's where the idea came from.

DeProgrammer @ 6/7/2010 14:03 commented on How many stars can you spot?

In regards to varying intensity, take a look at the starry background used in my game:

The nebula portion is very nice.

DeProgrammer @ 5/30/2010 20:30 commented on pala

Mostly looks good to me. I have just one complaint for the time being: I can't tell/remember when I'm done rating new pieces anymore.

DeProgrammer @ 3/24/2010 06:52 commented on Metroid Dread

Personally, I love the doors.

DeProgrammer @ 2/16/2010 14:09 commented on Compsognathus Longipes

It's a compsognathus. :P And yeah, transparent background.

DeProgrammer @ 2/16/2010 14:07 commented on mockup... maybe :\

You can hardly tell what it is, M. :P

DeProgrammer @ 2/12/2010 06:37 commented on Ant thing

I was talking about this work, since Minilinkki drew no eyes. :P

DeProgrammer @ 2/5/2010 11:27 commented on Ant thing

Brings back fun memories of SimAnt. They're cute and...blind.

DeProgrammer @ 12/17/2009 10:37 commented on Faris

Looks very smooth. I like it.

DeProgrammer @ 12/9/2009 20:06 commented on mexican pyramid

Humm, a color reduction? I don't think any human would texture sand like that.