DawnBringer @ 8/21/2019 08:06 commented on Triad Logo

Welcome to PJ!

Auto downscaling isn't allowed for thumbnails. They have to be handmade pixelart as well (usually a cropped version of the main image)

DawnBringer @ 8/4/2019 11:59 commented on Chihuaye-aye

Better late than never! Looks great! :) 

DawnBringer @ 7/30/2019 05:48 commented on Y Sword Jump Kick

My hero is ABC and she will always teach you a lesson! :D 

DawnBringer @ 7/15/2019 10:47 commented on Amiga Top-down Dungeon

I'm instantly attracted to this...I wonder if it's the Amiga colors, the style or a combo of the two!?

Not sure you needed to include the tileset, either way it would be better placed at the bottom, as not to steal attention and make the first glance so confusing.

Also, what's all the objects placed on walls...are they ornaments or things a player can grab?

DawnBringer @ 6/13/2019 14:41 commented on Amiga boot screen

Yeah, that image was a mystery; how do you build such a brilliant machine and then only spend 5 minutes scribbling such a simple bootscreen that everyone will see, every day!? ("And what do you mean I have to insert a disk, there's no built-in system???" - Everyone who came from the C64 :D)

Your update is definitely an improvement! :)

DawnBringer @ 6/8/2019 11:38 commented on Undertale

Nicely rendered! Was this challenge specifically for DB8 or did you just happen to use it? 

DawnBringer @ 5/27/2019 08:04 commented on Dawnbringer Challenge

Hm, maybe think about that response for a while... ;) 

DawnBringer @ 5/27/2019 03:58 commented on Dawnbringer Challenge

Neat-o! :) So, what challenge is that? 

DawnBringer @ 5/10/2019 16:03 commented on Returning Home To Dragon's Gate

Beautiful...but an odd composition with the character on the same side as the castle. The left half of the image serves no real purpose. When in doubt - use rule of thirds.

DawnBringer @ 5/5/2019 16:10 commented on Mockups

Yup, add me to the list...said "Snake" too, but nope! :D 

DawnBringer @ 5/1/2019 01:15 commented on Big Bird

Half the site broke during the last major update and most of it hasn't been fixed...yet(?). If PJ was a horse, we would have taken it out and shot it behind the barn, by now... sad, but true!  

DawnBringer @ 3/31/2019 15:30 commented on Sensory Deprivation framed pixel

This is a 1MB 24-bit image...plz reupload as PNG-8   

DawnBringer @ 3/14/2019 05:40 commented on Hoppsh - My First Animation

This is the Ptoing-version of the C64-palette, but the provided palette contains 21 colors (even if the image only uses the proper 16). Save a lot of trouble and just use a gfx-editor that works with indexed palettes.

DawnBringer @ 2/16/2019 07:03 commented on Dragons Keep

@Fleja2003: The dramatic backdrop is competing for attention with the central motif, and the red rooftiles should probably be a bit darker on the shadowside.  

Still, great work!

DawnBringer @ 2/11/2019 11:40 commented on Big Bird

Samsung Internet seems to display pictures correctly!? At first glance Opera (mini) appears to work well too, but it actually converts images to Jpegs :( 

DawnBringer @ 1/29/2019 07:27 commented on Big Bird

Yup, now it works...thanx guys! 

DawnBringer @ 1/28/2019 15:04 commented on Big Bird


DawnBringer @ 1/28/2019 04:12 commented on Big Bird

@ Pixelation mods: I changed my e-mail and got logged out. Now I can't get in and I'm not getting any of the activation e-mails, no matter what I try.

DawnBringer @ 1/4/2019 09:08 commented on MAR

Oh, so now we are removing truthsaying comments rather than rule-breaking images... yeah, PJ is going down fast! 

DawnBringer @ 12/23/2018 23:49 commented on Big Bird

What is this, a cheerful Greenie!? This is very unsettling! ;) 

DawnBringer @ 12/19/2018 06:04 commented on Big Bird

Is there a good Android image-viewer for pixelart (crisp upscaling without interpolation)? 

DawnBringer @ 11/27/2018 08:09 commented on Big Bird

@Jeremy: While the bg could be (partly) redux, it is also quite consistent with the style used in the other components. Then again, the whole thing is very different from the artists two other pictures. But with all the shit and npa that gets into PJ these days; to the degree that this image has's trivial.

DawnBringer @ 11/13/2018 10:49 commented on The Cyan Goddess

Simple but fresh. And yeah, 11th was oddly low :/ ...maybe boobs doesn't buy you what it used to? :D 

DawnBringer @ 10/10/2018 05:02 commented on Big Bird

So much for the new rules. PJ has really gone down the shitter... :(

DawnBringer @ 10/1/2018 12:18 commented on Mechanisms animations tips

This is a tutorial more than art. And with those screengrabs from Photoshop this can't be accepted into the Gallery. Why not post this in the forum...