geminoid @ 10/7/2010 17:54 commented on Secret World

I think your colours are fine, but your implementation is lacking.


Also, the nose looks like a big dick.

geminoid @ 9/13/2010 03:06 commented on Onifarious Take 3

this pallette is horrid

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:24 commented on apple and water

love it, but cant help but think the pallette is in excess

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:24 commented on Slurpy Blibli

I can almost hear him....

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:20 commented on Kneeling Guard from NLP

I dig it more when its zoomed in

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:19 commented on Some cyberpunk

I love it. The "noisy and unfinished" especially. Super awesome pallette

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:19 commented on SpaceShip

the palette leave much to be desired

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:18 commented on Still switched on

for some reason this reminds me of "Syndicate"

geminoid @ 8/23/2010 16:12 commented on Kaneda on Bike

this is a direct trace dude. Seriously....You traced it, resized it and then went over it with pixels. If youre going to sprite Kaneda, you should do it from scratch. This isnt even referenced, its a trace and resize.


geminoid @ 7/10/2009 03:32 commented on Monk

Nah the intent was to have it seem like a speech animation that started with and ended with the blue eyeball turd, and the impression of One or two sentences of "Speech". I wasnt trying to give a seperate animation for each phrase at all.

geminoid @ 7/9/2009 16:15 commented on Monk

See, on my preview i had it running much slower. Im kind of stupid when it comes to making gifs, so it could be that.

geminoid @ 4/22/2009 00:03 commented on Viera

yeah. up around the ears you have some stray whites.

geminoid @ 4/21/2009 19:44 commented on Open Cardboard Box

Im not arguing the artistic challenge to emulating somebody elses style. Its a great skil building excercise. I thought originally that i was required to emulate your style, eyes and all.


Im going to give this a shot I think. I havent done a self portrait in years, pixel or otherwise. Unless time gets in the way. So far Ive been sort of holding out for a challenge that i think i have a good shot at winning first with.

Ive got every ribbon but a first place. But i may just partake for the sake of keeping my pixel intrest. its been a few weeks since using paint


Again, I apologise for my initial reluctance


geminoid @ 4/21/2009 17:55 commented on Open Cardboard Box

My apologies. I was mislead by "You must create your own Omnivore eye."

So just to clarify...

I have to make a self portrait

With a max of 32 colours

And I am only required to use one colour from the sample pallette?


If that is the case, i will perhaps join in the fun. The wording of the challenge had me a bit confused



geminoid @ 4/21/2009 14:26 commented on Open Cardboard Box

self portraits arent so much lame, but being resricted to emulate somebody elses style of pixelling eyes is. Im just not feeling it. Good luck to all who enter though.

geminoid @ 4/20/2009 13:13 commented on Open Cardboard Box

Man, i can hardly wait for a challenge that im not overtly MEEEEEH about. This one is kind of lame

geminoid @ 3/22/2009 00:47 commented on Big Bird

Im damn near thirty years old, and still play pokemon.

Babies my ass.

You whippersnappers could use less violence in yer games theese days

geminoid @ 3/9/2009 00:20 commented on Big Bird

where is the new weekly challenge?

geminoid @ 2/25/2009 19:34 commented on Kano

Can i use the word repeatedly? As in


geminoid @ 12/29/2008 01:26 commented on Baby Boy icon
so many options.......where to start.

I think Ill either hit up the 2 color pallete scene again, or try the old nature chalenge.

geminoid @ 12/24/2008 14:55 commented on My Face
nicely done sir

geminoid @ 12/24/2008 14:54 commented on Tree Island
this needs some work

geminoid @ 12/23/2008 18:32 commented on Scene - No Undo - EGA 14c
nice. especially with the limitations you gave yourself

geminoid @ 12/18/2008 21:17 commented on Grey Guy (matrix)
Depends on where you live.
For example, In canada, they tell you not to spell colour the american way (COLOR) and they freak.
The one that bugs me is when people type "Alot"  (Not a word) And say "Stupider" (Also not a word)

geminoid @ 12/18/2008 20:19 commented on Mr. Moustache likes variations
I dig it man. very rad