andrae @ 5/5/2016 01:52 commented on Gerobak Sate

sharp looking style you got there

andrae @ 3/15/2016 03:40 commented on adetwt

Thanks, nagapon. I updated the image : )

andrae @ 3/2/2016 01:27 commented on Big Bird

That is now my wallpaper

andrae @ 12/26/2015 03:36 commented on Secret Santa 2015

Superb. Can't get enough of those lights.

andrae @ 12/1/2015 02:12 commented on Big Bird

Hey Jalonso!

andrae @ 11/13/2015 20:49 commented on Big Bird

TV Commercial McDonald's Philippines Pixel art for November :)

andrae @ 11/12/2015 02:23 commented on A mountain pass

love the rim light

andrae @ 11/5/2015 15:20 commented on Drawlloween

excellent set!

andrae @ 10/30/2015 02:07 commented on Vityaz

If only I could rate higher...

andrae @ 10/15/2015 21:22 commented on Cleric Beast

Looks cool. Knees look phallic at first tho

andrae @ 10/15/2015 21:20 commented on Mario!

solid pixel technique 

andrae @ 10/13/2015 16:05 commented on Floppy Ears

Definitely better.

Thanks and welcome to PJ

andrae @ 10/13/2015 15:55 commented on Animal Village

Shadows may be inconsistent, but still pleasant to the eyes.

andrae @ 10/13/2015 02:37 commented on Floppy Ears

Good clusters and cute character.

The colors are washed out for my taste. It fine when viewed in darker background, but suffers from lack of contrast with lighter or white background. Check for duplicate colors too. Image specs tool tells me you have 17.

Here's a quick edit:

  • removed duplicate colors
  • reduced color count to 9
  • increased contrast

andrae @ 10/10/2015 06:34 commented on Breasts practice

The color you used to AA the black outline lacks contrast to actually work. Maybe it is easier to outline the figure with black first, then apply AA to smoothen jaggies that will appear.

Check her proportions, arms are too short.

andrae @ 9/24/2015 18:10 commented on Big Bird


andrae @ 9/21/2015 00:35 commented on Big Bird

There's an area impossible to reach :(

andrae @ 8/28/2015 19:56 commented on Animated lomo

Smooth. Maybe change the color of the background to make the body visible.

What are you using to animate this?

andrae @ 8/17/2015 20:55 commented on Forest Lord

my favorite piece in your gallery

andrae @ 5/19/2015 13:44 commented on Cuong Dojo

The roof could get more flair, aside from that, the trees are well done.

andrae @ 5/19/2015 12:16 commented on `

Can't wait to see DB's palette in the collab. Congrats everyone.

andrae @ 5/14/2015 19:50 commented on Yeti

Wow. thanks phil! It's my first time to receive an indepth crit.

This was the initial sketch I made which I think has a better storytelling - A hunter hiding from the yeti . I planned on making some of your suggestions such as:

  • the warm and cool colors to separate the foreground (hiding man) and the background (yeti).
  • foggy colors on the yeti to establish the big size of the yeti.
  • angry-faced yeti
  • more colors in the palette. The subject is merging with the background

but, as usual, failed to execute them on this piece.

When wil I stop being lazy

andrae @ 5/12/2015 15:59 commented on Boss Ganon

There's something off for me on the attack animation but I can't put my finger on it. Aside from that, these are very well made, especially the portrait.

andrae @ 4/10/2015 16:29 commented on Big Bird


Oh, too early for that.

andrae @ 1/27/2015 02:29 commented on New Grass tiles

This almost looks playable.