Saxamaphone @ 1/22/2008 18:09 commented on sdfgdf
I doubt its an edit, Shawn wouldn't do that.
It's inspired, therefore its in the similar style of ben2theedge's sprite, it doesn't even look edited.

shawn you anorexic ily

Saxamaphone @ 10/30/2007 01:43 commented on Avatar - Lawl HaHa
haha sweet this is so awesome

Saxamaphone @ 9/30/2007 17:38 commented on Petey

Well, not exactly MLSS style. Just the outline. And even that isn't really correct.
Petey's lips should stick out, they're rounded not flat. His head looks too circular aswell.
His body looks wrong aswell, I don't really like the piece but the idea and pose is good.

Saxamaphone @ 8/30/2007 23:44 commented on when things are about to f**k up THIS DUDE WILL BE HERE TO HELP OUT
your my bitch
love this work :)

Saxamaphone @ 8/8/2007 23:02 commented on O Rly?

With the amount of colours you used, I'm sure you could get this looking much better, owls aren't made of smooth plastic.

Saxamaphone @ 8/8/2007 23:01 commented on OLD

hey 1up :)

i suggested the eyebrows, although, they could be thicker and bushier ahaha

Saxamaphone @ 7/1/2007 23:29 commented on They've been waiting...

Ha, very creative idea DJD.

A bit too simple though, with the shading but a very nice idea. :)

Saxamaphone @ 6/23/2007 00:07 commented on The Time of Your Life is Running Out of Itself.

This is looking pretty awesome! Good stuff.

Saxamaphone @ 6/21/2007 03:02 commented on Doklett

yeah its okay i guess

but rly its good

Saxamaphone @ 6/20/2007 02:23 commented on Marcus Fenix

I didn't think the lancer was that big compared to Marcus.

The game is fuckin' win also.

Saxamaphone @ 6/19/2007 00:22 commented on One of my many fake pokemon
this is pretty damn good

Saxamaphone @ 5/12/2007 04:11 commented on SLEF PORTRAIT


this is a great avatar for you fosh

Saxamaphone @ 5/12/2007 03:17 commented on look at that fukken noob lmbo

ah good to see the coloured version!

came out VERY good

Saxamaphone @ 4/27/2007 20:14 commented on Contrails
i think this piece came out so peaceful and great, it'll get a vote from me!

Saxamaphone @ 4/26/2007 23:31 commented on Boo!

shouldnt you be able to see boo's other tooth?

but good shading work none the less :)

Saxamaphone @ 4/20/2007 17:12 commented on ASDFGHJKL The Demon
came out good 1up :)

Saxamaphone @ 4/18/2007 16:00 commented on Elle tord ses cheveux verts

I only can read French a little, but from a few words I know, the poem sounds very good!

Also, the artwork to it is awesome aswell. :)

Saxamaphone @ 4/17/2007 02:25 commented on My Avatar

mspaint default colours cameo!

but really, this is a great avatar (:

Saxamaphone @ 4/16/2007 02:53 commented on Platform Characters

shawn cameo!

great job jww

Saxamaphone @ 4/10/2007 02:03 commented on Big Bird

man, ive been spriting for atleast 5 years

if you view my gallery and find my old works, you'll see no real improvement

Saxamaphone @ 4/3/2007 03:52 commented on kitten voyage
woah this thing twists your mind, greatly done (:

Saxamaphone @ 3/30/2007 01:57 commented on Shin chan- Ass dance
i love that show :)

Saxamaphone @ 3/23/2007 02:40 commented on anne (UPDATED)

glad to see you getting back into this fossil, your still excellent

(and good in bed)

Saxamaphone @ 3/21/2007 21:19 commented on Standing Tall

well since my character is round, for this piece, it was meant for just half of it to be seen, like to the mouth, but i decided to just make a whole body, and for once didn't use the circle tool

also the reason i called it standing tall is because it looks longer in the ball-ness

Saxamaphone @ 3/20/2007 23:21 commented on Spacetravellers.
great use of colours