Nxzfreak @ 9/5/2011 01:32 commented on Guernica3D

I absolutely love this!!  Definitely seems more like a first person adventure than full-blown fps. At first I thought some of them looked a bit messy with the text but once I made sense of what was going on it just made them more humorous.

Nxzfreak @ 9/4/2011 06:01 commented on Chiptales - Invasion of the Pl'aarr'nts!

the weird outlines/AA were intended to make the characters/interactive-objects stand out and so that everything would look reasonable on top of anything else (since the background/scenery would be constantly changing in an actual game) but I understand what you all mean

Nxzfreak @ 9/1/2011 10:57 commented on Crackhand


Nxzfreak @ 8/31/2011 19:12 commented on Wailing Kad

*ahem* not the most innocent of positions, but cute!

Nxzfreak @ 7/24/2010 08:49 commented on mockup?

that style is so amazing, do you have any references? i really really love it

Nxzfreak @ 6/24/2010 10:32 commented on Socuro: Tree

i think its amazing actually, i love the trunk. the lighting is fine imo nice work mozzy :3 my only problem maybe the back where hte leaves are darkest is a bit too circle shaped, otherwise its great

Nxzfreak @ 6/23/2010 13:02 commented on Mega Major Army Man to the Third Power

this is the hardest choice EVER :-( so many are amazing, either in skill or idea

Nxzfreak @ 6/15/2010 15:27 commented on Big Bird

new conversation, what are you currently / last listening to?

I am listening to the sound of e typing this post. how bout you

Nxzfreak @ 6/14/2010 11:10 commented on Big Bird

ignorance is bliss, people who believe in god are ignorant to the lack of god ^^

for example the holocaust, children getting raped and murdered. that sort of thing.


edit: in respone to TINC


fair enough, however i doubt anyone could ever answer the question of why does god allow pain, there are so many contradictions in anything partially spiritual! :3

Nxzfreak @ 5/28/2010 14:22 commented on Minish Cap Style Buildings

most amazing sprites ive ever seen in pixelaret, good show!

Nxzfreak @ 5/22/2010 15:44 commented on Box

ending made me lol ;D nice work

Nxzfreak @ 5/20/2010 15:50 commented on Heavy!

it aint similar at all in my opinion, at least he took the initiative to use a reference like that in the first place, and thats if he did. imo many things are based on many other things, doesent mean that you need to call it stealing/ripping/copying.


(pretty much disagreeing with mataru there :D)

Nxzfreak @ 5/10/2010 15:46 commented on Drr Mini

hard time choosing the best 3 :/

Nxzfreak @ 5/8/2010 14:33 commented on Big Bird


Nxzfreak @ 4/27/2010 14:33 commented on Big Bird

pokemon is nomekop backwards. why did noone notice this before?

Nxzfreak @ 4/26/2010 00:12 commented on What happens at night, stays at night... (day/night)

Ah, well, thanks for the comments. Firstly the red is supposed to distract. As in, stand out the most, its not mistake that it is so saturated and all the other colours are not! This is to emphasize the red eyes, the blood on the dagger and the roses. The Statue kills people at night and buries them nearby, but their graves do not appear during the day, instead you see a rose. (Chronologically, the statue goes out and kills everyone, thus the graves appear, and during the day time the graves do not appear, but the killings are still real because the authorities put a missing sign there) it's quite a meaningful image ;-P


sorry for that confusion, i understand if the red dosen't work well and if it dosen't make enough sense in this order ;D

Nxzfreak @ 4/25/2010 21:22 commented on Big Bird

i'd hate to leave you as the last chatterer until the awkward silence is broken, so i went ahead and broke it

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:59 commented on Peeking

a few bits of things to say, firstly the dithering on the cloud works quite well, but you go brighter onto the outside, which makes sense, but it could really use anti-alias, maybe using the colours on the lips of the moon, because it looks a little rigidy.

the texture on the moon looks awesome and works really well, but the lips dont fit it at all, it look like its been thrown on top rather than actually part of the picture, lastly the stars that dot the image, maybe they could use some AA as well, and maybe less stars, but more detailed few would work better, since at the moment they dont seem part of the background but instead just a sprinkle of white dots on the picture!

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:54 commented on Big Bird

@jal i can nawt log into the forum still, all my cookies are enabled etc. but still gives me a cookie related error omonom im hungry now. so i cannot get C&C on my WIP :'[ but following your post on the weekly challenge forum, you said why all the big canvases? mine will be 770x460 T_T

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:53 commented on Weapons

i see a tiny bird in that tree, birds have wings, dragons have wings, so i suggest that you add tiny wings to the tree and a reptile mouth and call it a dragon tree

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:35 commented on Weapons

@ shawn a real challenge would be to make your current avatr into a dragon themed one instead :]


(sorry for double)

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:34 commented on Weapons

<----- Yeah.... Dragons will win, we are cute, threatening and breathe fire. Nuff said

Nxzfreak @ 4/23/2010 14:30 commented on Big Bird

i has made a dragon which is yet to be approved, any critique, took me 10 minutes though :/

Nxzfreak @ 4/21/2010 14:02 commented on Street Fighter RPG - Charlie

Im entering this one! :-) its gonna be horror themed, but get this, it wont have zombies!!! D: Extra challenge

Nxzfreak @ 4/19/2010 14:32 commented on FERAL - Beastman form fighter sprite

i think free camera's one shoudlve be in the top three tbh...