exocet @ 6/9/2019 14:53 commented on Little kitty

Great style!

exocet @ 8/15/2018 01:57 commented on exocet dither stamps

Better late than never, I'm only finding about this 11 years after it was done... This looks super cool and it's pretty much spot on - this is exactly how I work 

Thanks Tomic!

exocet @ 3/21/2018 07:28 commented on My room Mock-up

Great work. I like how everything is very well-defined.

exocet @ 1/27/2018 15:14 commented on Ambush

Really nice style and colour palette, good job!

exocet @ 1/10/2018 14:45 commented on The Den

Thanks for the nice feedback, guys!

exocet @ 1/4/2018 10:06 commented on Secret santa 2017

Nice! I've got a soft spot for cats with guns ;)

exocet @ 1/4/2018 03:55 commented on Egypt (Atari 2600)

Excellent work considering the crazy limitations of the VCS, Mermaid. Consider me impressed ;)

exocet @ 1/1/2018 08:02 commented on Self Portrait at 28

Great work! I especially like the cooler skin tones. 

exocet @ 10/30/2017 15:14 commented on Secret admirer

Great picture. Lots of story and atmosphere. 

exocet @ 5/5/2017 11:03 commented on Chase

Great animation and great little story in there :)

exocet @ 5/5/2017 11:00 commented on Nuclear walk

Amazing work! Great atmosphere.

Why no antialiasing on the black foreground though?

exocet @ 4/27/2017 06:52 commented on Dribble Quest

Excellent work! Is this for an actual game?

exocet @ 4/27/2017 06:49 commented on Saviour

Hi Veto. Great pic at Revision :)

I really like the bright colours and the dynamic feeling. You did an excellent job with the wolves. 

exocet @ 4/27/2017 06:47 commented on Lullaby

Great pic! I really dig the composition and the colours. It would indeed need a bit of polishing to take to the next level, but it deserves it :) 

That was also fun seeing your train of thought with the steps shown at the party place, with the dragon starting up as a utility pole, then a tree :D

exocet @ 4/20/2017 02:26 commented on Into The Rift - City Reveal

Great animation! There's indeed a nice vibe from the old Delphine Software adventure games :) 

exocet @ 3/27/2017 14:43 commented on KF map

Great work as usual!

exocet @ 3/26/2017 14:24 commented on Gone Fishin'

Thanks for the kind comments, guys :)

exocet @ 9/30/2015 14:58 commented on Entrance

Beautiful and very atmospheric! Very impressed by the pipes and the snow :)

exocet @ 9/16/2015 14:03 commented on EIL3 logo

Always been a big fan of this logo. Great shapes, dithering and colours!

exocet @ 9/3/2015 14:01 commented on Pocket Kingdom

Great style and mood, good job!

exocet @ 9/3/2015 13:58 commented on Big Bird

Hurrah for the new(?) sharp zoom feature :)

exocet @ 9/3/2015 13:56 commented on Organisk Entropi

Pretty cool, quite Giger-esque :)

exocet @ 9/3/2015 13:55 commented on Defying Physics

Great style! That rock looks ace!

exocet @ 7/19/2015 04:58 commented on Pixel_Dailes logo

Great style! Really cool rendering on the laser/lightning/cloud in the background and on the chrome logo. I like the SEGA-inspired font too :)

My only remark would be that the couple of white pixels at the top right of the L of Pixel make it look a bit like "Pixet".

exocet @ 2/28/2015 10:26 commented on Hunt for the Green Krysztahl!

Deliciously wacky :) 

Great use of the Atari STF palette too!