"Learning Pixel Art" Released!


For the past several months, Ego has been writing a book of tutorials!

This book, comprising of 8 lessons and three appendices across 207 pages, is titled Learning Pixel Art and is now officially available for purchase for the low price of $0.99 as an ebook on Amazon.

Additionally, there is a wealth of preview material available here: Learning Pixel Art Resource Page

Purchase the book here: Learning Pixel Art on Amazon

The book is written in plain language that avoids jargon and clearly defines all the terms it uses, as well as being chock-full of informative diagrams, making it easy for a newbie to pick up, but deals with major topics like clusters, color selection, and starting a piece, making it a valuable read even for the experienced pixel artist. If you're looking for step-by-steps on how to create some single piece, look elsewhere; this book will teach you the foundational techniques of pixel art and how to apply them in any circumstance.

If you're wondering why you should listen to what I have to say, I've been analyzing and critiquing pixel art for years, and have been recognized for my helpful, comprehensive, and clear explanations.

I'd love to know what you think of the book, especially if you feel you learned something. Definitely let me know if you publish any of your creations from doing the exercises!

Thanks to everyone who's supported me here before. It's because of the support of this community that I ever even wanted to share my thoughts.

Cover art page HERE - Forum WIp thread HERE

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Mothil (Level 1 Rookie) @ 4/3/2015 13:31

Woah, this looks awesome! I'm thinking about buying this later.

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 3/27/2015 06:16

i chipped in 5$, maybe if ego is real nice, he will let me say one of those 4 extra dollars is for Eggy's copy?

Eggy (Level 5 Detective) @ 3/26/2015 23:44

Looks so amazing... Too bad I have to wait until I get into a college before I'm even able to buy stuff online D: I wish there's a way I could buy it with actual money...

Ego (Level 6 Commander) @ 3/26/2015 20:38

Sent it your way!

@TAG-Nadia: Thank you very much! Glad you think it was able to touch on some topics that aren't often discussed; that was one of my main goals :)

dTfromUA (Level 1 Gangster) @ 3/26/2015 20:18

Donate to u with help your web-site and wait for your book in my e-mail. I guess it will help me.

king_bobston (Level 10 Capo) @ 3/26/2015 12:08

Glad to be of help

TAG-Nadia (Level 1 Rookie) @ 3/26/2015 05:01

I had bought this on Amazon to begin with, since I have a kindle. But I also donated to your page as well, so I don't need another copy of the book. The donation is just to be sure you're properly compensated for the hard work :) . I haven't been able to read it entirely yet, but so far you've touched on subjects I can never really find decent, if any, tutorials on. Congrats!

Ego (Level 6 Commander) @ 3/25/2015 14:15

Thank you for the printing information! That actually helps a bunch. The dpi/ppi settings are where I ran into a bunch of strangeness - it was difficult to calibrate that with InDesign. If I try to make a print version (or even just a 2nd edition) I'll be trying to make it perfect on those things.

Yeah, font stuff is something I'm still not confident in. The main font is Droid Serif; I picked it because I knew it should work with just about anything, especially on smaller screens. I'm a bit confused by your headline font comment - it's the same font (unless you were one of the first-day downloads that has spreads; I had a conflict issue and updating the book should fix that). It is, admittedly, simple. I definitely agree that I could have tried to do something more clever with the layout design, and I'd like to in the future, but for my first release I wanted to play it a bit safe. Thanks!

@Friend: Facepalming right now, that would have been such a simple solution! Ugh. More notes for 2nd edition I guess! And thanks, glad it was able to reveal some stuff to you!

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 3/25/2015 14:00

i got some nice info in your book :) some observations i hadnt yet seen.  :))

one suggestion- for the section at the beginning on resolution, it would be easier and quicker to understand if you put a grid on the images to show to real resolution

king_bobston (Level 10 Capo) @ 3/25/2015 13:26

Regarding printing stuff, you should check with the peeps who print it. There're different workflows (some printers like to get the RGBs, most however don't in my experience) and different color profiles for all the papers and printing devices. You should check with every program you use to make the book to have the matching color space (photoshop, indesign AND in the PDF for example). And don't be one of those "On my monitor it looked better" or "I printed it at home and it looked differently". If color truth is important to you, you should have a calibrated monitor and look at it with the right color profile in the proof preview, or however it's called in english. And even that is not 100% correct. Even an actual certified printed proof isn't 100% correct.

Don't know if pixels require any extra care. They should have a big enough resolution (ppi not [number] x [number]). People mostly shoot for 300ppi which is good in most cases but make sure and check with your printer.

Only other thing I can think of is problems with your fonts. If you can't work anything out you can transform them to paths but that's kind of frowned uppon.

But I'm pretty sure that it should work out good. These are just possible things that could be problems you should be aware about but don't need to go crazy about. Just check with your printer and make sure to meet their requirements as good as possible.

Oh, jeah. Congrats on the book. I have only thrown a short glimpse at it, yet. You should use a tamer font, imo. I'm also not a fan of your headline font. Also checking a bit about grid design (or however the english term is) could be interesting to make it a bit more appealing. And using different (but fitting with the other!!!) fonts/colors to highlight special text segments can make the whole thing a bit more alive (but always have it make sense, form follows function!)

Kind of just rambling here but I had to

Ego (Level 6 Commander) @ 3/25/2015 11:07

I'd like to be able to make a real book eventually for it, but I honestly don't know what the process would be for making that happen (both publishing and making the document "print-ready," if anything is even needed)

Fair point on the typography; graphic design and typography are things I'm kinda learning by feel. What about it bothers you?

(@adpdl: check your inbox here on PJ)

Elk (Level 5 Assistant Manager) @ 3/25/2015 04:20

im going to take a look at it :) wish it was a real book though, i love nice prints

EDIT: not a really big fan of the typography used... but now to take a look at the context :D

adpdl (Level 1 Intern) @ 3/25/2015 04:19

I donated too, but I think I forgot to include my e-mail in the donation comment. Do you have an email adress (or a way to be PMed) so we can fix this ? 

Ego (Level 6 Commander) @ 3/24/2015 23:07

I've added the donation option officially on my page! If you're okay with waiting a few hours, it's DRM-free and all the profit goes to me instead of to Amazon. I do fulfillment as soon as I get to my computer after recieving a donation, so it should rarely take more than 8 hours.

Thanks to everyone who has already supported!

Volrak_Rutra (Level 6 SWAT) @ 3/24/2015 19:37

Donated too, not a fan of the Amazon and Kindle. Looking forward to the email!

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 3/24/2015 12:23

thanks! i donated

Ego (Level 6 Commander) @ 3/24/2015 11:42

If you're able to see it in black and white, you can try to download the resources folder from the first link and read along, referring to the folder to see the images.

If you don't have a means to use the book at all (or that's too much hassle), go to my blog (again, the Resource Page link above) and donate $1 to me using the donate button on the side and include your email in the donation comment, I'll send you a totally DRM-free PDF and EPUB.

Thanks for the interest, and thank you Droth as well!

Friend (Level 1 Jukyu) @ 3/24/2015 09:27

I don't have a kindle fire nor android device :( is there any way to get this in color?

Droth (Level 1 Gangster) @ 3/24/2015 08:18

It is a brilliant book!

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