ThePixelChick @ 4/7/2009 06:29 commented on Zeppelin Destruction

That was hilarious... especially the toilet jump made me laugh. Good one!

ThePixelChick @ 4/2/2009 16:01 commented on Big Bird

Hahaha.. the remark of the year:

Metaru @ 3:56:32 PM
"I was talking to the cow, not to its parasites"

ThePixelChick @ 4/2/2009 14:43 commented on Take My Hand

This is so perfect, its making me physically ill looking at it.... *sigh*

ThePixelChick @ 3/31/2009 17:03 commented on Colossal Katamari

This is so sick...

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 18:09 commented on Big Bird

Thanx skull... Stupid I couldn't figure it out by myself... lol

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 18:08 commented on Big Bird

I'm not sure if you are making fun of me and I'm making it worse by replying but XD doesn't realy mean anything. Its a smiley like :) Think of it like someone is lauging with its mouth open and its eyes closed...

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 18:03 commented on soccer managers game pixelart


yeahhhh... I'm so happy it got in, but I'm really learning a lot here. I've read the links Jalonse gave me, and I completely agree with everything he layed out about AA (thanx to dpixel to figured out what AA means), transparancy and color counts. On new pieces, made for the pixeljoint, i will try to better my ways knowing what I know now.

The new knowledge really inspires me and a ban would have done the opposite. I'm happy to know that exceptions are made so that in the end the level of pixelart will get better. This add, even if it is against the rules makes me want to do better. My thanks go out to Jalonso. I've seen your art and the respect I have for you is out of this world. Your approval means a lot to me.

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 17:40 commented on Big Bird

Thanx dpixel... that helps. I've got another one... NPA? I tried google but I'm very certai it can't mean National Pimp Association ;)

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 16:37 commented on Big Bird

I'm reading the forum about using transparancy and why it is not allowed, but i cnstantly see the term AA. This seemed the place to get the quickest answer to what that means.... Can someone please tell me?

ThePixelChick @ 3/29/2009 14:39 commented on Amsterdam

Hi Balamoot,

you are right, the cars are horrible. They could be removed altogether. Problem is, the bikes are worse and what do you put on the streets?

In the water i wanted to put a "woonboot". Don't know the term in English, but in Amsterdam loads of people live on the water. Or just small boats... we have boats here everywhere. Just never found the time. This piece was done in between 2003 and 2005. Its so hard to pick it up again.

I know I broke rules, the administrator already communicated this with me. Next work really made for this site will be valid pixelart. But I don't think i broke the rule about the equal dimensions. The rest of the tree is just masked by the wall. Maybe they should be longer and i guessed wrong. It seemed right like this.

Those are all good comments that will make the next one better, but  i doubt if i will ever start anything this big again ;)

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 19:07 commented on soccer managers game pixelart

Hi shadow-dancer,

it would be a horrible if i have to remove it. I really wanted to show this to the world since the site didn't follow through and i have been keeping it a secret for about 6 months... That was hard... !! I just hoped you guys would make me feel a bit better, but now I'm starting to feel worse knowing the pixel society i love so, so much doesn't accept it as true pixelart. I don't want to feel like i cheated, expecially because it took so many hours to make it.

But if it is invallid, what do you think i should to do to change it...? Delete the shadow layers and draw in the same colors by hand? How would they see the difference?

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 17:28 commented on soccer managers game pixelart

Hi Lollige,

thanks for your reply. Maybe it doesn't look like it, but it is all done pixel by pixel. I've made my own little Photoshop brushes that help a lot. They are made by me, so I don't think i break rules.

I first made the gras 1 color green. Then I selected it and threw my brushes at it. Then I choose a good bit with even coloring and no very evident patterns. The good bits are copied over and over until it looks right to me. The water is in a layer below it and shines through, but is done in tjhe same way. Isn't that ok?

And i do use semi transparant layers for the shadows. 4 layers to be exact, ranging from 5% to 20% transparancy. Only black is used on those layers. Isn't transparancy allowed? I don't think i can do it without it.

Another technique i sometimes use is saving bits using only a few colors and then re-opening the saved bit and using the results. I just think those are things you learn and although photoshop does the work here, its still my own method i perfected by trail and error...

I really hope they don't reject it. Can i find the rules somewhere?

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 10:12 commented on Amsterdam

Just uploaded a better cut out... shows a bit more water and a bit more amsterdam :)

(Don't mind the top right... just filled that in a horrible way)

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 09:00 commented on Jaap Stam

Hahaha... leuk!

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 07:51 commented on Hoodie Guy

STill think this is one of the most perfect pixel person even seen. Its an tripleP for me!

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 07:02 commented on boys and girls

I'm working on it... have three small things waiting here to get on, but couldn't find out how to upload it in one go. Quess the others are following soon :)

ThePixelChick @ 3/28/2009 06:48 commented on Sexy Beast!

lol @ bowie remark...

respect for everything else..

ThePixelChick @ 3/27/2009 20:12 commented on Soccermania

off course i can understand. I am just so proud of it and I know pixelfanatics would have loved it... but since its up for sale i had to secure it in one way or another. It feels horrible to have something like this and you can't show it to anybody. I made it for a project i was doing for two young guys who wanted a soccergame, but it was just too much for them so three days ago we decided to give it up... its a shame. It could have been great.

Oh well... thanx anyway. :)

ThePixelChick @ 1/15/2005 10:13 commented on Shark
Blick... Is there a special trick to do the dithering??? Or is it just all manual work.. mail me for tips please.. anyone!

ThePixelChick @ 1/14/2005 15:53 commented on Ice Penguin Statue
This is one of the most striking creations i have ever saw. The colors are awesome and especially the old 16 color screens effect you gave to the shading!! Be proud!!

ThePixelChick @ 1/14/2005 15:50 commented on Ferret