Yellow Snow @ 7/28/2008 14:44 commented on hitler portrait
why? I think it's good.

Yellow Snow @ 7/28/2008 14:07 commented on George W. Bush
Omfg! I look on my new computer! This looks like shit. *chucks old computer from window*  Wow, my old computer makes everything so dark, and It alters so many colours.

Yellow Snow @ 7/27/2008 21:15 commented on Iwo Jima
Will vote for! 

Yellow Snow @ 7/27/2008 21:14 commented on Home Sweet Home
:o stray pixel! bottom right. ! Spongebob sparepants!

Yellow Snow @ 7/26/2008 20:41 commented on Memorial
I think you need some more shadow of the lion, panther thing on the wall. But amazing!

Yellow Snow @ 7/25/2008 22:44 commented on Steampunk Contraption
Look forward to it! XD

Yellow Snow @ 7/23/2008 15:16 commented on Steampunk Contraption
Need's animation!!

Yellow Snow @ 7/21/2008 07:57 commented on Faerie Circle
*shiny eyes* Very nice

Yellow Snow @ 7/19/2008 15:08 commented on Garage.
The lighting is off. Look at this one >
Notice s/he has chosen a light source from the left and changed coulors, they also use shadows and the light lights up the left side of the lighthouse. With your lights the front of the building would be lighter the the side, which is opposite, also the ground would be lit up somewhat and I see that there is light coming from the garage, the ground would be lit up aswell. Re-think your light. Think of shadows and what is lit up.

Yellow Snow @ 7/17/2008 16:03 commented on Farmyr's bedroom
things need work... there's stray pixels, the rolls of paper don't look good, the globe isn't globe-like enough (not a sphere) the pipes and reflections don't work together, the telescope is really too fat to stand on that stand, the shadows don't work together, some face this way , some other ways... I like your bed texture, but needs a pillow...
Just rambling... work some more on it  ;)

Yellow Snow @ 7/16/2008 15:37 commented on Punch
Maybe he should run back instead of jumping, also after the jump and the punch should be longer.

Yellow Snow @ 7/16/2008 15:36 commented on Yuri Hyuga
Use transparency!

Yellow Snow @ 7/16/2008 15:18 commented on Flower Power Inc.
Animation? Please!

Yellow Snow @ 7/15/2008 18:12 commented on Dim Sum
So few ppl got it, it's really sad

Yellow Snow @ 7/8/2008 11:02 commented on couch
It shouldn't be shiny also, where are the shadows, It shouldn't be directly below , look at the bottle, the shadow is good but the couch's shadow isn't. Rethink it, and add more shadows.

Yellow Snow @ 7/8/2008 09:36 commented on PixelThai
Yeh once it's fixed I'll use it. It's very nice on the eyes.

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 23:04 commented on RNDM STPDTY - Drinking Fountain
I love all your comics, you should do whole series of n00b and add a whole group to pj

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 22:58 commented on Geometric Skull - AA Test
Very nice piece! Smooth!

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 22:57 commented on My Av V1
I found only 4 I would vote for, You have to look for not just good coulors, or colors for americans, but look for a font that you would actually use, also look for creativity. Some I found would take 5 minutes to make others people actually worked at it.

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 22:52 commented on Carpenter King
I count 8 coulors and a stray white dot...

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 16:20 commented on Game Font
That's the problem with small squarish font, you need to be creative! Make good font, not just square font, like most people do.

Yellow Snow @ 7/7/2008 12:05 commented on One More Time
Well I can't see Watever

Yellow Snow @ 7/6/2008 21:01 commented on Pop-up-pixel font
Very nice. A winner!

Yellow Snow @ 7/6/2008 20:41 commented on One More Time
Good job, there should be shadows of the mushroom top on the stem and the whole thing on the ground?

Yellow Snow @ 7/5/2008 22:10 commented on pxlfnt
 very nice and usable.