Dr D @ 8/8/2016 09:17 commented on Project Screens #2

This is based on BoF? I recognize who the sprite is supposed to be, I think.

I like the houses scene especially, with the pipes and shading on doors and such, also gives me a FF6 vibe.

Dr D @ 12/20/2015 08:15 commented on Rainy Jungle

Wow, this is great. Really nice range and use of colors.

Dr D @ 12/16/2015 11:50 commented on Big Bird

Hey man, don't tell me what to do!

I do what I want!

Dr D @ 12/15/2015 11:29 commented on Female Redcoat

Loving all your sprites lately. Keep 'em coming!

Dr D @ 12/15/2015 11:29 commented on Forest

It is a nice forest.

Dr D @ 12/7/2015 19:01 commented on Cave coin

Well done, but I think you could have made more use of the third color.

Dr D @ 12/2/2015 12:21 commented on Final Boss Jalonso

Hah, idk about that, but thank you! Glad you think so.

Dr D @ 12/1/2015 01:46 commented on Doll-MaidBot

Dr D @ 9/30/2015 15:52 commented on Dragon Ball Goku

Really like some of the clusters in this one, especially in the clothes.

Dr D @ 9/30/2015 15:51 commented on Dungeon Sample

Hey Conker! Thanks for the nice comment, that's actually really cool to know that I helped inspire someone.

You've certainly gotten a lot better yourself as well.

Dr D @ 9/9/2015 03:05 commented on Brain Malfunction


Dr D @ 9/7/2015 07:49 commented on Big Bird

Using Windows 8, blurry for me too ;)

Dr D @ 9/7/2015 07:33 commented on Unknow mockup!

I think this could benefit from some color variation between the greens on the different layers. Too much of that same green taking up most of the picture, and it's hard to determine the depth of the layers.

Dr D @ 8/31/2015 04:11 commented on Project Exorcist Background Trial

Fantastic, great work.

Only thing I don't personally like is the tree canopies/leaves, but at the same time, the tree trunks are some of my favorite things in this piece (and the sky).

Dr D @ 8/21/2015 17:22 commented on Nice to meet you!

This is amazing. Awesome use of palette.

Should the 'lines' from the mouth not be cast as shadows on to the ground as well?

Dr D @ 8/15/2015 13:29 commented on Swords & Stuff

These are amazing, faved for future reference. Thanks for sharing.

Dr D @ 8/15/2015 13:28 commented on Dungeon Sample

Thank you very much. 

Glad you like it.

Dr D @ 8/15/2015 13:26 commented on Dungeon Sample

Aw, thanks. That means a lot. Hopefully I keep getting even better.

Dr D @ 8/15/2015 02:53 commented on Precambrian Earth

Always love your portraits, and this is the best one yet! 6/6

Dr D @ 8/14/2015 21:22 commented on Big Bird

Maybe some of these will help:

Orbox (There are older, classic versions of this game, I just don't remember the name)
Rubik's Cube

Dr D @ 8/14/2015 19:26 commented on Big Bird

Everything all of a sudden looks (nested) like a reply to Paddy's previous message in the chatterbox..

Dr D @ 7/23/2015 18:26 commented on Bio Chambers

Thank you. :)

Dr D @ 7/4/2015 11:59 commented on Self portrait

Very fun, love the music.

165 is my highscore, don't think I'll be beating yours anytime soon. :P

Dr D @ 7/4/2015 11:22 commented on Road Trip


Nice pixel.

Dr D @ 6/28/2015 07:30 commented on Arcade Arcanum - major arcana

Not misspelled.