PixelPusher @ 3/13/2012 18:32 commented on unhealthy dinner choices

 That appears to be the Vic Viper and the ship from Radiant Silver Gun!

PixelPusher @ 1/28/2012 14:08 commented on BNTY PSTR 001

 You're free to play with it but I thought it still communicated that she was tan, but also easier on the eyes.

PixelPusher @ 1/25/2012 16:11 commented on BNTY PSTR 001

 Lighten up her skin. You can still have the tanned look, but it will improve readabiliy a lot. I quickly tweaked it in GraphicsGale (14, 81, 63 in HSL) and it looks much better. I'd also change her eye color to reduce the mononity of the color scheme.

PixelPusher @ 11/15/2011 13:40 commented on portrait 2

 Can you elaborate?

PixelPusher @ 11/14/2011 22:02 commented on Meega Mann

 Added a shaded version :)

PixelPusher @ 8/2/2011 15:44 commented on Dungeons of Dredmor fanart

 I think the character in the foreground should have less dithering than the one in the back. The sense of depth is getting messed up.

PixelPusher @ 8/2/2011 15:04 commented on Two mugshots and sprites

 Everything looks fantastic except for the last character sprite on the right. The arms are too long and the pose is awkward.

PixelPusher @ 7/12/2011 23:11 commented on Anatomy

 Face muscles I tried but the resolution is too small. It ended up unreadable. The hands are too small but I couldn't find a way to make them look both good and larger. Thighs I will work on :) Thanks for the feedback!

PixelPusher @ 6/8/2011 16:41 commented on EGG Shell

 Holy crap I remember EGG. I loved that game!

PixelPusher @ 5/15/2011 19:54 commented on Realm Out of Time

 This is sexy. When the challenge is over, I'd like to see you go at it with a full pallette.

PixelPusher @ 6/3/2010 19:30 commented on Retribution of the Stratosphere

 Very Bitmap Brothers. Nice job!

PixelPusher @ 1/18/2008 12:42 commented on Hoplite w/ Gladius
There isn't an AA on the shield, it's supposed to be a gold rim.

PixelPusher @ 1/17/2008 21:11 commented on Hoplite
I worked off a ref from GIS, and he had a cape on, plus he's not fighting so he can wear it. :P I'm not super happy with the shield, but round objects are not my friends.

PixelPusher @ 12/29/2005 04:28 commented on Cruisader
God, just drop it.

PixelPusher @ 12/28/2005 10:41 commented on Cruisader
Yeah, maybe you should've seen the other ones I made? Yes, its very Kenneth and its old. I just felt like doing it, so get off my bacl.

PixelPusher @ 12/27/2005 01:08 commented on Alien Thingy
This isn't even his.

PixelPusher @ 12/19/2005 00:16 commented on Alien Thingy
Multimedia Fusion.

PixelPusher @ 12/13/2005 13:50 commented on Muslim Woman
Just goes to show animals will do anything they can to survive.

PixelPusher @ 12/13/2005 13:48 commented on AMC marine animation
@Shark: No, no it doesn't...

PixelPusher @ 12/12/2005 12:26 commented on Big Bird
They call him His Holiness. Hahaha

PixelPusher @ 12/12/2005 12:24 commented on Munchy
Lighten up, guys. Alex is messing around.

PixelPusher @ 12/11/2005 15:33 commented on Big Bird
Then again, it sucked and its only redeaming(err...whatever) value was it's palette, which was from Seiken Densetsu 3.

PixelPusher @ 12/11/2005 15:27 commented on Big Bird
*Sigh*...I was pixelling something, finished it, saved it then the file got screwed up and it's gone.

PixelPusher @ 12/11/2005 13:42 commented on Shaun of the Dead
You captured everyone's likeness perfectly. Especially Ed, his dull expression and the way he holds his shovel is spot on. I love the flowers, too...Nice touch.

PixelPusher @ 12/11/2005 13:38 commented on Zelda -new style
This is really nice, you've pulled off everything quite nicely. The walk cycle is very Alundra-esque. Favorited and rated 5.